How to understand that a man only needs sex from you? Crack the scoundrel

Today, in order for a girl to get acquainted with a guy, it is not necessary to “shoot” with her eyes at the guys passing by, it is enough to take a spectacular photo and place it on the page of a dating site. To speed up, you can add some juicy information about yourself. Have you already done it? Are you waiting for the macho regular to give you his undivided attention and litter the message box with masterful compliments? Do you already have experience with such a contingent? Well, you do understand perfectly well what he needs from you, don’t you? Or do you hope that his words are sincere and there is not a drop of flattery in them?

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How to understand that a man only wants sex? Of course, not all Don Juan reveal their cards from the very beginning. There are those who are playing a double game. They pretend to be respectable citizens, but they themselves are just waiting for the moment. And this applies not only to the Internet, it is very possible even in personal meetings. Are you waiting for him to agree to meet your parents, when he introduces you to his? And he, referring to anything, says that he does not have such an opportunity. How to crack it at the start, so as not to have time to get used to the person? How not to be fooled? How not to become another one-night stand?


If, almost from the very beginning, flirting dominates in communication, then this is a direct hint at the role of a mistress. Pay attention to his jokes. What are they about? As a rule, with the help of humor, a man tries to tell his desires and fantasies in an unobtrusive way. The strong sex, not so strong at making jokes with hidden overtones, its veil will be like the mantle of the “Naked King”. If he calls, and after specifying your location, casually offers to try to have sex there, then his intentions are obvious.

foggy dates

He does not call you to the cinema, to the theater and does not make an appointment in a restaurant. The main places of dating are rented apartments, hotel rooms or just a car. All your offers will be immediately rejected. He does not want to show up with you in public, playing the role of a secret admirer. He does not need to attract the attention of others so that unnecessary questions do not arise. You will not know who his friends and acquaintances are.

Social networks

Wherever he is registered, he will not add you as a friend, will not comment and like your photos. Excuses can be completely different: “I don’t want my ex to see my girlfriend, I have not quite adequate friends who can write a bunch of nonsense, I’m not sure that we need to advertise our relationship” All other communication is possible using the phone.

Business before pleasure

Your meetings are more like aerial, pre-rehearsed episodes of an erotic series, but at some point the carriage is destined to turn into a pumpkin and it feels like there is an alarm clock somewhere. He clearly maintains time control and this does not at all characterize him as a perfectionist.

Phone calls

Note that his mobile is always on vibrate. Even if he forgot to turn off the sound of the signal, he will certainly throw off the call, motivating his actions with unwillingness to interrupt your pleasant pastime. Or he will say that they are disturbing from the office, and the working day is long over.

Apathy for your life

All your stories about how your day went, how the bosses haunted you at work, how you worry about a quarrel with your loved ones, he is not at all interested. No, he, of course, will pretend that he agrees with you on everything. He will offer to move on to bed comforts in order to forget all life’s difficulties.

Hand on the pulse

If you have been visiting him, then notice that he constantly makes sure that your things are not forgotten. Before leaving, will he clarify whether you have taken everything? After all, a forgotten thing is an excuse to return for it. He does not need this, why ruin his plans because of some kind of umbrella or cosmetic bag. He leaves you no reason to visit him when he doesn’t want to.

Romance is irrelevant

When a man sees in you only an individual capable of satisfying his physical needs, and his thoughts float only in one direction, then he will not touch on the topics of “castles in the air”. All your attempts to talk about the beautiful will be reduced to conversations of a sexual nature. Ask yourself, did you even talk about other topics for more than half an hour? Have you made plans for the future? Dreamed of traveling together?

Goal achieved

Think about why he is so assertive when he wants to seduce you? Why is he so affectionate with you during intimacy? Why so cold when he got an orgasm? As soon as the sexual intercourse is over, he hurries to the balcony, shredding his pockets in search of a lighter, runs urgently to check the mail on the computer, remembers an urgent call on work matters. He simply strives to move away at a certain distance. After all, he got what he wanted.


How to understand that a man only wants sex? It’s actually quite simple. A man is an unsophisticated creature. What he thinks about, he talks about. So, you just need to listen carefully and not look for meaning where there is none.

Does a man only want SEX? How to understand that a guy only wants to SLEEP?

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