How to understand that a person likes you by correspondence, look, gestures

Just asking what exactly a person feels for you is not always easy. It can be easy to embarrass the other, because he himself may not yet have realized his feelings.

No ego, the subconscious mind still produces a reaction that can be read and conclusions drawn. If the price is ponyatno, it is not the case.

TOP 20 signs that a pen pal likes you

When communicating with a person on social networks, it is sometimes difficult to understand whether he feels sympathy or just trying to be polite. You need to literally guess what the interlocutor has in mind. After all, you do not see facial expressions and do not hear intonation.

However, there are signs that can tell you what the “degree” of your relationship is. And the more of these features, the higher the likelihood of mutual interest.

  • Replies immediately. One of the clear signs. He is waiting for your messages.
  • Thinking about what he would like to talk about if you were together now.
  • Wants to see you, not just chat.
  • Often uses playful emoji.
  • Warns that he can not answer right now.
  • Wants to know more about you.
  • He likes to read your stories, and he actively reacts to them.
  • He texts you first. Do you prosnulate, on the phone you “good you”? It means that he thinks about you.
  • Writes you very long messages.
  • He calls you cute nicknames when he addresses you.
  • He doesn’t forget about you during the day. Even if he is super busy, in the lunch break he will find time and write.
  • Sends you messages before bed.
  • He genuinely likes to hear how you spent your day.
  • You started to have common jokes that only you understand.
  • Asks you questions. If you are interesting to him, then he tries to find any reason to talk.
  • Please allow the compliments. Be careful with me, which is against them and they are private.
  • Writes to you unexpectedly and spontaneously. Unexpected questions begin to appear in your correspondence. He really likes to communicate with you.
  • When something important happens to him, he can’t wait to share it with you.
  • He writes to you in a vulnerable position – when he is drunk. No, it’s on the phone, it’s on, it’s not a sign.
  • He is always trying to make you laugh. He is pleased to know that you have a similar sense of humor. And this is an accurate indicator of sympathy.

Men, for the most part, are busy people and don’t particularly like empty talk. Therefore, if you received a shock dose of increased attention, then you are definitely not indifferent to him.

How to understand what I like?

TOP 30 signs of sympathy by body language – look and gestures

When your communication has already turned into the format of personal meetings, or you simply suspect your friend of sympathy, then His body comes into play. Facial expressions, gestures and other external manifestations will speak for themselves.

  • Open posture.

His shoulders and back are relaxed, his legs are shoulder-width apart, his arms are not crossed, his jaw is not tense. This is all an indicator that a person feels comfortable next to you.

  • Head tilt.

When you listen to something enthusiastically or look at an interesting picture, you involuntarily tilt your head. That’s what he does when he looks at you.

Another sign of openness is that the hands are not behind the back and not in the pockets.

  • Random touches.

He “accidentally” touches you when he passes something from hand to hand. Or “accidentally” pressed tighter during a crush in transport. The more such touches, the higher the likelihood that he likes you.

  • Sweaty palms.

This may be his normal state, or he just washed them. No it is not possible to hear it in the same way, so that it is possible to see it on a simpat.

  • Relaxed breathing.

A person is calm next to you.

  • Stutters while talking.

You and the stalkyvales in the room, so that you can move to another place. Men are no exception in this regard. The main thing is that it should not be a speech defect.

  • Plays with his clothes.

He tries to distract himself and starts fiddling with the threads, removing the spools, etc. Or maybe he’s just very clean.

In any situation, he tries to get closer and closer to you. No, it isn’t true that it’s ugly, so it’s ugly and it’s worth it.

If he didn’t drink coffee the day before, then the redness of his cheeks is a clear sign of sympathy.

  • Raised eyebrows.

If at the moment you are not spouting complete nonsense, then he is definitely interested in what you are saying.

  • Dilated pupils.

Again, if it’s not the coffee, then he likes you. The brain reacts to what attracts it with enlarged pupils.

  • Licks lips.

The body begins to produce a large amount of saliva when a person likes something. Therefore, this is also one of the signs.

  • Broad smile.

If a person smiles like a small child, it means that he really listens to you with pleasure.

  • Deep breath.

Evolutionarily, a man seems more attractive when he takes a breath and his top visually appears larger.

  • Looks into the eyes.

Eye contact is a very rare and valuable thing in an age where everyone is used to staring at their smartphones. Therefore, such a treasure does not go to everyone.

  • Hands on hips.

With such a Pose, a Man Subconsciously wants to Take more space, As if occupying the space around Himself, and claiming rights to everything that is in it.

  • Leaning forward during a conversation.

If you are in a calm atmosphere, and everything is fine with his hearing, but he still leans towards those f@cking, those yang

  • No way in two storage.

This sign is as old as the world. Some people even point their socks in the direction of the object of sympathy.

  • Extended legs.

Not, not in the summer, which is the case in the main port of call. On the other hand, it is necessary to contact the telephone. Так ведут себя не со всеми.

  • Throat touches.

The man touches his Adam’s apple, subconsciously wanting to be kissed there.

  • He speaks to the side.

You embarrass him, but not in a bad way.

  • Tries to be closer.

He walks next to you, not behind you. And sits not opposite, but on the side.

  • Shoulder touch.

Hands are an intimate place. Therefore, a light touch with your shoulder is an attempt to get closer.

  • No looks into the smartphone.

If he is not distracted by incoming notifications, then this says a lot.

Stare is pokazatsya muzhestvenny and pokorite teby svoim barhatnym tembrom.

Maybe he just had a good upbringing. No to, that’s on the other hand, it’s worth it.

You can do that in two years, in the future master station. He’s trying to get your attention.

  • Smiles when you look at him.

A man becomes pleased with your attention.

  • He says straight out that he likes you.

Not body language, but an obvious sign.

You should always pay attention to the different reactions of the other person, as well as to what he cannot control. In addition to that, you can choose between two locations.

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