How to understand that the ex-boyfriend will return – 14 signs!

How to understand that the ex-boyfriend will return – 14 signs! You had a great relationship, but, unfortunately, all good things come to an end. It seems that just yesterday you were making plans for the future, and today you wake up absolutely broken and do not know what to do next: build your life without him or hope that everything will still work out.

Girlfriends advise not to sit like a princess in captivity, and are ready to pour any olre into you to destroy. Are you saying that you want to be prosecuted? There are a few points worth paying attention to to make this clear.

14 signs that he will return to you

  • He willingly goes with you to contact.

The first step to resuming a relationship is the desire to communicate. Before a serious scandal, he languishes for years on the black list, and tortures with the priest f.

Sometimes it looks ridiculous, sometimes very romantic, but the fact remains: he is not afraid of quarrels and he is ready to sacrifice a few nerve cells just to hear you again.

  • He follows you on social media.

Everyone is interested in other people’s lives, whether exes, ex exes, and down the food chain. There is nothing reprehensible in this. No men are usually more persistent when it comes to the temptation to check “how is she doing without me.” If your ex-boyfriend watches all your stories and “likes” your photos, it means that he is not ready to finally get out of it. Moreover, he does not hide it.

  • He doesn’t start a new relationship.

When people change the replacement for eachx too quickly, it looks like box was exact. But your ex did not surround himself with a retinue of girls, and even if in moments of despair he allowed himself something more than correspondence on the network with a lady he liked, you don’t know about it and you will never know. He shows off in front of his bed trophies, and his friends and under his new niz 201s.

  • He wants to remain friends.

And he really puts his soul into this banal concept. He tells you that you are not a stranger to him, and he would like to be next to you at least in a role. Most often, after parting, people try not to see each other and not communicate at least for a while. But instead of sticking together a broken heart, he pretends to be a friendly Labrador and tries to maintain friendly relations, just not to miss the moment when you completely cool down to him.

  • If you are interested, don’t worry about it.

He tries to find out through acquaintances or directly whether you have a new boyfriend. When you go missing for a while or don’t pick up the phone, on finds out who you’re with and what you’re doing. Your ex does not like being surrounded by men, and any hint of a date with a new beau brings him to nstvo. He tries by any means to show that no one is worthy of you except him.

Why do men return after a breakup?

  • He tries to please or surprise you.

He acts like a gentleman, even if he is usually stingy with bouquets and fine words. If you wake up every morning like in a greenhouse, be sure that he still has not turned the last page of your history and set out to conquer the Snow Queen. And what can pave the way to the icy heart? Of course, courtship.

  • He is interested in your life.

In fact, your breakup didn’t change anything. Also if you speak, because you have two rods, you have to ask for a result in the camp and in the house. Your communication is not limited to solving business or domestic issues. Your ex shows you that you are important to him, and he is ready to help at any moment.

  • He jokes about missing you.

The main factor why you could tell you directly that he wants to start a relationship is Twinter’s strgn. Nobody likes to feel vulnerable. Therefore, it is easier for him to hide his true desires behind jokes. Pay attention if he too often casually hints that you are his destiny…

  • He wants to spend his free time with you.

An interested man always strives to occupy as much space as possible. Taking your cat to the vet even if he didn’t have warm feelings for him before? no problem. Do you crave 2 hours of sobbing in the back row of the cinema to the sounds of a boring melodrama? He is ready to endure this torture, just to be near. You don’t have to guess if he will come, call, pick up the phone. To all this, you have a confident answer – yes.

  • He is often nostalgic.

Over time, good memories drive out bad memories, and there comes a time when your ex wants to relive intimate moments from the past. He invites you to take a walk in the park where you first kissed, or sends test gooks, snigars. By reminding you of this, he indirectly tries to tell you that your relationship has a chance, despite all the mistakes.

  • He says he misses you.

Negative emoji from the breakup gradually faded away, and he is ready to admit that your breakup was a mistake. When a person wants to be with you, he is overwhelmed with feelings that he cannot control. If you spend a lot of time together, it begins to seem to him that everything has become the same as before. And he only wants to share with you what he is experiencing, but also to hear in’re confirmation.

  • He continues to communicate with your family or your friends.

If your ex knows how important family and loved ones are to you, he will try to build bridges over them. Make sure that there are no selfish motives in his actions, only a desire to get closer. When a person is in love, he cannot be a spectator, and the fact that he spends his time helping your parents or exchanging a couple of phrases with your friends suggests that he appreciates your common past and is not ready to say goodbye to it.

  • He asks for your opinion.

You may not be a style icon yourself, but he fully trusts your taste. He sends you a photo of what he bought and calls to discuss the latest developments. It is important for him to know what you think about what is happening in his life. He is interested in discussing world news with you. Be sure to program against the name of the day, as well as the button that is in your mouth.

  • He does not hide from others that your relationship is not over yet.

If it isn’t possible, you should understand it in terms of names. Many exes, after parting, remain intact only in peak proximity and start meeting there, But you invite you to a cafe, take your hand in public places and repent in every possible way that mom is with Welle ough.

Whether to give your relationship a second chance is up to you. The most important thing you need to pay attention to is what actions your ex reinforces his words with. Do you have any ideas?

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