How to understand that the relationship has come to an end? Main signs and symptoms

How to understand that the relationship has come to an end? Main signs and symptoms. Sometimes we do not notice the obvious, turning a blind eye to problems. We hope that everything will resolve itself, and you will again resemble a happy couple from a romantic movie.

Of course, we are not British scientists, but we can safely say one thing – problems are not solved by themselves, grievances are not forgotten, and conflicts are not exhausted.

As soon as the relationship cracks, you need to start taking action, otherwise precious time will be lost.

How do you know when a relationship is over?

How to understand that the relationship has come to an end? Main signs and symptoms


We all know that if you give up on a cold and rely on the miraculous power of indifference, sooner or later everything will get worse.

Yesterday you had a slight tickle in your throat, and today you are already coughing so that others bypass you.

With relationships, everything is about the same – if you miss the moment, sooner or later someone will be mired in a pile of dirty handkerchiefs.

Occasionally take off your rose-colored glasses and analyze the situation.

So how do you know when a relationship is over?

  • you don’t talk

If you’ve had a hard day and don’t have the energy left for heart-to-heart conversations, that’s all right. Your partner also has the right to privacy and immersion in their own thoughts.

If, in principle, you have nothing to talk about when you are alone, this is an alarm signal.

What connects you besides sex or common living space?

If your relationship was originally built only on physical contact, then there is nothing to be surprised at – you knew what you were doing.

If earlier you could discuss everything in the world excitedly for hours, and now only the clink of dishes is heard at dinner, the problem is obvious.

Do you have unresolved conflicts? Perhaps you only pretended to come to a consensus, although in fact, each of you harbored a grudge?

  • Constant scandals

Quarrels and conflicts in a relationship are normal. Some couples especially enjoy apologetic sex.

But all this is a variant of the norm only if the periods of peaceful coexistence in your country are many times longer than the duration of hostilities.

Constant nit-picking and scandals only indicate that irritation is accumulating between you. Perhaps you were originally too different people.

But it is likely that your relationship was built solely on passion and sexual attraction. The candy-bouquet period was over, rose-colored glasses were sleeping, the partner appeared as he really is. And you were not ready for such a turn.

Learn to express complaints to each other calmly, without insults and screams. And most importantly, learn to listen to each other.

  • Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten

Grievances need to be worked out in time. If you don’t have a neurolyzer, like Men in Black has, you are unlikely to be able to forget your partner’s joint.

From the fact that you swallow the insult and pretend that everything is fine, the problem will not be solved.

Nothing will be “good”.

If your partner cheated on you and you pretended that everything was in order, consider that you yourself signed the death warrant for your relationship.

Not every man and not every woman is able to forgive betrayal. To accept a spree partner back is okay. But only a few will be able to truly let go of this resentment and continue to trust their other half.

It is worth noting that not always a traitor deserves a second chance.

  • The game of catch-up

You are evolving and moving forward. Ambition, career aspirations, bold dreams.

What is your partner doing during this time?

Prefers to run away from problems rather than solve them. Lives life and lives one day.

Ultimately, you will either have to pull your partner along or let him drag you to the bottom.

Are you satisfied with this arrangement?

  • Shared future

You don’t see this person in your future.

Your plans for life are too different.

You want a lavish wedding and a quiet family life, and your partner wants to hitchhike the world and explore the red light district in Amsterdam.

And most importantly, you don’t want to make concessions.

  • You are both tired of this relationship.

You don’t feel anything for each other. Love? She has been gone for a long time. Sex? Do not make me laugh. Joint leisure? What is there! You meet only at dinner, but in the circle of mutual friends.

What keeps you together?

Seriously, what? It feels like it’s just convenient for you to divide the rent in half, and you’re too lazy to look for a new neighbor.

Don’t waste each other’s time. Disperse amicably, wish each other good luck and let new people and new relationships into your lives.

  • One gate play

The initiative in a relationship should come from both. It is impossible to save the union of two people if only one of them needs it.

Who in your couple makes the appointment?

Who puts aside all their affairs to meet with a partner when it is convenient for him?

Who is the first to reconcile after a quarrel?

You do all the work in the relationship, and the partner only accepts your love?

The thing is rubbish.

  • You don’t spend time together

Can you remember the last time you were on a date? Cinema, restaurant, walk in the park.

When was the last time you spent your free time together?

Visiting family or meeting friends is great.

But aren’t the two of you at the same time family, companionship, and lovers at the same time?

  • You don’t have conflicts

You do not argue and do not defend your point of view. Do not enter into discussions and do not share your opinion.

Because you don’t care.

Don’t care what your partner thinks. You are not interested in conveying your point of view to him.

It’s easier to agree and not waste time.

  • You do not share news with each other

Whenever something amazing or disgusting happens in your life, the first thing you do is let those closest to you know about it.

It can be parents, best friend or girlfriend.

And your other half.

Once your partner is no longer the first to know about your ups and downs, consider it the beginning of the end.

The end of your relationship.

  • you don’t want to go home

You feel uncomfortable being around your boyfriend or girlfriend. By hook or by crook, you are trying to delay the moment of the meeting. Stay at work? Why not. Go to a bar with friends? I’m on the road. Sign up for a gym? Lord, anything, just not to see this sour face that awaits me at home.

  • Tactile contact

To love is to want to touch. You may not have enough time and energy for full-fledged passionate sex, but you can always make time for kisses and hugs.

There would be a desire.

movie night

How do you know when a relationship is over?

Arrange a joint viewing of romantic films. Some will help you look at your relationship from the outside. Others will simply create a romantic setting.

Be that as it may, spending an hour or two alone with each other will definitely not hurt you.

  • “500 days of Summer”

Don’t make another person responsible for your happiness. And do not expect that thanks to your miraculous love, your partner will change his attitude towards love and marriage.

  • “Seven Dinners”

Let’s dilute the tops of Hollywood films familiar to everyone with a domestic product. Critics have not showered this film with compliments, but the method by which the couple decides to restore their relationship is quite interesting.

  • “The Notebook”

The most romantic movie ever. The main characters constantly sort things out, but come to the conclusion that this is what they lack in relations with others.

How to understand that the relationship has come to an end? Main signs and symptoms

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