How to understand that you are connected energetically even at a distance?

How to understand that you are connected energetically even at a distance? Not everyone likes the concept of “halves”, “destined for each other”, “ideal partners”, “energy connection”, “love from past lives”. Someone sincerely believes in the esoteric, supernatural origin of the feelings of a man and a woman for each other, to someone it just seems romantic, someone laughs at it.

But you must admit, even if you are a materialist to the marrow of your bones, it is still nice to understand that you are a special match for each other, that you are connected on a deeper level than just “I like you, let’s try, what if we have something succeed.” And here, especially for you, are a few signs that your couple is perfect for each other, even on a metaphysical level.

Signs of an energetic connection between a woman and a man

  • You are infatuated and fascinated by each other

You are inexplicably drawn to each other. It seems as if you have known each other for ages, although you only met recently. It seems as if this person next to you is your soul mate. You constantly want to be close to each other, communicate, and this communication never bothers. You always have something to talk about, and even the differences seem interesting, and do not make you want to immediately redo and change them.

  • cute teasing

One of the signs of a strong spiritual connection is that you can tease and taunt each other. There is always a fine line in teasing that is easy to cross – the line between “charming joking teasing, from which all participants in the process enjoy” and insults.

And if you feel this line, if your teasing gives you pleasure, it means that you feel safe next to each other. You know you don’t want to offend each other. Plus, such playful teasing is close to a child’s game, which means that you feel like a child next to your loved one – that is, you can be as open, relaxed, sincere and trusting with him.

  • Open body language.

Body language is a thing that is almost impossible to control. Observe your behavior and the behavior of your partner during communication. Are you leaning closer to each other? Do your movements become similar to each other? Do you often touch each other? Lick your lips? Shine of eyes, blush on cheeks? All this speaks of a strong, mutual attraction to each other.

  • Don’t look away

A couple who are energetically connected often look into each other’s eyes. This means that they are completely immersed in each other, deeply interested in each other’s thoughts and feelings. When young people love each other, they often look at each other, even if the other does not look back – just to watch, to enjoy watching the person who is dearest to them in the world.

Frequent, deep eye contact means deep emotional and physical intimacy. Means that the couple is comfortable and safe with each other, which is wonderful.

  • Focus on each other

When one of the couple tells something, the second listens attentively, he is completely absorbed in the conversation, he is sincerely interested in what his loved one thinks. He does not wait for his turn to speak, but rather listens to him, because he is genuinely interested.

This behavior means that the person is important to the one who listens, even if there are other people around, the priority is still given to the loved one.

Flirting is often awkward and strange if young people have recently met and are not yet comfortable enough around each other. But if there is an energy connection between the couple, flirting becomes simple and natural. They constantly joke with each other, tell each other unobtrusive compliments, often touch, strive to be as close as possible to the other.

  • They are in their own world

When they are next to each other, even if there are other people around, they do not seem to notice it. They are completely absorbed in each other, focused on each other. They do not even look at the phone – they are more interested in being with their loved one. They constantly exchange jokes that only a loved one understands, laugh and look like they are alone in the whole world, and that suits them.

  • Feel in the distance

Even at a distance, you can feel whether your loved one feels good or bad. If you communicate online, then even by the lines of messages, by the intonation in the headphones, you understand what his mood is, and you feel with your heart if something is wrong with him. Sometimes you can even predict when he will return or what mood he will be in.

All this means that you deeply feel your loved one and know him well. Or maybe it means a mystical connection between you? After all, this is often experienced by twins and mothers in relation to their children, which means that your connection is just as deep and strong.

  • predict reaction

Also about a deep and perhaps even mystical connection – when you can predict how your loved one will react to a particular event, whether he will like something or not. This shows that you know each other very well.

The ability to read the slightest, lightest emotions of a loved one speaks of the same thing. No one will even understand that he is upset, and you can easily hear an elusive tremor in his voice and immediately feel that your loved one needs help and support. And, of course, it is absolutely mutual!

Next to the person with whom you have an energy connection, you laugh and smile very often and a lot. Such couples may look at each other and begin to laugh uncontrollably, and they cannot even explain why and what they are laughing at. Such behavior indicates that you are happy next to each other, and this person is associated with a state of happiness and sincere joy, and even the mere thought of him cheers you up.

  • Know everything about each other

You are attentive to details about each other. You know your partner’s favorite color, favorite drink, which side he sleeps on, what weather he likes, what his favorite clothes are, his favorite music. Moreover, knowing all this is not difficult for both of you, it’s just that you are sincerely interested in each other, and recognizing such trifles happens by itself, and memorizing – because you are important to each other, which means that everything related to your loved one is important.

  • You can both be silent

In love, the ability to talk, laugh, hear and respect each other is important, but the ability to just be together and enjoy it is also important. You do not need to entertain each other with endless conversations if you are tired and not in the mood to communicate – you are comfortable just lying next to each other on the bed or generally minding your own business. The ability to enjoy silence together suggests that the two of you are as comfortable as possible with each other.

  • The first thought is about the beloved

When something happens to you, be it good or bad, the first thought that comes into your head is “you need to tell him.” This indicates how much he means to you, and that he is your closest friend, whose opinion is important to you; a reliable rock that you can lean on if you suddenly feel bad. And, of course, it’s mutual.

  • You miss each other.

The most obvious sign of an energetic connection at a distance: you miss when your loved one is not around, and strive to be together again as soon as possible, because together you are better than apart. That’s the point of any relationship, right?


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