How to understand that you are truly loved?


Your relationship with a young man or girl is developing quite well. But doubts about the partner’s feelings are still present. How to understand that he truly loves you? This can be indicated by various signs that you need to be aware of when you start dating a man or woman.

How to understand if a man loves you?

In fact, a person’s actions can speak volumes. There is direct evidence that a man really loves you:

  • He shares his secrets with you. Being attached to a person, I want to entrust him with the most intimate. After all, he is for life and there is no one better than him.
  • He looks into the eyes. Despite the fact that it seems like a mere trifle, in fact, looking into the eyes of a partner, a person shows his interest. The manifestation of attention is a sign of existing feelings.
  • You feel the return. When a person is in love, he wants to share with his beloved everything that he himself has. become natural generosity and selflessness.
  • You are his priority. This is the only way to understand that a loved one appreciates you when he is able to sacrifice his own interests for the sake of a partner.
  • He wants to touch you. Even if feelings are only developing, a person is always there, he protects and protects his woman. And the constant touch makes it clear that he has a warm feeling for her.

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How to understand that a girl is in love?

Due to stereotypes in society, it is sometimes difficult to understand if a girl is burning with feelings for you. After all, she should not take the first step in a relationship, otherwise it will be misunderstood. But there are a number of signs by which you can determine how much she is in love with you:

  1. Showing concern. Women’s nature is so arranged that they should not warm another person with their wing, and even more so a loved one. And if she suddenly decided to feed a dinner of her own cooking, it is worth considering if she is in love with you.
  2. Trusting your secrets and asking for help. This applies only to the closest.
  3. It takes into account your preferences. This can manifest itself in different ways, cooking your favorite dish, changing the style of clothing, buying a shirt, etc.
  4. She finds an excuse to be by your side.
  5. She makes plans for your future together. This does not always manifest itself, but you can notice it by reading the hints between the lines.

All these actions are sometimes ignored by a man, taking them for granted. In fact, her sympathy for you is obvious.

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If a person loves, he is ready for life changes

It is wrong to believe that the human essence is static. Throughout life, we can change. And if a person wants to keep love for many years, he is ready for changes in character. But there is one condition – this is done only voluntarily. Any restrictions or coercion kill feelings.

If a partner sees that his half is able to change himself to save marriage and peace in the family, then there is no doubt that there is love on his part.

Sometimes, under the influence of strong feelings, a person involuntarily changes, becomes kinder, more cheerful, more energetic and happier.

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When a person says to you, “I love you,” does he really mean it?

Recognition recognition of discord. Notice how he speaks the words of love. If this is done on the go and it feels like he just wants to get rid of intrusive questions, you should not trust such a person. A man in love says words of love looking into his eyes.

Recognition does not need a reason or any circumstances, as it comes from the heart.


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