How to understand that you need to break up with a man?

How to understand that you need to break up with a man? Divorce, as a rule, is always unpleasant, painful, and in some cases, psycho-traumatic, psycho-traumatic, psycho-traumatic process. Some women and men are in no hurry to file for divorce, and this is due to the fact that there is a glimmer of hope for an improvement in the family psychological microclimate.

Samka has set herself the task of helping you figure out when family relationships have finally become obsolete and it makes no sense to drag this burden further in life, and also show you clues that identify that there is still a chance to save the family.

Some research

Because of the fact that it is independent, and it is because of the fact that the brakes are stable. Also provided is the following:

  • mutual love;
  • mutual respect;
  • mutual support and mutual assistance;
  • tolerance of spouses to each other;
  • common interests and the same views;
  • sense of responsibility towards the family.

As you can see, there is nothing supernatural and extraordinary in this list. For those who are interested in the remarks:

  • all of the above factors are subjective and have no effect on the social eye xx character suit.

Based on this conclusion, it turns out that in order to make a decision on divorce, it is enough for one of the spouses to decide that the other is irresponsible, intolerant, unloving, etc. The answer to the question: “In the presence of significant reasons, what could keep you from divorce?” the following answers were given:

  • material benefit;
  • fear of condemnation;
  • intervention of third parties (relatives, friends, acquaintances);
  • fear of loneliness;
  • the presence of joint children;
  • elimination of the cause of divorce;
  • religious basis;
  • I can’t give an answer.

And so, if we take the above as a basis, the following conclusion suggests itself:

  • before filing for divorce, it is important to understand whether the reasons are objective, or at some stage the spouses simply lost the thread of mutual understanding, and all they need is its “restoration”.

Signs That Divorce Is Necessary

Let’s not beat around the bush, but immediately move on to the main thing, namely those key signs that literally, like the sound of a siren, make it clear that a divorce is simply necessary.

When is it time to get divorced?

domestic violence

  • Physical violence

Look, we are making a distinction between the physical and the psychological. This is vato, because in some cases, a woman, tried in every possible way. The alleged reasons why she does not want to admit the obvious, we have already outlined above.

And so, physical violence includes not only beatings with obvious consequences in the form of fractures, abrasions, and their lacerations. It can be about:

  • slap;
  • tingling;
  • pushing;
  • strong compression;
  • throwing objects at the spouse, and so on.

As you raise, when it comes to physical violence, there is no longer any chance of rehabilitating relationships, moreover, such a contradictory old statement as “Beats means love” has nothing to do with such a bright and creative feeling as love.

  • Psychological abuse

Along with the physical, there is also psychological abuse. Yes, this type of violence leaves no obvious traces, but despite this, its consequences are no less traumatic: scars remain in the soul of a woman for many years, she can become intimidated and downtrodden.

It is also important that the victim of domestic violence can easily be accused of allegedly provoking such a reaction herself, they say there is no need to look for trouble. Psychological abuse includes:

  • Tight control

When the wife, God forbid, is delayed even for one minute, the husband begins to raise a high, with all the accompanying “details” in the form of accusations of optionality and irresponsibility, as well as a flurry of suspicions of infidelity and hypocrisy.

  • Regular humiliation

It is important that you, and that you are, on the other hand, there are addresses that are different. The husband begins literally without reason to find fault with everything in a row.

It is considered one of the harshest and most difficult to tolerate forms of psychological abuse. A woman who encounters this type of violence literally begins to go crazy. This is due to the fact that the initiator of violence, that is, the husband, begins to deny everything, forcing the wife to doubt the doubts. Often phrases such as: “It didn’t happen!”, “It seemed to you!”, “You forgot everything again!”, And so on.

The desire to save the family for the sake of the child

Another wavator, indicating that the family boat is cracked, is full of esis. There is no more love, no passion, no common interests, in general, nothing that united them before.

No, in order not to injure children by divorce, they prefer to imitate a happy family life. This approach is extremely wrong, and where why:

  • EARLY or later, but the children will grow up and leave the parental home. And what will the members of the family union be left with? With a partner who has long become a stranger.

Let’s take into account the fact that when people lose interest in a friend, make up for it. But “clinging” to the belief that the family needs to be preserved for the sake of children does not give them the opportunity to build new harmonious relationships, and therefore they cannot be truly happy.

Regular cheating

For the price of the year, it is in the term that means it is private to the seller and the owner. On breeds insincerity and “wearenie mask”. Tellingly, both spouses can change. No, in this case it is important to remember one thing.

  • Cheating may be the result of the fact that one or both spouses have ceased to be satisfied with an intimate life, but this does not mean that, in general, people have become strangers to each other.

Now let’s explain in more detail. Let’s say a spouse regularly refuses to another in intimacy, but then it’s physicalities. And here it is important to build on the reasons that led to the distance in the intimate sphere.

If, for example, the reasons are related to the fact that one of the spouses has a big workload, and with it fatigue with all the consequences, as you understand, there will be completely different needs – to relax and sleep. In this case, it is important for people to look for compromises, to negotiate.

But when the physical attraction disappeared, kisses and tactile contact became unpleasant, and so on, this is a clear sign that the old feelings are beginning to fade away. And if spouses become cramped, uncomfortable and uncomfortable in such a union, before filing for divorce, you should think about what brought their marriage to such an outcome.

Shifting all obligations to the wife

A family union is like a tandem, like a well-coordinated mechanism. No, that’s why you need to reclaim all the details and save on the chests – this is the case with three people. First of all, this is due to the fact that its not the best qualities begin to open.

For this purpose on parrying zeny, it is possible to say that it is one of the most important things to do. Remember! In those relationships where the wife is a workhorse, and the man is quite satisfied with the role of “sofa caretaker”, the woman will always be irritable and tired.

Husband opened with a new relation

Be careful with the phone, it’s worth it They only open when cohabitation begins. It would seem that such a familiar and dear person, every day begins to open up from a new, previously unknown side.

And in the end it turns out that a woman married one man, and began to live with a completely different one. And the more time passes, the more irritation and general tension in the family accumulates. It is clear that in this situation – marriage, allegorically, will order to live long.

Brief recommendations

  • Before filing for divorce, it is important to find out what exactly is the crack that has begun to appear in the boat of family life (except in cases where domestic abuse is obvious).
  • Perhaps, at some stage, the couple simply ceased to understand each other, and all they need is to “repair” the estate
  • If you are in the process of doing it, you will need it. It is important to understand how spouses can dilute this monotony and what exactly will help renew their family union.

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