How to understand whether this is your man and your destiny in life or not?

How to understand whether this is your man and your destiny in life or not? Are you willing to buy it? Or do you just look closely and think, is this man really special and you need him?

In any case, every person, and especially a man, appears in your life for a reason.

But how to understand whether this is the same man or not? Wait for some internal click or look at the bare facts?

What are men?

It happens that a calm life is sharply filled with new colors when the same he appears in life. It blows the roof, legs give way, and various winged insects settle somewhere in the stomach.

But after such a bright explosion, disappointment often comes. However, every man is a kind of lesson and experience. Everyone comes into life with a specific purpose.

If this is the case, you can say “the same thing” in three groups:

  • Random companion.

Sometimes the “culprit” of the emerging relationship can be a fatal combination of circumstances.

In such a relationship, either a woman invests a lot, or a man gives too much experience and experience and a lot of emo. No before this is happening and it is not necessary. It often happens that a couple simply cannot break up due to certain circumstances. It is not worth exchanging all the reserves of energy that can be given to each other, as a gap inevitably occurs.

For example, you have a great relationship with your husband. You are a wonderful keeper of the hearth, and he is your support and support. No, where you are talked by you and you, it is not so nice. In addition to that, the plan is to read, and you will have to wait for the drugs, the Polovinok, as well as those who love it. And you even have families.

How to understand that the same man is nearby

To the former partner, only gratitude remained for the years spent together.

But this is the IDEAL option. Often a woman simply fixates on one man, although he may not have feelings for her at all. She invests and invests in these relationships, considers him a gift of fate, and almost prays for him;

Teacher partners come into a woman’s life to teach her a lesson. And as soon as this happens, they disappear from her life.

Teachers can be gentle, mean, kind, picky, pathetic, or life-destroying.

Such mu blyins increase your self-esteem, develop your own qualities, at the same time repent, you know, there may be several teachers, but the lesson is always the same.

Particularly stubborn women can marry such a man to themselves, or get in as a “long” lover. But the result is the same, if the lesson is learned – the man will leave.

Another must take his place. School is over, which means real life begins;

  • The man of all life.

This is exactly the category of men with whom it is worth building a family. A woman often comes to her after two previous ones.

A worthy partner in your life will appear when you yourself are worthy. When you go through a certain number of life lessons.

The man of your life is the one who will discover something new in you, fill your life with happiness. This is the one with whom you will flourish and develop. Not necessarily, it will immediately become a heavenly illumination, drag you into the pool with your head and drive you crazy. These relationships can start measured and calm.

With such a man, you begin to feel safe. You know that he can take over everything and be a support in everything. Next to him, your feminine qualities will begin to wake up: tenderness, desire to take care, softness. If this is done before the name is given, it is possible to do so.

Unusual desires begin to appear that were unusual for you before. For example, you wanted to give him a massage or please him with an unusual dish.

But most importantly, all your spiritual wounds are healed. You literally forget everything that was before him. And all past relationships, no matter how painfully they ended, as if they remained in a past life.

How to understand whether this is your man and your destiny in life or not? 10 signs he’s the one

There are several more options to determine that you have met a man who is worthy of the title of “man of all life”:

  • You can tell him everything.

You do not have to weigh what you need to share with your man, and what not. Good and bad news, gossip about your girlfriends, personal and global plans for the future – you can tell everything to your loved one and be sure that he will not judge, and nothing will go beyond him;

  • He knows how to make you smile.

Wherever life takes you, you look forward to meeting him. And if you got up on the wrong foot, then you know that after 10 minutes of talking with him you will already be smiling from ear to ear. Your man may not even do anything special. He just feels you, your mood, and knows exactly how to raise it;

  • He keeps his word.

Any man can promise to get a star from the sky. Another thing is to bring this star. If after a while the willow remembers what his promise was and sincerely tries to fulfill it, then one hаuls

  • Quarrels never cross the line.

Sooner or later in the relationship of any couple there comes a moment when views on certain situations diverge. And that’s okay, because everyone is different. Here the question is how the quarrel develops. If you throw mud at each other, throw objects, and use your fists, then your relationship will break down badly;

  • He shares your grief and joy.

Your man is able not only to listen to you, but also to show his ability to help to help. He will accept your personal defeats as his own and be upset. No, after overcoming the black streak, he will be the very first to sincerely rejoice and offer this event;

  • With him, you strive to become better.

These relationships are the strongest motivation for you. And you, without any extra tips and reminders, naturally become softer, caring, remember what he eats for breakfast or you yourself offer to go to his favorite sports game;

  • You have the feeling that you are together.

You are not alone now, and you know it. And here it’s not even about the fact that now there is someone to go shopping or to the cinema with when a friend is busy (although this is). And about the fact that now there is the same person with whom you can survive everything in the world and move on;

  • You absolutely trust him.

Well, if he ends up in the company of semi-match models of nihusions underwear, oo d d d agruit

  • Your love is strong and natural.

The two of you are so good together that even silence does not seem oppressive. Each other’s company is a pleasure for you, together you develop and grow, and boldly make plans for the future;

  • You can’t see your life without him.

You don’t know how to build your life if he leaves. The heart stops just at the very thought.

Look at your man (or potential), determine what role he takes in your life. And if even for a minute there are doubts that something is wrong, then sit down and think about whether you need this relationship, whether everything suits you or will suit you.

No ruby ​​with Plecha, in a duma and analised. And then a worthy man will not keep you waiting.

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