How to unobtrusively show a man your sympathy and respect?

How to unobtrusively show a man your sympathy and respect? What to do if you like a man, but he does not even know about it? Not all of them understand hints, because female and male perceptions are very different.

Moreover, sometimes girls hint so subtly that a man does not understand at all what they want from him. How to convey to him your sympathy? From a psychological point of view, there are 10 most reliable ways to convey your feelings. You can use all of them, or choose the ones that are closer to you.


This is a universal way of communication between a man and a woman. Flirt – this is the way it is supposed to be raspolozhit to some of the girls and pokazat, so it is possible to say that it is small. Subtle hints, jokes, innocent glances, a smile – all this will not only show him that you like him, but also significantly improve your mood, because it will increase the level of hormones of happiness and even adrenaline.

According to research by Monica Moore of Webster University, girls who flirt a little are more likely to be liked and taken care of by men than girls who don’t. Whatever their beauty.

To be able to flirt you need:

  • be in harmony with yourself;
  • have the courage to do what you want;
  • to be in a good mood;
  • have flirting experience.

If you don’t know how to flirt, then you can try it with friends to practice. After all, flirting is a part of social life, and it does not always have an intimate background.

accept help

Men like to be important and significant. People basically get pleasure when another needs them. Don’t refuse help. Better let her know what you need. It might even be a little thing.

Show your gratitude, joy that the man solved your problem, do not take it for granted. When a person realizes that he has done something important for another, his self-esteem rises.

A person will more often communicate with those whom he once helped and received a positive emotional response for this.

Emotional response

Sometimes even the most popular ways to convey your attitude to a man do not work. If you want to show a man that you like him, you should not:

5 ways to get a man’s attention

  • ignorant of the meaning of the word;
  • cause a feeling of jealousy, defiantly communicating with other men;
  • show their independence by refusing the help offered to them.

Usually, with such tactics, a woman tries to arouse in a man a desire to achieve her. No, this assumes that a man already likes you enough that he is ready to overcome difficulties.

Emotions are a simple yet powerful way to show a man that you like him. Not every person has developed emotional intelligence, so they sometimes do not notice how often they demonstrate indifference, even if something really worries them.

Be mindful of how you emotionally respond to the other person. Laugh at jokes, show delight, curiosity, interest. Be empathetic to the man. Notice when he is tired or sad, sympathize with him.

Ask questions

If you want to get a man’s attention, learn to go beyond the mediocre topics and talk about the weather. Ask about what no one asked him. Take an interest in the personal.

Of course, you need to proceed from the nature of your relationship and the ethics of communication, but this does not mean that you need to talk only with standard things.

When asking questions, focus not on your curiosity, but on his EMO rational response. For example, you want to know why he broke up with his ex-wife. No, this is the topic that you need to know.

Better ask why he always arrives at work an hour early. Or why he reads this or that book. Where do you dream of vacationing? Such topics will allow him to reveal himself as a person.

Ask more often about what he is competent in. Men, and women too, are pleased to be in demand and show their awareness in a certain way.

Don’t be banal. You can ask what topics he never joked about.

In 1997, A. Aron from the State University of New York, published the results of his study, according to which personal questions significantly strengthen the emotional connection between people.

stay with him

A good opportunity to show your feelings is to stay close to him, for example, when everyone has gone Home, And he continues to pore over the project. Stay late at work, offer coffee, show concern.

Emotional support will help you connect and be together to get to know each other better.


Positive people attract others. If you want to convey to a man that you like him, but are afraid to say it directly, you can make a stock. A couple of unobtrusive phrases, accompanied by a smile and eye contact, will help a man think that there is some truth in your jokes.

“Help of the Hall”

If you communicate with his Entourage, then you can always confess to one of them that this man makes you sympathetic. There is a high probability that this “rumor” will reach him very quickly. The main thing is that the friend with whom you open up does not have feelings for you.


There is a stereotype that only women need to give compliments. In fact, men are even more in need of positive feedback, especially from members of the opposite sex.

No additional components are required for this purpose.

Firstly, sincerity – do not try to think of something to praise for, speak from the bottom of your heart when you notice something in a man that you like.

Second, compliments don’t always have to be about appearance. Men are better judged by their actions, decisions, attitudes towards other people.

physical contact

Body language says a lot more than words. When communicating, lightly touch the man, take off the non-existent fluff, accidentally take the hand, losing your balance. This would be a pretty clear hint.

Moreover, psychologist Nicolas Gueguin conducted a small experiment in 2004. Men approached passers-by French women and asked them for a phone number. Some lightly touched the hands of the girls, others did not.

Those who had physical contact received a number more often than those who did not. Moreover, the attractiveness of men did not matter.

Just tell him

After all, no one has yet died from being outspoken about such topics. The privilege of taking the first step is no longer reserved for men. By telling the truth, you have nothing to lose.

Even if you get rejected, you save your time. And if a man reciprocates, you will not spend several months on “probing the ground”, but you will already start earlier.

Talking is the easiest and most accessible way, the main thing is to get rid of irrational fears and feelings of anxiety.

All these 10 tips will help show a man that you like him. Don’t bother to try the emocytosis, the interior, the extraneous hormones. And if you want to do something – act, and do not wait. Your happiness depends only on you.

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