How to win a man and keep love in his heart no matter what?

How to win a man and keep love in his heart no matter what? If you look at it, the very verb “to conquer” in the context of the issue under consideration suggests such an Amazon, who is determined and categorical. Allegorically, she boards the man she likes, leaving him no other options, except for one – on takes everyday life.

Stereotype, yes and god with him

In general, many girls try to disown such a “conquest”. Say, – on a man, and I’m a girl, let him take the initiative. This may be dictated by the stereotype that a man is like a hunter. But you must do it in the process, and it is possible for you to have a few people, to, a priori, and for the prodigy.

But let’s be honest! There are different types of men. Some are more assertive and determined, others are quiet and very shy. To it, it is not “stir up” but it is and it is possible to see it on teby, it is not necessary to do it.

It also happens that the alpha male, who you liked for a long time, is ready to pay attention to anyone, but not. And he really likes you. On languid evenings, you dream about him, but you don’t know where to start the “tackle”.

If the issue under consideration is relevant for you, your electronic girlfriend is a psychologist, that is, this article, will give you the necessary recommendations that will help you choose the right strategy in your case, and achieve what you want without minimal risks.

No way that you are aware that it is not actual, that you are on the same page! The information received will certainly not be superfluous and will be useful.

Liked man – who is he

One of the main links in that difficult chain of recommendations. If you remember, we have already said above that a psychologist friend is ready to help in your case. And it is possible to do this if you leave the general and come to the particular: that is, to the one who exactly is the “object” for you. Depending on this, individual recommendations will be given below.

So, the man you like:

  • drugs
  • College
  • An acquaintance from a common company
  • A pen pal

You and I made the separation for a reason. Dopustim, in which the battle is in one of the companies, you do not have to do it properly. It will be characteristic exclusively for a pen pal.

Or if the man is a friend. It is important to understand what you need to do to get him out of the friend zone and into the zone of your love story.

It is also worth considering that there is a very thin line between:

How to fall in love with any man?

  • “conquest” of a hidden nature, and
  • clumsy pressure, which suggests not rapprochement, but distance.

We will cover all these aspects in the general recommendations below. No, for now we go in order.

If a man is a friend

Let’s start with the fact that if you are friends, then he does not see you as a girl. And in order to “translate” it from one zone of communication, into a diametrically opposite one, it is important to change something in oneself.

If the names are in the foreign zone, they are in the building:

  • behave with him like a shirt-guy;
  • discuss football or fishing;
  • talk about cars or sports;
  • continue to hear about his adventures or failures in love.

In this case, you need to radically change the approach. Yes, the effect of the first impression will no longer be, but you have an ace up your sleeve – the “Wow! What a twist”. What does he suggest? Voila, it’s simple – your reincarnation!

Imagine, on knows you inside and out, and for him you are like an open book. And suddenly, you appear in a new, hitherto unknown image: feminine, tender, changed beyond recognition.

What to do: top recommendations?

It is intended to be sporty and comfy style, so it is on a sporty and effective basis. It also takes into account: hair, makeup.

  • Change your rhetoric

I mean, change the topics of conversation. Common interests, of course, great! No, if you continue to position yourself as a shirt guy with appropriate dialogue, the effect of “Wow!” from a change of image, it will be fleeting, and everything will return to normal.

  • Pay attention to walking

The important thing here is the grace of the panther. Let’s say you preferred comfortable sports shoes. No one wants to present the cross on the shpilki, or the kablouk-stolbic. It is important to learn how to wear them correctly. So that you are not like a “wounded grasshopper”.

If the man is a colleague

As in the first case, you need to take the initiative into your own hands and shift the focus. He must see you from a new, hitherto unknown side. Be sure to consider the interests of an independent person.

Also, there is an important trump card in your sleeve: when a man sees you from a new perspective, like an insight, the thought “shoots out”: “No way! I don’t know her at all!” It is she who, on a subconscious level, will form the belief: “What else do I not know about her?” this is what will start the process that will encourage him to get to know you better.

What exactly needs to be done to shift the emphasis?

  • Twinkle in the eyes

Let’s start with the fact that if you come to work with an extinct look, and your appearance will be as if a tractor ran over you in the morning, you must admit that it is unlikely that he will pay attention to you.

What is good about falling in love is that it lights up the very notorious “lights” in the girl’s eyes. Her gait becomes light and weightless. She is like spring! At such a moment, she, as they say, wants to breathe, For she becomes a breath of clean, Fresh air, in the working, concrete Jungle of the office.

Say to yourself: “Yes, I fell in love! This feeling fills me! I am easy and good. This is what I will broadcast to everyone around me!”

  • Involuntary touches

Use gestures and random touches. At the same time, do not forget that they should not be obtrusively rude.

One of the important components. It should be, as they say, dosed. It is important to ensure that the tone of seduction does not become a tone of vulgarity.

If a man is an acquaintance from a common company

When love flooded into a good friend, and besides from a common company, here, as they say, you have not only trump cards, but the whole deck at your disposal.

  • Firstly, unlike the Friend Girl and the Colleague Girl, there is no formed image that will create restrictions on you.
  • Secondly, the person is familiar to you: his preferences, habits, female types.
  • Thirdly, a friendly atmosphere suggests a certain relaxation, ease of the atmosphere.

In this part, the mix from the recommendations above is the best fit.

If the man is a pen pal

You can meet on a dating site, or absolutely by chance in some thematic group, and when the format of text-voice messages is no longer interesting, a completely logical pattern arises – your meeting in real life.

Here, as well as possible, the expression will fit: “You can’t make a first impression twice.”

Let’s not be heartbroken. The transition to real, suggests that you hooked each other with something. And if your photo is very different from the “original”, then you run a big risk, at best, just spend time, without any continuation, in the form of a serious relationship.

Using all sorts of filters and Photoshop, keep in mind that in no case should you retouch Amonairovatn. That is, “lick” to a glamorous sheen. Otherwise, the man will face dissonance, and this, obviously, does not put a plus on the first impression of you.

What you should pay attention to?

  • Think over your look

Surely, in the process of correspondence, you found out what kind of type a man likes. Let’s say he likes spectacular and stylish girls. In this case, the image of a modest woman is clearly not suitable. Or vice versa, a man for natural beauty. In this case, the image should be what is called “modest, but tasteful.” The make-up tone is as close as possible to NATURAL. No bright red lips, no scarlet nails.

  • Consider conversation topics

This is also very important. It’s great if a man is a “talker”. No it’s okay and it’s not difficult, so it’s not necessary to buy it. Communication with you should leave a pleasant aftertaste.

  • Don’t be overly curious

Modern men are very repulsed by girls who are interested in their material wealth. If your dialogue is built on the principle of “interview”, that is, there are a lot of unnecessary and personal questions, this can be repulsive, and will create the impression of you as a selfish and superficial person. Do you need it?

  • Try not to beat yourself up

I mean, there is no need to tell some fantastic stories about yourself, as about a girl who is in demand and irreplaceable in every sense of the word. The exaggeration of what has been said can cause conflicting feelings. In his eyes, you can look like a dreamer and a liar. If you submit information, it should be dosed, and not in the form of a fantasy novel.

General brief recommendations

  • Remember, it’s not for nothing that they say that men love with their eyes. A man first “reads” your outer shell. And depending on whether he likes her or not, it will depend on whether he wants to get to know your inner world, or will give a turn from the gate.
  • You should be interesting. But we must not forget about the boundaries between a girl friend and a girl for a serious relationship.
  • Do not forget about women’s tricks: tenderness of voice, grace of a panther, confident and sexy gait.
  • You can’t be “stuffy”. When you become too much in his life. Let’s not forget that we all have our own space.

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