Husband cheated during pregnancy – is it worth forgiving him?

Husband cheated during pregnancy – is it worth forgiving him? Loyalty and devotion in family life have always been the most valuable qualities of spouses. It is devotion to one’s partner that is the connecting link and the element that holds the marriage together. If this is not the case, it is important to know that it is not possible to do so. Especially about love or other feelings.

Husband cheated during pregnancy – is it worth forgiving him?

No what to do if the husband cheated on his wife. On the ball where are you pregnant? How to continue to live? Proceed to it or not? Millions of people and not one person in the world. Let’s figure it out with you together what to do in this situation.

Causes of male infidelity during pregnancy

Before you cut off your shoulder – to forgive or not to forgive, you need to clearly understand the situation itself. Yes, the news of his infidelity is the hardest news. Hormones are raging in you, emotions are overwhelmed. However, if you are reading this, it means that you have already calmed down a bit and are looking for a way out.

Excellent. Before taking any action, you need to understand the true reason for his campaign to the left. Believe me, men never do something for nothing. There is always a reasonable, in their opinion, reason. So let’s find out why he did it.

  • Feelings of worthlessness and jealousy.

Sometimes a man is jealous of the unborn child. Or feel like a stranger in the house. He used to be the one and only for you. Before pregnancy, you spent a lot of time only together, and with the onset of pregnancy, all attention is now directed only to you and the unborn baby.

The appearance of a third family member is always STRess not only for a woman, but also for a man. If it is possible to move and drive, if it is not practical, if the ingredients are from the horse. Instead of romance and tenderness, you receive a list of everyday problems and demands. The spiritual intimacy between you is thinning. Therefore, the man begins to get nervous and there is an obsessive thought to run away from home in search of understanding the understanding of the understanding of the understanding of the understanding of the understanding.

  • physical reasons.

The most difficult for both women and men is the first trimester of pregnancy. You have toxicosis, sudden mood swings, unstable hormonal levels. All this kills your sexual desire. Therefore, at the level of instincts, you do not allow intimacy with your husband.

In later periods, edema, back pain, and tone are added to everything else. It also does not add to your desire to engage in bed games with your husband. Also, we must not forget about the prohibition of doctors on intimate life.

Some men are very hard to do without regular intimacy. It is difficult for them to tolerate the presence of a beloved woman who cannot be possessed as before. If this is the case, you will need to contact the other side of the street.

Hence and treason. Men who cannot live without sex decide to cheat during pregnancy. Because it is very easy and there and baby.

  • You do not attract your husband intimately.

During pregnancy, your forms are rounded. Such a figure may no longer attract a husband. He no longer perceives you as an object of sexual desire. He is physically repelled by your new figure.

By and by, it is necessary to wait until you see it. A difficult physical condition does not motivate you to take care of yourself at all. Sometimes, it is even difficult to take a shower or apply makeup.

All this can push a man to treason. No, as a rule, such a reason is not just due to the external data of a woman. If your husband cheated on you because your hair has not been washed for three days, most likely he does not love you at all.

  • Silly stress in the glowing atmosphere in the home.

Men are sometimes more sensitive to such a radical change in their usual way of life. Yes, the stronger sex is not able to express EMOtions the way women are used to doing it. They are used to passing everything through the “head”. Therefore, the change in his social status and the upcoming new problems terribly scare the future father.

In addition, due to the unstable emotional state, a woman can turn into a natural “pimela” in that there is none. The post-scandal and the front door, three and a half, for the type “Ty dolzhen”, ugnetayat muzhchin. The same patient as possible to do the white kolena regular instruments.

In such a situation, a man will try to be at home as little as possible so as not to hear all these scandals. Yielding to the negative mood of the woman, he will seek solace on the side. Will seek female affection, attention, and tranquility. What does not receive at home from his beloved wife.

Stop it when you are done with the weather

Trust in her husband is lost, and it is very difficult to get him back. No, that is what you are saying, you are saying that you are not. Yes, you feel disgust and dislike for him when you imagine him alone with another. And that’s completely normal.

Here it is necessary to look at the situation from several sides. It’s one thing if he sincerely repents and says that it was a mistake and a fleeting weakness. And it is completely different when he absolutely does not see his guilt in his deed.

To make a certain decision, follow the following advice from a psychologist:

Try not to think about the bad. Not procrucial to the situation so it is possible to do it and it is not necessary to do so. It’s already happened, you know about it. That’s it, you can’t change anything in the past. Your nervous calm is the most important thing right now. Your condition is directly transmitted to the child. It is necessary to make an important decision in a calm and balanced state.

  • Talk to your husband.

Before talking, think carefully about what you will say and what you will ask your husband. You have to find out how critical your situation is. Ask your spouse in detail about how he feels, about his true reasons for such an act. Maybe he considers this a mistake and a fleeting weakness. Or maybe there is something serious. It all depends on the person, the circumstances and the motives that moved him.

  • Draw conclusions.

After you talk directly with your husband, you can draw the appropriate conclusions for yourself.

If your husband sincerely repents, then it is better to forgive him, because it will be easier to raise a child in a full-fledged family. Sometimes, a husband and wife need to go through moments of crisis in order for the family to become even stronger.

If a man does not consider himself guilty, then it is not worth forgiving him for treason. Just like saving a marriage. Nasilno mil ne budesch, a rebenkom ne to keep a man in the family. It happens. So in any case, keep your dignity.

Do not humiliate yourself and do not return it, even if you love it very much. Give emu Pravo a choice and let go calmly. Soon he may realize his mistake and ask for forgiveness. If not, then a man will appear in your life who will love both you and your child.

Male infidelity during pregnancy can be explained by a thousand and one reasons. To be faithful or not depends on the level of maturity, awareness and how a man takes responsibility.

You can change even before marriage. It is a matter of choice for each individual. And to forgive or not to forgive the betrayal of a spouse depends only on you. After all, everyone has their own situation, family and values.

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