Husband Constantly Insults And Humiliates! What to do?

Husband Constantly Insults And Humiliates! What to do? Recently, situations are very common when a husband constantly insults and yells at his wife in a family. Often uses physical violence, pushes, beats.

What should a woman do if this happened and repeats repeatedly, is it possible to change the situation, and how? Who is the master in the house Why does the husband decide that after the wedding the woman becomes his property and enters into his full disposal? And he can do and say anything to her. A psychologist can help answer these questions.

Husband Constantly Insults And Humiliates! What to do?

The girl marries a loving, gentleman, and soon there is a monster nearby, with whom it is impossible to even talk. Most wives, finding themselves in a situation of screaming and insults, begin to look for flaws in themselves, try to look better, prepare various delicacies, and try to be more compliant and affectionate. But the atmosphere in the house and between the spouse does not change radically.

How to act, turn around and leave?

And the common life, children, years lived together. How to save a relationship if the husband is at the computer all the time? Why such a situation is dangerous Experts insist that if insults, threats were made once, then with a high degree of probability they will be uttered again. If there is a fact of physical violence, drastic measures must be taken. Many such cases end up in the hospital, with various fractures, hematomas, rupture of internal organs.

Why suddenly a beloved husband begins to behave like an aggressor?

Psychologists distinguish several: Love passed, but it was not possible to build friendships. Then all the shortcomings of a person that were not noticed before become apparent. Habits that were considered cute are now starting to get annoying. If you do not take any steps towards rapprochement, the moment will come when you will hate each other; Low self-esteem of a man. At the expense of a woman, he is affirmed, rises in his eyes.

There is no place for respect and mutual assistance; He had a mistress; The wife’s neutral behavior or silent patience, on the contrary, lead to an even greater aggravation of the situation. Many women depend on their spouses financially, they have nowhere to go. What you can do Psychologists advise you to react to such statements the first time.

You definitely need to talk and say that you don’t allow yourself to be treated like that, that it’s unpleasant for you. A husband may have a bad day, but this is not a reason to be aggressive, humiliate and insult his wife. Any self-respecting man should control his emotions. Try to solve the problem together, talk to a family therapist, go to a resort.

If incidents of assault continue repeatedly, there is only one solution – to leave, temporarily or permanently, you can decide later. But now it is important to get away from the domestic despot, to avoid physical injuries. It is not worth sitting and waiting for the situation to change for the better on its own.

Men rarely realize their guilt and try to improve their lives. The situation is aggravated by frequent drinking, lack of work, money, health problems. If the “antics” continue in the presence of strangers, children, then positive changes in relations can be expected for years. And they won’t come. Important: do not insult in response to humiliation. This can increase the degree of aggressiveness. It is impossible to re-educate an adult. No need to force yourself to go to bed with a despot and be affectionate.

Not everyone can endure constant humiliation, you need to leave. You can turn to family, friends, social services for help. If you have children, consider that this can happen to them too. We need to protect them from this. . Husband Constantly Insults And Humiliates! What to do?

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