I can’t build relationships with men – why and what to do?

I can’t build relationships with men – why and what to do? You are pretty, sociable, with a good character, a slim figure, an excellent job. At the same time, you are unable to build relationships with men. What is the reason and how can this situation be corrected?

Just no luck

Sometimes, when analyzing the reasons why you fail to build relationships with men, the easiest way is to say something. You go to discos, business meetings, play squash, sit on dating sites.

At the same time, you meet men of different ages, but you can’t find one in any way, with which you would be able to establish normal strong relationships. Young people turn out to be engaged, married, alcoholics or workaholics blind to girls.

At some point, you are visited by the thought that something is wrong in you. And then you find personal development trainings, coaches, psychologists, girlfriends, you try to understand yourself, develop or improve the missing communication skills.

All this is good and most often beneficial. No, it’s worth it

Keep on living, enjoy life and enjoy it. The feeling of inner peace, harmony, like a magnet, will attract a man to you, a relationship with which will give happiness.

Features of the internal mood

Representatives of psychoanalysis by her, so that in this case it’s not so easy. If you cannot start a relationship with a young man, then there are barriers inside you or an unconscious unwillingness to establish a strong connection with a person.

Unraveling such an internal riddle is quite difficult, especially without outside help.

However, you can try the following:

  • Start a diary and describe in it young people and the features of relationships with them

For example, Andrei is a handsome man with an aquiline nose. You liked him right away. After several meetings, when on wanted to kiss you, you suddenly felt uncomfortable, you freaked out and freaked out and darkened.

Why you can’t build relationships

Remember and try to describe your emotions in this moment. Perhaps he reminded you of someone (for example, a father who, after showing tenderness to your mother, immediately began to start).

Make a similar picture for several months or years. Yes, it’s boring and boring. In this case, the psychoanalysis is called, so that you can see it.

  • Воспользуйся metaphorical associative maps with different names

Just hold them in your hands, choose the pair that attracts and repels you the most. Think about the relationship between them. Imagine what a man and a woman are thinking about. What obstacles stand between them.

Perhaps you will have an association between the couple on the cards and yourself and some young man. You will understand what exactly in you resists establishing a deep contact with him.

  • Act out the performance of one actor in front of a mirror. You will be yourself and a man in it. Model your partner’s speech, analyze your reactions to his words. Snatch out of the communication process what you did not like or caused rejection.

Once you’ve identified the factors that cause you to leave a relationship each time, consider them in the future. For personal connections, avoid men who remind you of an unloved relative. Pay more attention to people who complete you and give you a feeling of comfort.


Separately, it is worth considering internal fears. They can rule your life, preventing or leading to the destruction of a relationship with a man.

Among the few factors that may exist in the street, some of them are small:

  • Emotional and physical are related to storage of the muscles, provoking agrees.
  • The likelihood that a guy will leave you or start cheating on you.
  • The risk that a man will become an alcoholic or drug addict.
  • Lack of trust between you.
  • Responsibility to a partner.
  • The risk that your relationship will become too serious and hurt you.

It is impossible to foresee and predict all possible risks. Yes, this is not required. It is not necessary to post it in a different way and to allow it to happen. Once this happens, you will start to trust others more and be able to build successful relationships.

Newness in yourself

A common cause of women’s loneliness is low self-esteem. You may have noticed how this works:

  • You meet a guy who seems to be your ideal.
  • You start dating. One day you are visited by the thought that he is so cool that you are unworthy of him. Why? Yes, because you look at yourself in the mirror and see a gray mouse. Or you’re used to the fact that only your more successful or arrogant girlfriends get smart smart guys.
  • Realizing your “unworthiness” you begin to break down when meeting a young man, mumble something to him and show with all your appearance that you are probably nobody for him. At the same time, you don’t even try to take a sober look at the relationship and evaluate them.
  • The logical conclusion is that the guy with whom you could be happy leaves you. You switch to someone who does not turn you on, and who you are not interested in. The result is yet another disappointment.

In this case, you can correct the situation only by taking seriously yourself and your self-esteem. Look like Personality Training, change clothes for the one that suits you, start going to the Beauty Salon regularly, admire yourself in the Mirror more often. Just admire, and do not look for flaws.

Often, self-doubt appears due to a disadvantaged position at work with a tyrant boss or I always spit. Try to move to another company or department, look for what you like to do, try to implement at sepsty

Pay attention to situations in which you feel free and repeat them more often. Do you like walking? Walk. Do you enjoy embroidery? Do not be shy about your hobby, offer your products for sale.

High expectations

The opposite pole is inflated self-esteem and too high demands on a young person. You are not satisfied with all those who are close to you. You dream of a prince, a successful businessman or a young man with a model appearance and an angelic character.

There are such people, but they are few. And not the fact that with them you will be happy. Therefore, if you want to start a relationship with a man, turn to your inner “I” and hear what really makes you happy and satisfied.

Remember when and with what man you most often smiled and felt that you were living a full life. Analyze the true reasons for breaking up with him and your feelings at that moment.

Perhaps the memories will make you so warm that you want to return that connection. Then try to do it. Or, when meeting new men, appreciate the warmth and desire to live that appears in your soul, and do not let go of the person with whom you feel good.

However, if you are sure that the prince exists, and you want to find him, all that remains is to wait. This is your free choice.

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