I constantly think about another man – what should a married woman do?

I constantly think about another man – what should a married woman do? It is so established that a woman is the keeper of the hearth in the family, and she should be more wise and healthy. If there is an opinion that men cheat without love, then when a woman is fond of someone else, then immediately the question is about falling in love and deep feelings.

Each person is individual

To do this, it is necessary to say that the name of the subject is unknown. Why the betrayal of a man and a woman is not equal, why there is more demand from a woman than from a man, all these questions are relevant today.

Despite the fact that many institutions of the family, sociology and psychology are working to study this “problem” and sometimes present very interesting assumptions and hypotheses to society, one thing is worth remembering: each person is individual and it is simply impossible to equal everyone under one template.

Men and women think differently about cheating

Let’s start with the fact that both a woman and a man begin their betrayal with thoughts. As soon as it was born in the head, that’s it, the mechanism is started. Now the millstones of conscience and strings of value semantic orientation

And there is already a characteristic difference between a woman and a man. someone does not suffer for a long time, unless n no hysterical t l l makes decisions.. he initially agrees to treason in advance, or not. And to treason, as such, men are superficial, for them the main thing is that no one finds out.

What to do if you are attracted to another man?

With a woman, everything is much more complicated. She will exhaust herself with thoughts, and even if she takes such a decisive step, then, perhaps, she will betray herself. The inner world of a woman is much richer emotionally and sensually than that of a man.

In order for a real woman, with self-respect, to commit adultery, there must be good reasons. Here, of course, everything can be blamed on a bad husband, but the reason is even deeper, and these are again her thoughts.

If she is married and feels unhappy, one can endlessly enumerate examples and types of intra-family relationships that bring pain and suffering, but the question will always be acute, why does she suffer?

Most likely, because she has thoughts that a family is such a relationship that everyone around is to blame, and she can only suffer or pull some lazy person on herself. But, the accumulation of discontent and negativity prolrehbitense, and at the moment it just overwhelms, and she. If you want to do it:

  • Thoughts that someone else should appear and save her appear more and more often.

And she begins to subconsciously look for a candidate for herself. The universe, of course, does not sleep and will definitely throw it at her, but that’s bad luck, on will actually be a little different. No, until she knows it, an interesting romance with suffering will begin.

If a man also shows signs of attention, then here the imagination can roam in earnest.

  • Further, the scenario develops in two directions, one is a certain period of suffering and obsessive thoughts about a man, and the second is a transition to active actions.

It should be said right away that it is the period of heart suffering that brings pleasure to most women, according to statistics, only 25% of 100% will dare to commit real treason. The rest will enjoy their own daydreams and scenes of wild fantasies, adding beauty to the carpenter drasotik “Everything could have been different if not …” here, each woman has her own ending to the novel.

Why does love bring suffering to a married woman?

Do you want to work on it and do you want to give it to yourself? If you have any questions about the subject:

  • Are you in a real relationship or marriage? Are you on the same page as the wheel and you are there?

Perhaps the family routine has led to a lack of vivid emotions and the feeling that a woman should still be sought and shown to her with her passion and love.

  • If the present does not fit with what you dream about and dreamed about before marriage, then problems will definitely arise here, it’s like a puzzle, which, whatever one may say, cannot be assembled without one piece.

Would be constantly in the potential “friend” see muvoe °, bud closed

Now the most important thing is that women in their majority suffer due to the fact that they themselves were brought up in co-dependent relationships. This is already a problem of many generations, now more attention has been paid to this topic, but still not enough to help everyone gain self-worth and self-identification in society as a confident and internally independent person.

  • Allowing yourself to admit that you are really attractive and charming, because someone else is courting you, will not be cheating at all.

This is true, and a woman cannot but like it, but as soon as a man leads you to make more serious decisions, a whole system of values, both moral and spiritual, is already included in the work.

  • If a woman is in complete emotional exhaustion and simply wants to fantasize about a possible relationship with another man, if light flirting was on his part, then most likely these thoughts are the main and culminating part of her novel.

For most women, this is enough to replenish your life and feel like yourself.

In Orthodoxy, there is a concept that kavithe thought leads to certain actions, so stand counter. If they really lead to a difficult emotional and psychological state, then you should seek help from a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts about another man?

Not only that, it is all over the place, and the blood is there. No other references, which you can choose not to own and allow yourself to have in your life:

  • Ask yourself what you don’t like about family relationships.

Perhaps you should tell your husband about this, and the problem will be solved. Often, in families they don’t know how to talk about problems and save up for years

  • If the question is only about intimacy, then, most likely, it is worth visiting a specialized specialist, and he is the same.

In the 21st century, it would be time to get away from the idea that such things do not need to be discussed, especially “with an outsider man.”

  • Try to reflect yourself in a period of melancholy and suffering for another man, what do you feel, what not?

Sometimes, it’s like a flight into youth, in those young years, when falling in love was bright and brought a feeling of euphoria.

No need to worry about it and keep it to yourself. Perhaps your life simply lacks emotions, and falling in love seemed to shake you up and make you look at the world with different eyes.

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