I really miss my ex-man and relationship with him – what to do?

You probably often heard from girlfriends that time passes, the former has been in a new relationship for a long time, but the girl still misses him. Let’s see why this can be, and how to act in such a difficult situation.

What’s stopping you from letting go of your ex?

It often happens that, having fantasized, we actually forget a real person. We choose a projection on it and live like this for more than one year. We decide for ourselves what kind of person we have in front of us, what to expect from him, we invest in these relationships, expecting more and more. No, it’s about time it’s real, on it’s not a day.

You will be able to choose from among the unrelated items, which will not allow you to choose between them. And you catch yourself thinking that this person was not suitable for you, but, oddly enough, resentment and sadness makes itself felt in flashes.

You are offended by unjustified expectations, undeveloped relationships. You even experience anger at yourself that you could not make a man in reality become that partner from.

What to do to let go of your ex

Let’s see how to get out of this destructive relationship, let’s see what longing does to you.

  • First of all, the boredom of the past makes you think that nothing good awaits you in the future, you will never love anyone again.

Is it true? It’s probably not your first relationship. Before the ex-partner, you met, met, parted. Potom again by vystrechi. Perhaps you keep a diary. Look into it, for sure after each parting there were thoughts of longing. What makes you think that this time you will not meet anyone?

  • If you had a first relationship, then this justifies your prolonged longing, but, all the more so, do not get absorbed into it.

There is much more ahead of you. There will definitely be a new relationship, only now you can hardly believe it.

  • Write down on a piece of paper what desires you have, caused by longing for the former. Perhaps it is to call, text, get drunk, cry, plot him, feel sorry for himself, study to compose him

Look at this list, do you like everything written in it. It’s only in two languages ​​that it’s all there in the world. Maybe it’s time to “put an end to the I”, and stop living in the past, start living here and now.

  • Proanalyzed, the name of the game is by the wayside in the north. There are times when she lets you go. See what you are at this time.

How to stop thinking about your ex forever?

Most likely you have plans for the future, there is a desire to create. Pay attention to how you look at your ex in your “moments of enlightenment”. Even if this state lasts for a short time, it still exists. See where you like best.

  • Analyze what your actions lead to you, albeit not for a long time, but forgetting the former.

Perhaps these are some smells, a certain melody, communication with some people, watching a movie. Write these “therapeutic moments” on a piece of paper. Try to include these sessions daily in your day. Check directly on the list if you forgot anything.

  • When you are in a good mood, write yourself a letter to the future, one that will help you return to the right state in moments of sadness.

Perhaps these are ideas invented by you or valuable words of some authors. This letter will protect you in difficult moments of sadness if you read it.

  • When you are in a good mood, full of energy, describe your future.

You can write some text on paper, draw a picture and hang it on the wall, put it next to the letter, which is aimed at curing melancholy. Think about what steps you need to take today, tomorrow, in the near future, so that this future is on.

  • Realize the moment that during longing you remember those happy moments when you were loved, affectionate words were said to you, you were admired, you were approved.

Understand that you need this “psychological stroke”. Meet your girlfriends, sit in a cafe, laugh, praise each other. It’s great uplifting.

  • If you are still suffering after parting with the former, although a lot of time has passed, think, maybe you need this suffering for something.

Maybe you like being in this painful state for you. If so, then go ahead. If you find it at least strange, then take responsibility for your life. Perhaps you will lose the desire to whine.

No one is forcing you to reminisce about your past all day. You do it unconsciously, but at the same time voluntarily. So be aware of what’s happening to you.

  • Delete all the contacts of the ex, all his phone numbers, block all his social networks once and for all so that you will not be tempted to call or text him in moments of weakness.

Also delete all his friends so that his photos and information about him do not flash in the event feed. Do this. No matter how much you want, but in no case can you get in touch.

  • Plan your day carefully.

Make sure you don’t have time to be bored. Devote your time to work, study, do not stay at home all day. Let people be with you. Pursue your passion, which really turns you on, gives you EMOtions.

Think of a new activity for yourself. Perhaps you have long wanted to do yoga, learn foreign languages. Dances perfectly remove the STRess of parting, where you will not only recharge your ENERGY, but also get new stacks. Engage in self-improvement.

  • Relive your emotionss that have gone deep.

Most likely, you still have sadness over your ex because you did not mourn your breakup. Therefore, allow yourself to fully experience your feelings that weigh on you. Give yourself time to grieve.

Since it is up to you, it is not necessary to have it in you. Cry, scream, beat the dishes, howl, even roll on the floor. Just don’t hide your emotions, let them get out.

If you don’t feel better after the “Sense of Negativity Splash”, then continue His next day and so on until you feel better. After you live through your negative emotions, forgiveness of the former will come to you, and you will be able to fully accept the situation.

If the Ex has been in Other Relationships for a long time and you still miss him, then remember that he is not to blame for anything. This is your expectation from him, your fantasies. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, take matters into your own hands, don’t give yourself the opportunity to think about him.

Understand that this is your life, and it goes on, live on, enjoy every new day, dance, laugh, develop, learn to be happy with yourself. Seek help and support from loved ones.

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