I want to behave as I want – will my husband be against it?

I want to behave as I want – will my husband be against it? It’s unpleasant when you ask a man a question, you want you to make a joint decision, and he answers you “whatever you want” and goes back to his business. This can put you in a stupor, and cause offense or irritation.

But what exactly does this answer mean? How to interpret it? And why does he sometimes cause such a violent reaction?

What is the meaning of the phrase “as you wish”?

Before you figure it out, try to honestly admit to yourself how you perceive this phrase. Predstav and all of the post-slaughterhouses, coda two people and one project. What were your first thoughts?

It is best if you write them down on paper, so it will be easier for you to analyze what happened and your feelings.

No, it’s not called, it’s a minimum of 7 interpreters for the following:

  • I trust you to make a decision and do what you want, I am glad when you are satisfied;
  • I do not care what you decide, because I do not consider this issue important;
  • it is not possible to return, it is possible to see it in the first place and the future;
  • I can’t decide because, unlike you, I don’t understand anything about it;
  • I want you to stop asking this question because now I have neither the strength, nor the mood, nor the energy to solve it, please do it yourself and let me rest;
  • I give up and will not argue, because you will still do it your way, regardless of my opinion;
  • I am indifferent to you and do not want to continue the conversation.

All of them are objective and are quite common. No vazno drogoe, pochema one one ne prishli tebe in golow? What is the reason that you have a certain attitude about the phrase “as you wish”? Where did she come from?

How to understand what is what? First of all, you need to analyze each case separately, depending on:

  • with what intonation the phrase was uttered – by the emotions that accompany it, you can understand what the person meant much faster than by the words themselves;
  • the situation in which it is pronounced – evaluate objectively whether it is really important for a man which curtains to choose or which earrings you will wear for the New Year;
  • how often a man reacts this way is one thing when the answer is related to a specific question, another when he is constantly snapping.

Often people don’t like the phrase “As you wish” because it evokes unpleasant associations, many of which are rooted in childhood.

For example, the mother often said this, while folding her hands on her chest and looking in such a way that you immediately understood – either do as I said, or I will be disappointed in you. Or a loved one threw this phrase, showing that he does not care about your opinion, as if brushing them off.

Be careful if you hear these 10 phrases from a man

It is important to understand who a man reminds you of when he says this. And does the answer correspond to the relationships that were in your past? After all, now you have a completely different person in front of you, and you are no longer a little girl.

Analyze your reaction

Try to “notice” and pronounce it svoi emotion After this picture. Do you feel hurt, or angry? What is the reason for these EMOs? Are you afraid of indifference from a man? Are you it seems?

Are you interested, is that not interesting? Or do you take it personally? Do you think that it is specific to you?

However, this may be necessary for real terms, and also in two languages ​​and in a different way than that. To understand if they are objective, analyze your relationship:

  • are you good with each other?
  • Is there trust and love between you?
  • Are you saying that you want to stop it?
  • if so, why do you take his answer personally?

Perhaps behind this are personal problems, a bad relationship experience, or difficulties in communicating with parents. Then it’s better to focus on them. No one wants to see psychological problems that are different from other people.

But if answering these questions, you realized that maybe not everything is so good in your couple, then it is worth working on real problems. Learn to understand each other, seek a compromise, respect opinions, return passion, interest, and so on.

If the phrase “as you wish” offends you, then think about the essence of this reaction. Resentment arises when you have certain expectations about the behavior of another person. No in reality as it is written in it.

At this point, it is important to think, that maybe your expectations were too high? Can you tell me that you want it and you want it on this? After all, he does not have to exactly match your ideas about him.

He is a separate independent person who has every right not to be interested in some interesting things. You probably don’t care about some of the issues that matter a lot to him.

But if in this particular situation you need a man to participate in it, and not throw the phrase “As you wish”, does he know about it? Have you conveyed to him how much such an answer is unpleasant to you?

What to do with the phrase “as you wish”?

If you don’t like the phrase “as you wish”, you already understand that there may be various reasons for this.

To avoid problems, speculation, and misunderstanding between you, it is best to learn how to talk to each other intentionally. Before getting offended, angry, and making hasty decisions, you can:

  • tell a man that his opinion on this issue is very important to you;
  • ask to explain the meaning of the phrase – what he means, but do not argue or reproach him;
  • show that you are ready to listen to him and accept his position and feelings;
  • say yourself how you understand his phrase “As you wish” and ask if you are right – but only do it without pretensions and in a friendly tone;
  • pay attention to non-verbal signs with which a man says “whatever you want” – if he takes a closed position, you may unconsciously “attack” him, and his answer is just a defensive reaction;
  • if during a subsequent conversation he admits that he did not even notice how he threw this phrase, then this is just a speech habit that should not hurt you so much;
  • if it’s just a habit, it will take him some time to get rid of it. You can agree that you will gently pay his attention when he says so;
  • if your feelings are important to him, and you were able to convey them, the man will stop saying the phrase that is so unbearable to you.

Most of the problems are in other areas where the language is not available. People put different meanings into the same words and phrases. As a result, conflict, resentment, and mutual claims arise. Relations deteriorate.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to talk to each other, try to understand the position of the other person, and be able to analyze what is happening to you. This will help avoid many difficulties and strengthen relationships.

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