If he changed, then he does not like! Or still loves, but changed?

Imagine a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman. Their house is a full bowl, their love is very reminiscent of the ideal image from fairy tales. Common friends, interests, it would seem, what can darken the idyll?

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Like a bolt from the blue, she appears – treason. It is generally accepted that men cheat on their soul mates much more often than women. According to statistics, there is no significant gap in percentage between men and women.

It’s just that girls are less likely to admit to a spree, knowing how to keep their secrets out of reach. Men, on the other hand, often perceive betrayal as an occasion for pride and boasting in the company of comrades. Women are really smarter, and men are not always able to hide their pranks.

He is offended

Many women frankly ignore the fact that a man is in a state of depression and resentment. Moreover, it is his beloved who places him in this field. Most often, such situations occur in couples where the woman is the more powerful and emotional partner.

She can earn more, take full responsibility for life and finances, or simply push her betrothed in all matters. A man, unless of course he is a subordinate in character, will not be able to endure his insolvency for a long time.

Any petty quarrel can lead to the fact that the guy will turn his nonsense to more tender and fragile nymphs. Getting to know them today is not difficult. Social media and online dating apps have taken over the world.

It is not at all necessary that a man decides to cheat because of the loss of feelings for his soulmate. He will probably try to keep his adventures a secret so as not to ruin the family. If the wife understands her mistakes, becomes more gentle and gives the reins to his strong hands, treason may never visit this house again.

He’s bored

The most common cause of adultery is boredom and monotony. In couples that formed at a young age, no one can avoid betrayal.

Firstly, both partners do not have the life and sexual experience necessary for a harmonious relationship. At least one of them, more often still a man, wants new experiences on the side. At the same time, he will not cease to appreciate and love his woman.

When a guy cheats out of boredom, he believes very strongly in the strength of his deception. On his phone, there are hardly any hot correspondence and passionate photos of other ladies. He will hide his mood swings. If they do happen, he will turn the conversation into a quarrel so that his beloved does not suspect anything.

Avoid cheating out of boredom is quite difficult. It’s one thing if your boyfriend literally screams that he’s sick of sex in the missionary position or going to his mom for dinner on Saturdays. Another question is when a person is initially not ready for a frank discussion of problems.

If your relationship has a depressing constancy in bed or joint hobbies, just add a little adrenaline and experiment to it. Read the Kama Sutra, watch porn movies together, in the end, just say your desires out loud.

He is used to

It’s a shame, but many men really change because of the habit that has arisen. That is, he no longer perceives his wife or girlfriend as an attractive sexual object. For him, betrayal is not something unnatural.

At the time of the capture of the criminal at the scene of the crime, he will not lie or excuse himself. Most often, women refuse to believe in precisely such betrayals, because in response to their claims they simply receive a positive response. The guy, without a shadow of a doubt, breaks the old relationship as soon as the truth comes out.

He’s working on self-esteem

Millions of men cheat in order to raise their own conceit. Even if he is completely satisfied with sex with his wife, the thought of cheating can creep into his head completely unexpectedly.

In a male company, they often share their erotic fantasies and stories about the conquest of one or another beauty. Imagine how your husband tells his comrades about his loyalty to the only woman. Often, such confessions cause ridicule and surprise among other members of the stronger sex.

Perhaps your loved one was simply persistently forced into the idea of ​​u200bu200btreason. He himself would never have taken such a risky step. However, love has not gone anywhere.

Interestingly, sex with many partners really has a positive effect on a man’s attitude towards his own person. By his behavior, you will definitely notice that he has become more confident and colder, and maybe even happier.

To forgive or not to forgive betrayal is the personal choice of every offended woman. It is worth noting that for some, texting on social networks is cheating, others see a terrible display of disrespect in a kiss after an alcohol party, and others are afraid to imagine their man in bed with another lady. We are all different, and everyone makes their own decisions about cheating.

Why do men cheat? Psychology of men | Yaroslav Samoilov (18+)

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