If he does these 5 things, he is already cheating on you

1. Suddenly he showered you with gifts for no reason

All of a sudden, for no apparent reason, he started buying you all sorts of gifts, big and small. He keeps surprising you without giving you any explanation other than that he loves you.

Although that is on the one hand attentive and nice of him, on the other hand, it can also have a negative background. Think about it.

You know this man better than anyone. Has he done something like this before? Has he ever bought you presents just like that?

If this behavior looks a little suspicious and does not suit him at all, it probably means that he feels guilty and is buying you gifts to get rid of the guilt that is likely to plague him.

Infidelity men do this to feel better after they abuse your trust.

The gifts are nothing more than signs of their guilt and remorse that you should never fall for. Because such behavior is unforgivable.

2. The gym is suddenly his second home

It’s normal to let go of a relationship at some point because you don’t really have to impress anyone anymore.

You feel good the way you are, and so does your partner. So a few extra pounds here and there isn’t really a problem.

It is well known that unfaithful men go to the gym again as soon as they meet another woman. You are in the initial phase of a new relationship and want to make an impression.

They want to be toned and fit, so of course, the gym becomes their second home.

If your partner suddenly becomes really interested in a healthy life in the gym, it is likely because they have cheated on you or are about to cheat on you.

To be on the safe side, you should get to the bottom of it all. Listen to your gut feeling!

3. He’s constantly confusing the details of your relationship with something (or someone) else

He’s telling you you watched a certain movie together when you were absolutely SURE you didn’t, or he kept repeating inside jokes that had nothing to do with your relationship.

These are all signs that his double life is upsetting him and that he is barely able to cope with his lies.

You’re probably the only one who’s completely in the dark as the other woman probably knows she’s just cheating.

Therefore, he has to occasionally forget the details of your relationship or confuse them with something else. Now you know why.

His thoughts are completely different and the lie becomes more and more of a burden to him. The best thing to do is to make his life easier by leaving him and showing him that you have seen through him.

4. His mood swings are now unbearable

All of a sudden he’s much more quick-tempered than usual, and even the smallest little things freak him out. He’s always trying to blame you when it doesn’t make any sense.

Infidelity men usually feel extremely guilty about their machinations and will try to start an argument with you to get rid of the remorse that plagues them about their wrongdoing.

They want to make YOU the villain and portray you as an asshole, although in reality, they screwed up something.

Don’t fall for it … If his moods have turned into a nightmare and he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing anymore, it’s just because of the guilt that gnaws at him, frustrating and exhausting him.

If everything was fine between the two of you before the affair, now he looks like a total ass. But if he causes chaos and makes it look like YOU have done something wrong, then he has a reason for the breakup, i.e. he is no longer the bad guy.

5. He wants more privacy than ever and is very closed

Usually, he has no problem telling you where he’ll be after work and who he’ll be with, but he’s been very close lately.

He just says you don’t have to worry, he won’t be away long, and you probably wouldn’t know the person anyway.

He used to have no problem leaving his cell phone or laptop lying around at home, but now things look very different.

He always leaves it somewhere you can’t easily find it, and it’s all protected with passwords you don’t know.

If you take his phone to see a photo or video, he’ll visibly get angry or nervous and demand that you return it so he can show it to you.

He is visibly nervous when his belongings are around you, and he answers all of your questions very vaguely and visibly annoyed.

Look, it’s okay to want some privacy, but such a drastic change in behavior suggests something seriously dubious is going on.

Unfaithful men behave in this way to keep you from uncovering their dirty machinations.

If he usually acts differently and he hasn’t had a problem with you using his cell phone when you need it for something, he’s definitely hiding an affair from you and will become even more nervous and agitated when you go about his things.

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