IG Captions about Dusk that swept away Feelings

15+ Instagram Captions about Dusk that swept away Feelings. Dusk is the time of alternating day and night. Even though it feels short, the twilight brings a sad atmosphere that is difficult to describe in words. Therefore, many like to write about dusk as an Instagram (Ig) caption.

So, if you want to share a reflection about twilight that fits your heart’s content right now on social media, keep watching this article until it’s finished. Because we provide Instagram captions about the twilight that touches the heart in various situations below.

Instagram Captions about Broken Heart

IG Captions about Dusk that swept away Feelings
IG Captions about Dusk that swept away Feelings

1. Become a substitute

His hand is a substitute for my hand to guide you. His shoulder is a substitute for my shoulder for you to lean on. Let the drizzle, a splash of dusk, a cup of tea, and a song verse be your substitute. Fiersa Besari

Breaking up in love is indeed a painful experience. If you usually have a boyfriend beside you who gives you support in doing various activities, now you have to encourage yourself.

The feeling of loneliness that results from separating from a lover is even more painful when the ex has a new lover. His new lover becomes your substitute in standing by and giving him support. Meanwhile, you are still alone and only friends with twilight which adds to your heartbreak.

2. Not Drowning

There is something that does not sink when the twilight comes: Rasa. Rohmatikal Maskur

Have you ever enjoyed the twilight on the sea or the beach? If so, you must have also enjoyed the beautiful view of the sun that seems to be sinking on the horizon.

Yes, the sun may sink at dusk, but there is one thing that according to Rohmatikal Maskur will never drown, namely taste. Now, if at this time you are feeling turmoil due to parting with your loved one, just make the words about dusk above as Ig’s caption.

3. Goodbye

Just like the sun, never hated twilight. Say goodbye when the time is up. Tere Liye

When dusk arrived, the sun had to be willing to part with the blue sky to return to its bed. All of this is repeated every day, but the sun still returns to illuminate the earth the next day.

Regarding the separation between human children, it would be nice if two people could still make up for each other even though they were separated. Like the sun, just say goodbye when togetherness can no longer be maintained. However, keep on building good relationships so that life feels peaceful.

4. Do not last long

You’re like twilight. Feels beautiful, but doesn’t last long. Anonymous

In a nutshell, a beautiful twilight may equal the one you love so much but then leave after a brief relationship. If that’s what you are feeling, just make the sad words about the twilight above as a caption for Ig.

5. Has Changed

In the past, once upon a time, the twilight was once beautiful, as beautiful as the promises that turned into a curse. Fiersa Besari

When in love, lovers usually enjoy making plans for the future with promises to be together forever, there are always difficult times, and much more. However, all of that was destroyed at the moment of separation.

Not many couples part ways on good terms, so the sweet promises that used to be spoken turn into expletives. Not only that, problems that used to be an excuse to strengthen each other are even used as material to bring down your ex.

Caption Twilight Instagram about Deep Devotionals

IG Captions about Dusk that swept away Feelings
IG Captions about Dusk that swept away Feelings

1. Less Reflection

Why do I like twilight? For this land is mostly mornings, lacking twilight, mostly passion, lacking contemplation. Sujiwo Tejo

Morning is the transition between night and day, while dusk is the transition between day and night. Although both are transitional times, mornings are arguably longer than twilight.

According to Sujiwo Tejo, the long time in the morning and the short time in the evening make people too excited and less contemplative. If you also like moments of contemplation at twilight like Sujiwo Tejo, make the words about the twilight reflection above as a caption for Ig.

2. Capture the Moment

I crossed life and times. I sailed through the twilight. I dare myself to write to capture life’s moments on sheets of paper. Iwan Setyawan

Every human being must have experienced very meaningful moments in life. However, even the most meaningful moments will pass you by if you don’t write them down properly.

So, so that the precious moments can be remembered for a lifetime, have the courage to write down those experiences. If you are embarrassed to share it with others, you can write it down and keep it for yourself.

3. Missing Home

Sometimes twilight reminds us of home, of people who make our hearts yearn to come home. Iwok Abqary

It is undeniable that when you are overseas, meeting with your family is an expensive thing. Every day you can only communicate by telephone without being able to meet each other to let go of homesickness.

In such conditions, the sad twilight only makes the feeling of longing even more overwhelming. To express what you are feeling, just use the words about dusk above as an Instagram caption.

4. Not Always the Same

Every day there is a twilight, but not every twilight is a golden twilight, and every golden twilight is not always the same. Seno Gumira Ajidarma

Dusk does greet us every day. However, not all twilight has a yellowish glow that looks sparkling. Even, not every evening that shows a golden glow always looks the same.

The twilight conditions seem to be used as a metaphor for the opposite sex. Yes, although there are many opposite sexes, not all of them match the criteria of a partner. Likewise, not everything fits the criteria of being comfortable at heart. So, if you like the parable of the twilight above, include the quote as a caption for the photo you uploaded on Ig.

5. Only Decoration

Some poets are busy hiding behind the twilight, rain, stars, horizon, mountains, beaches, orange, violet, coffee, passion and various other romantic words, to forget the fact that the world is not all right. Until finally the words are just decoration. Fiersa Besari

The combination of dusk, rain, and coffee can indeed make you feel carried away. No wonder poets often add these words to make poetry even more romantic.

However, as Fiersa Besari said above, don’t let you get carried away with these romantic words without thinking about the facts that are happening. You also have to remember that the problem must be resolved, not just felt.

Instagram Dusk Caption about Adoration of the Heart

1. Blue Color Missing

Dusk has passed too quickly, even though I was just about to color the sky for you with my longing colors which are always blue. Word of Nofeki

Meeting with a lover is indeed a very pleasant time. You can share the joys by joking and laughing or sharing the grief by encouraging one another.

However, if time has required you and your lover to separate temporarily, of course, you must be willing to say the word “see you later”. If you want to express how much you really don’t want to be separated from him, use the word about dusk above as a photo caption uploaded to Instagram.

2. Ready to accompany the day

Even though I am not the twilight you are waiting for, I am the sky ready to accompany your days. Anonymous

Given the pleasant atmosphere of the twilight, perhaps many people are looking forward to his presence. And just like dusk, everyone must have a figure who has been so awaited by his presence in life.

If the person you love is also waiting for the person he dreams of and you feel that you do not qualify for his ideal man or woman, don’t be discouraged. Accompany him during good times or bad, surely his heart will melt with all your sincerity.

3. Just as beautiful

You are really beautiful today, as beautiful as the atmosphere this afternoon. Twilight at this time. Twilight belongs to both of us. Stanley Meulen

It seems that no woman is not happy when praised as beautiful. However, if you just say pretty, of course, he will soon forget about the compliment. Yes, how not, maybe it’s not just you who said she was beautiful, right?

If you want your compliment to be genuine and memorable, but the above quote directly in front of them. If you don’t have the courage, you can also write down words about the twilight as a caption Ig. Guaranteed, he will definitely smile happily when reading it.

4. Red Longing

Every evening, I want to paint the sky with the color of our eyes: a longing red. Word of Nofeki

Longing is a flavoring ingredient in every loving relationship. Without homesickness, of course, the relationship will feel bland. Are you also currently feeling the longing for your lover?

If so, the short twilight words above are perfect for you to make as an Instagram caption. So not only will he know that you miss him, but your friends on social media will also know how much you feel about your lover.

5. Without Pause and But

If you are a woman who loves twilight and a coffee lover, let me love you without a break without but. Wira Nagara

Coffee is indeed best enjoyed at dusk. Especially if there is someone by your side who feels very meaningful, for example, a woman who is your heart’s crush.

If so, don’t just hang around, while the atmosphere is supportive, share your feelings with her. Make sure he is happy with your unfailing love for him.

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Which Ig Caption is Your Favorite Twilight?

That was a collection of quotes that could make the twilight mood even sadder. Now, after reading 15 words about the touching twilight above, which one do you want to make as an Instagram caption?

Yes, if you write the words about the twilight as an Ig caption, maybe many people will feel inspired. However, if you only send it to certain people, only that person will read it.

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