Intimophobia – fear of close love relationships

Intimophobia – fear of close love relationships. Some people are looking for a life partner and suffer from loneliness, while other individuals, on the contrary, in every possible way avoid such a dense invasion of their lives. They are frightened not only by marriage ties, but also by any dependence on representatives of the opposite sex, of a love nature. Such individuals themselves may not be aware that they are prone to intimophobia. Intimophobia refers to both the fear of prolonged emotional relationships and close intimate contact.

Acquired ailment

Intimophobes are an unusual type of people. They avoid trusting relationships, affection and strong feelings. Intimophobia can affect both men and women. This problem is not considered normal. The source of the “painful syndrome” is neurosis, psychological or physical trauma. Tension, in relation to girls or boys, is not transmitted through the genes. However, a child raised in an incomplete environment is more likely to acquire intimophobia than a child raised in a complete loving family.

In the footsteps of Casanova

All famous historical ladies’ man Giacomo Casanova. The Venetian became famous all over the world for his love affairs. A charming man found a pretty lady suffering from a relationship. He certainly conquered the girl, entered into a stormy romance with her, but soon cooled down. A noble male found a suitable match for the unfortunate and gave her in marriage. Historians believe that this behavior is caused by intimophobia, which was subject to the great and famous lover of women.

Eternal freedom lovers

Intimophobes are divided into two types. The first group includes very liberated and sociable personalities. Such people are called in the common people: womanizers or frivolous women. Both of them love to communicate with members of the opposite sex, lead a wild life, love to make new acquaintances and engage in promiscuity. For them, a love affair is like a breath of fresh air.

The period of falling in love is equipped with bright and positive emotions. But at the same time, the constant change of partners is of great importance. They like the sharpness and novelty of feelings. When they begin to experience a deeper attachment to a girl or a guy, intimophobes immediately “disappear”. Or they move away from nothing that does not understand partners. They subconsciously provoke quarrels and disagreements in a couple, in search of a “way out of the situation.” They need to break the “love bonds” that will sooner or later lead to the creation of a family. A serious relationship is the main enemy of a person suffering from intimophobia.

Sexual partner rejection

The second group of people is more prone to intimophobia. They are concerned about such a serious psychological problem as sexual anversion. Sexual anversion is a feeling of hostility and disgust towards the person with whom sexual intercourse takes place.

Aversion to a sexual partner may occur at the first sexual intercourse, or develop gradually throughout life. A guy or girl who is subject to such a diagnosis has tender feelings for the second half, but at the same time avoids intimate relationships. Such behavior entails great difficulties in building a healthy love relationship.

The need for new love affairs

Intimophobes – “revelers” do not always suspect about their peculiarity. They feel like “free birds” or “cats wandering around.” Ultimately, they may even start a family with a “chosen” partner. But such a family is doomed to failure.

The dissatisfaction received in the “shackles of Hymen’s chains”, the lack of “oxygen”, due to the lack of vivid impressions and new lovers, lead to great disappointment and divorce. In some cases, an intimaphobe husband or wife regularly goes to the left and is removed from the legitimate “second halves”.

Subconscious bookmark for breaking up relationships

Building a relationship with a guy or girl suffering from intimophobia is very difficult. They need to feel personal space and freedom. Feeling pressure from the chosen one, they retreat here. They can disappear out of sight in the truest sense of the word or emotionally distance themselves from the “beloved” person.

“Sick” feels comfortable and good only at the initial stage of the birth of the novel. When a love affair takes a deeper and more serious turn, a person experiences a strong internal tension. He intuitively tries to build walls between himself and the second half. At the same time, intimaphobe provokes a quarrel or separation, acting on a subconscious level. He does not always give an account of his feelings and emotions, trying to “push” feelings deep inside himself.

Lack of parental love

The cause of intimophobia takes its roots from a person’s early childhood. A vulnerable child was brought up in a family where parents did not fully give part of the attention and love to their offspring. Perhaps the father and mother acted rudely or indifferently with the crumbs. As a result, the kid learned not only to hide feelings, but also to “etch” them out of his soul. Feeling the closeness of another person seems to be uncomfortable and suffocating factors. He, like a snail, wants to quickly hide in his shell and stick out curious horns.

Daughter of a wretched divorcee

In women, intimophobia develops “thanks” to a single “unhappy” mother. A divorcee brings up her daughter alone, constantly complains about life and unsettled fate. From her lips, the little girl hears that men, for the most part, refer to “goats” or “pigs.” The father is a mythical character from outer space who abandoned a young and suffering girl with a baby in her arms. As a result, a child from an early age develops dislike and distrust towards the representatives of the stronger sex. Having become an adult, the girl is afraid to scare her into a serious relationship with her lover, so as not to later experience the unfortunate fate of her mother: a tormented, aching woman.

Son of an unfortunate bachelor

Intimophobia develops in men watching the unsuccessful personal life of their father. Especially if, because of a woman, the parent committed indecent acts: committed a crime, attempted suicide, or turned into a “squishy” and “rag”. The boy observes such a picture, and every year he grows in his soul a feeling of deep antipathy towards the female half of humanity.

The first bad experience in love or in bed plays a big role. The boy takes root in his dislike for the weaker sex and gradually becomes an intimaphobe. Sometimes a man is afraid of sex because of the small size of the penis. If a heartless partner had the stupidity to ridicule the dignity of a young man, then the strongest resentment will cause him to be negative against all the girls in the world.

Free love

Intimophobia can be cured if you seek the help of a psychotherapist. But the “sick” do not admit to themselves, and even more so to those around them, that they have problems. And so they live alone, being disappointed in one or another respect. A family consisting of two intimophobes can exist if the partners establish mutual rights: the establishment of each other’s personal space, guest or “free” marriage. Neither the birth of a child, nor the abundance of mutual love can correct the existing individuality in the soul of a person suffering from intimophobia. Timely help from a specialist can help the problem, but does not guarantee complete healing.

Intimophobia – fear of close love relationships

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