Intimophobia – where does it come from in men and women?

Intimophobia – where does it come from in men and women? Most people try not to talk about their intimate life, as it is considered indecent. But at the same time, sexual activity, along with spiritual intimacy, is important in a couple, this makes the union stronger. If there is a panic attack of physical attraction, it is considered a pathology, which is called by different terms – intimophobia, coitophobia, erotophobia.

Intimophobia – where does it come from in men and women?

This condition can be present in both women and men. What fears can be associated with and their possible consequences Intimophobia can manifest itself in different ways, fears can be associated with such moments: Fear of inconsistency with social and cultural foundations in society. Fear of being rejected. Fear of pain and violent actions from a partner. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not living up to your partner’s expectations when having sex.

As a consequence of coitophobia, various negative manifestations can develop: anorgasmia; premature ej@culati0n in men; inability to enter into a relationship; loneliness; depressive state; suicidal thoughts. Anxiety disorders: causes, symptoms, treatment Where does the fear of intimate relationships come from? The most common causes of intimophobia are: fear that a person will not be able to adequately satisfy his partner; negative attitude towards one’s body, for example, with external defects, excess weight, etc.; problems in relationships with the opposite sex; physiological features of the genital organs; ej@culati0n problems.

These and other worries lead to stressful situations and various sexual phobias. Types and types of personality disorders, their symptoms and therapy Symptoms of intimophobia Fear of sexual relations leads to panic attacks, which can manifest themselves with such signs: the appearance of headaches and dizziness; chilliness all over the body and trembling of the limbs; dry mouth from excitement; failure of the heart rhythm and pressure drops; increased sweating; weakness in the body, close to loss of consciousness; lack of air. Fear of sex can provoke not only the above symptoms, but also aggression or a desire to hide, and run away. Someone shows demonstrative coldness.

How to overcome intimophobia?

If all signs of human behavior indicate a pathological condition, you need to contact a specialist. A sexologist deals with a similar problem. Initially, he will conduct a survey and conduct several tests to make sure that the condition is not associated with the use of any drugs or health conditions. With an organic cause of intimophobia, the doctor may prescribe a number of medications and conduct other treatments.

If there are psychological problems, he will offer other methods of influence: Connect a psychotherapist who deals directly with sexual problems. You may just need to be honest with your partner and let them know your fears. Finding a way out of this situation together will bring you closer and improve your sex life.

If a person has a fear of physical intimacy, try to increase the foreplay. For example, give a partner a sensual massage, take a relaxing bath together, give pleasure through caresses, etc. As an adjunct therapy, you can go in for sports, which will improve not only your well-being but also increase your endurance in bed. Perhaps you just need to distract yourself from obsessive thoughts, in everyday life, and find hobbies to your liking. And before intimacy, distract yourself with romantic music, watching a sexy movie together, flirting, etc. . Intimophobia – where does it come from in men and women?

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