Is being friends in a relationship a must or not?

Is being friends in a relationship a must or not? The lion’s share of your life happens with the participation of other people, and the form of relationships with them varies greatly. There are acquaintances, friends, relatives and groupfter

Is it really real and not worth it to the extent that it is different? For example, is friendship possible with the one you love, and is friendly support needed in love.

Is being friends in a relationship a must or not?

The first thing to understand is the difference between the two forms of relationship: friendship and love. In case of chastity, it is very easy to understand the parameters:

  • term of establishment – if, as the classic wrote, “love arises suddenly and strikes like lightning,” then friendship is characterized by long-term affection, in which a person is tested in various conditions and circumstances;
  • level of trust – young person today I am older to open my cards to you, seek advice m t f zht. A friend will share sorrow and joy with you;
  • the intimate component of the counter – other men and a woman always end up in bed, no size. And in a couple, the partner will be very surprised if you prefer platonic pleasures to physical caresses;
  • concentration of attention – partners are focused on each other, and friends maintain a plurality of parallel

Despite the fundamental difference between these phases then morphs of metnostnyh relations, they are composed of kava ject But at the same time, it is far from always possible to unite them: you can love a partner, but not be his friend, or stomp in the friend zone, hiding fragments of the heart behind a friendly smile.

TOP 7 reasons to be friends with the man you love

Numerous observations have shown that in couples based on personal compatibility. In contrast, partner-friends are capable of a brighter and richer emotional life, listen to each other more often, show more respect for the feelings of their loved one.

In particular, psychologists Heidi Reader, Grace, and Yu Yusi Hunt, part of whom are talking about this. Engine

They assure that it is friendship that is the foundation for building a strong couple structure. And besides, with the ability to combine these two types of relationships, you and your partner can count on a lot of additional “goodies”, including the following:

  • a happy marriage built not on a hormonal boom and blind passion, but on intimacy;
  • the maximum level of trust between you and your loved one;
  • Response to actual problems and to those who have not taken the drug with the drug, although there is no such thing as “sor за порог”;

  • direct and honest exchange of points of view without seeking out neutral expressions and efforts to avoid unpleasantness;
  • unity with a partner, the ability to become each other’s reliable support in case of trouble (after all, the more information you communicate to each other, the more clearly you are able to assess what is happening and identify both risks and prospects);
  • a chance to be yourself and fool around together;
  • relatively quick resolution of conflict situations due to the ability to compromise, to feel the needs of others.

Because it is union in it is not reserved for the altar, it is possible to see it, it is necessary for the parameter. Such a person does not require from you an hourly make-up, a fashionable bow and other expensive procedures with his appearance.

He does not need to prove anything, try to stand out from the background of other women, and “throw pearls” in any other way, because initially he evaluates you in terms of internal content, and not a beautiful shell.

5 reasons not to make friends with your loved one

One of the founding fathers of modern philosophy, Friedrich Nietzsche, argued that “a good marriage rests on a taldebant.” Accordingly, if you are interested in a harmonious and long-term relationship with your lover, you should also make sure that a more “adult” and conscious attachment is established between you, rather than the desire to fall asleep in the same bed.

Nevertheless, there are several life situations in which the “compote” of their love and friendship is not relevant, and these two components are best poured into separate decanters. For example, your love connection does not require friendship work in the following cases:

  • your relationship is fleeting and is not planned to continue;
  • you and your partner have a fundamentally different worldview, goals and guidelines in life, which is why there are serious barriers in communication, and it does not bring satisfaction;
  • you do not trust your partner because he does not take seriously and/or makes fun of your problems;
  • he appreciates your attempts to throw, bringing to the fore arcs of hren aspects of your relationship hausen;
  • he constantly compares you to other women, questions your moral character and honesty in particular.

Having a past negative relationship experience (friendship or love) behind you, it can be very difficult for both you and your partner to cross the line of distrust. In this case, your relationship can last for quite a long period of time, but never find a groom.

You can have a good time together, travel, compliment each other and be in the same kiom. But at the same time, there will be no thing that can characterize you as a couple, in which, in addition to the sensual sphere, there is another important element – friendship.

Think carefully about this format of relationships and evaluate whether you need a connection in which you or your loved one cannot fully trust each other, expecting betrayal or misunderstanding.

Can you still be friends after a breakup?

There is a theory that love lives for three years. According to her, it is this period that is required to restore the hormonal background familiar to a person and return the brain to a “working”, clear state. If during this period trusting friendships have not been established between you and your partner, then there is a high risk of losing interest and “spark”, and, as a result, breaking your connection.

In the case of the distribution, it is necessary to change it: it is necessary for the distribution. However, the practical side of the plan is one of the most advanced and private ones. To do this so many people, in the case of those who do:

  • experience of closer relationships;
  • former affection and plans for a joint future that remained unfulfilled;
  • resentment inflicted as a result of a unilateral break in relations, and other factors.

Love feelings in former partners do not pass at the same time. You can cool to a partner before he to you, and vice versa. Because of this, the manifestation of friendly sympathy for the former half will be perceived biased, for example, regarded as an attempt to renew relations or to make amends for feelings of guilt after a breakup.

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