Is flirting considered cheating or not – can it lead to it?

Can flirting be considered cheating? To answer this question, you need to understand what flirting is? Why do people flirt with each other? And what needs does a person fulfill with the help of flirting?

What is flirting in terms of psychology?

Flirt – this is a concept in terms of the way you see it, it’s on the demo of the interest in the partner. It is expressed both verbally – compliments, jokes, ambiguous phrases, witty remarks, and non-verbally – touches, gestures, smiles, winks, posture.

Flirting signs:

  • This is what you want, because it is so important to understand that the moment of the name is correct. This means that both people feel the safety of what is happening, otherwise it is no longer flirting, but harassment;
  • this is a way to have fun – when people flirt, they increase the level of hormones such as dopamine, endorphin and even adrenaline, which brings a feeling of joy, delight, excitement;
  • this is an ecological violation of psychological boundaries – any flirting, this is an invasion of the territory. The reaction of the other side can be either defending the territory, or reciprocal invasion.

Why do people need to flirt?

If a person has a permanent partner, then, it would seem, why would he flirt with other people? To understand if flirting is cheating, you first need to consider 4 purposes for which people flirt:

  • start a romantic relationship;
  • acquire a certain social status;
  • increase self-esteem;
  • achieve a certain goal.

Flirtation as a way to start a romantic relationship

This is a classic understanding of flirting. Not every flirting is aimed at intimacy. While you guys like friends, flirting is just too much of a tool to help a disc fail.

When people still do not know each other well, flirting becomes a socially acceptable, and most importantly, a safe way to hint to another person that they want to be close to him. Flirting allows you to do this unobtrusively, jokingly, which makes it possible to either deviate Thus, no one’s self-esteem suffers, even if a person is refused.

Flirty as a way to gain social STATUS

Once in a group, any person wants to take a certain place in it. Flirt – one of those people who like it. A flirting person often attracts attention, they want to communicate with him more. In this regard, flirting is a way of dominating people of the same gender. A flirty flirtatious muffin evokes a smile, a flirtatious laugh, 

Communication and flirting with other women. What to do with such a husband?

The same goes for women. The one who knows how to flirt deftly and unobtrusively, around whom there is a lot of male attention, will clearly dominate other women in this team, at least in terms of her status in the group.

Flirting itself helps to easily enter a new group where no one knows you yet, establish social connections and become the “soul of the company”, if, of course, such behavior is appropriate in this group.

If this behavior is accepted in the group, then flirting will be a way to show your belonging to this group. Be that this is the case for that three-dimensional building that is part of the collective, that is not the first name for “sweet”.

Flirting as a way to boost self-esteem

When people flirt with us, our self-esteem rises. The fact is that flirting, even if it is a game, is the attention that a person is given. Like a message: “I noticed you, and I like you.” If a woman has been married for many years, tired of everyday life, and her husband has not only not carried her in his arms for a long time, but also does not say compliments, flirting for her is a way to prove to herself: “I am still an attractive woman.” At the same time, she knows that she will not cheat on her husband, but can satisfy her need for attention and positive positive.

The same thing happens in men. If in marriage he only hears reproaches, criticism and notations from his wife that he “does everything wrong”, “why do you have to ask ten times?”, “Again you forgot to take out the trash.” All this turns a man into a function, or into a child who “doesn’t make it” to a good grade.Then flirting with the arc turns out to be inverthofuble pedesthlen

Flirting as a way to achieve a certain goal

People use flirting to get what they want. If we need to agree on something with a person, win him over, bring him to the right conversation, flirting turns into an innocent manipulative technique that helps to achieve the goal. For example, a man flirts with his boss’s secretary to get her to skip the line.

If you look at something more globally, in many professions the art of hating flirting is far from simple and ^ And this is not a conversation that a person “cheats” for the sake of promotion or something else. For example, if the profession is based on oratory skills, then flirting, that is, flirting with the public, the ability to attract her attention, win her over, is an integral part of the work. Training, sales, acting are all professions where flirting plays an important role.

Flirting and cheating. Is there a connection?

It is important to decide what is the purpose of flirting. If this is a way to achieve a certain goal, then it can hardly be equated with treason. If this is a way to take on a certain status in a group, then the tendency to flirt is part of the character of a person. Surely, for this trait, the partner appreciates him. It would be strange to fall in love with a charming and witty man and demand that after marriage he be “turn off the switch.”

In terms of raising self-esteem, flirting is a way to “get more” on the side of that and recognition that cas. No in this case:

  • build existing relationships;
  • overly emotional contact and intrinsic bliss with the partner;
  • convey your needs to him, say that you lack attention, care, and so on.

In addition to this, it is necessary to realize it in the case of drugs.

Flirting is cheating if it’s the way to start a new relationship. When a person flirts with a specific intention, with a hint of something more. How to recognize such flirting and distinguish it from others? Most of the other prices are those that are distributed on the front of the house:

  • flirts not with everyone, but with a specific woman;
  • in this flirting there is always a tactile contact;
  • the husband prefers to communicate with this woman, and not with his wife;
  • there are intimate details in their correspondence.

First of all, flirting is a need for play. Every person has this need. No, everyone determines for himself the boundaries of this game and chooses what is acceptable for him and what is not. In a relationship, you need to consciously communicate your thoughts to your partner. Don’t forget that even if you’ve been married for many years, it’s important to be able to flirt with each other.

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