Is it necessary to marry the man you love if you don’t want to?

Is it necessary to marry the man you love if you don’t want to? Personal relationships have a significant impact on our lives. They help to be confident in the future, share household responsibilities, avoid loneliness, etc. However, the pace of life of a modern woman has accelerated so much that in the routine of everyday affairs it is often difficult to find time to build a happy family. Whether marriage is necessary for a modern woman, we will understand further.

About family life


Family is a concept from family psychology. Then it’s up to you in terms of the words you use and the words you use. It follows from the definition that the family is a multifunctional concept, which means that it requires special time and pressure.

The opinion of psychologists is divided. Adherents of the First Point of View Believe that a happy marriage is possible only if both partners are mature individuals. And the followers of the second – that immature people can also enter into marriage, and only then, over the course of life, adapt to each other and to their family responsibilities.

In fact, both points of view are correct. And the most difficult is the situation when only one of their partners is a mature person. Marriage certainly has a number of positive aspects:

  • you do not take full responsibility for material support;
  • you have someone to spend the evening or weekend with;
  • you can safely have children, and they will grow up in a complete family;
  • with the presence of a family, a person becomes more protected in public terms;
  • as medical studies show, people in families are less prone to STRess, and also have more strength.

Among the negative ones – the family takes away enough moral strength if you do not know how to function effectively in the performance of family responsibilities.

In modern conditions, marriage is not the only component of a woman’s success. There are many other areas – career, sports, charity, in which you can reach heights.

No where-taki family is the factor without which a woman by nature cannot achieve absolute self-actualization. Whatever point of view you hold, know that a mature healthy person always strives to gain it.

Three “For”

There are a number of reasons why marriage can be assessed absolutely positively.


Living alone, you are fully responsible for your life and provision. And when the second half appears, the burden of obligations can be divided in two. At the same time, remember that a favorable situation is the One When the Budget is either divided in half or for the most part is on the shoulders of a man.

Crisis of marriage in the modern world?

Otherwise, quarrels will start sooner or later. Men By Their Nature Are Earners, And If A Woman Claims For This Role, Then On A Subconscious Level, The Husband Begins To Move Away.

Entering into Marriage, sit down and discuss all the nuances regarding responsibility for finances, for home and life, for the public sphere, for children. By agreeing in advance, you will avoid quarrels.

By the way, if you live alone, then the burden of responsibility can be prohibitive. So try not to take on more obligations than you can handle.


The need to procreate is one of the main reasons women and men get married. Undoubtedly, children in complete healthy families have a stronger psyche, study better, grow up more self-confident and happy. They have a full-fledged example of a relationship before their eyes, thanks to which they learn to build the same syastli.

However, marriage is not always the key to happiness. In destructive families, the opposite happens – children withdraw into themselves, and spouses become unhappy. Relationships, as well as careers, need to be built and sometimes it comes with great difficulty. Of course, as a reward you will receive a strong family and confidence in the future.


It is a recognized fact that people in families are healthier. This may be due to a decrease in the level of stress (if you have a reliable male shoulder, then you will simply forget about many problems in life) or the fact that in families people still take care of each other, which cannot be said about bachelors who often lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

Psychologists believe that constant communication is necessary for good health. And if you are lucky enough to find a person with similar interests, then your need for social recognition and contacts will be fully satisfied in the family. In addition, in the family it is easier to satisfy the need for physical contact. Scientists have proven that people who hug and kiss daily generally have stronger healthy nerves.

What kind of marriage is not needed?

Cohabitation with another person always requires compromises. It’s great if you’ve found your soul mate and you’re both willing to go for a walk, for example, instead of cleaning or cooking dinner. But if a partner has opposite views on things that are familiar to you, then conflicts will often arise. As a rule, a person is ready to build a happy relationship if he is ready to compromise.

Also remember that single people eventually get so used to their freedom that it is quite difficult for them to enter into an alliance with another person. Therefore, if you are not ready to sacrifice your interests for the sake of a man, then you should seriously think about the need.

The positive aspects of married life are revealed only if you marry successfully. The family should have peace and harmony, common interests and the ability to negotiate. If you live like neighbors, then such a family life will not bring anything good. There are also a number of aspects that testify against the legalization of relations:

  • if you are not a mature person, then it will be difficult to build harmonious relationships;
  • If you are not accustomed to actively engage in everyday life, then you should not choose a husband who believes that a woman’s share is only keeping a home. Be careful with most of the conflicts, and you have to take it and it’s not worth it for the role;
  • some men change after marriage. And often not for the better.

From a psychological point of view, the most successful marriage age is the period after 25 years. After graduation, you will have time to decide on your professional activities, spend your youth vigorously and miss the quiet comfort of your home. As a rule, families created at this age are considered the strongest themselves.

Before getting married, get to know your chosen one better, look at his relationship with friends, how he treats his mother or sister, and whether he has character flaws that you already find it difficult to put up with. After such a simple analysis, you can understand how comfortable you will be with this person.

Marriage is a serious thing that does not tolerate quick decisions. You choose a father for your children and the quality of your future life, so be sure to diagnose and look at the relationship of a young man with others. Of course, it is better to live together for a couple of years before the wedding, in order to understand exactly whether you are suitable for each other.

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