Is it possible to build a relationship with a man who earns less?

Is it possible to build a relationship with a man who earns less? At the beginning of a relationship, a woman looks at her chosen one with a loving look, without thinking about his qualities. However, there comes a time when she needs to look at a man from a reasonable point of view, evaluating his pros and cons in order to understand whether he is suitable for living together.

Is a man always a breadwinner?

It happens that a man has a number of positive qualities, but one of his negative features is that he earns less than his chosen one. In this article, we’ll talk just about whether it’s worth building a relationship with such a man.

In the classic picture of relationships and families, the man is the main breadwinner, he has the responsibility to support the mother. There are completely different situations in life, and each of them has a place to be. There is no single correct scenario. In any of the options, the main condition is the comfort of all family members.

Causes of low income in men

If you ask for it, you must give it to the people who live there:

  • The man is in trouble.

He is full of plans and ideas, but at this stage, for good and objective reasons, he cannot implement them. For example, he has health problems, or difficulties in business. No in zelom, on prospective and déyatelen.

  • A man has enough ideas and determination, but is afraid to start implementing them.

For example, a situation where he works a lot, but the income is very small. Perhaps he stayed in one place and stopped believing in himself, there is not enough motivation.

A man earns less than a woman.

  • A man has no desire to become successful, he is indifferent to success, sometimes lazy.

However, you will be asked to do so, and you will do so-to that it is not visible to you.

  • The man was initially looking for a profitable party.

There are representatives of the stronger sex who do not want to do and achieve something themselves. They are interested in women who can provide for them.

Negative storage means that it is not possible to see it

You can also say that the “sub-cameras” are in the mouth, but that isn’t the case:

  • The main financial concerns will fall on your shoulders.

You should give it to yourself when you do the job. Of course, if the difficulties of the partner are not of a constant nature, but in general about promising, go with thick p post’re However, if he does not have enough aspirations, desires, simply speaking, he is satisfied that your income is higher, then you will have to perform male functions in the family all the time. Understand yourself, decide if you are ready for this.

  • Hard times can come during a maternity leave.

Possibly rode to no you can at first to work, and may well be in the finnes. Of course, there are situations when the family decides that the father will be on maternity leave, but a woman may have a desire to take care of the child herself. In this case, the father’s income will not be enough for all expenses, and difficulties may begin not only with the satisfaction of material needs, but also in relations in general.

  • If you are in a position to change your mind.

Like it or not, nature inherent in the representatives of the stronger sex needs to feel successful, dominant, dominant. Insufficient realization, one way or another, affects his inner feeling and state. Sometimes, unable to cope with the internal discomfort that accumulates due to dissatisfaction with himself, a man splashes out negativity on loved ones. If this is the case, problems related to the situation may arise.

Another possible outcome of disharmony may be the formation of complexes. In an attempt to prove to himself and others his masculine power, a man can do wrong things in relation to his woman (treason, humiliation, conflicts).

  • The woman may be disappointed.

At first, you were ready to accept the fact that you earn more. However, gradually you begin to feel superior, and in conversations, a note of accusations and a note of accusations begins to slip. People who are able to build a career, regardless of gender, have strong-willed, leadership qualities. No attempts to command in a relationship with a man will not lead to their harmonious flow. And your dissatisfaction with the current situation will only accumulate.

  • The man will finally cease to develop.

If he is satisfied and even likes not to invest so much effort in the family budget, he can get so used to this state of affairs that he will completely stop showing at least some initiative. Ultimately, this can lead to a regression in development, which will have a deplorable effect on partnerships, because both partners must have aspirations, dreams, achievements and goals.

Each picture is very individual and depends on many factors. To build a relationship with a man who earns less than you, or not, is up to you. Weigh all the pros and cons and approach such an important issue with a cool head.

How to build a relationship with a man whose income is lower than yours?

If you do not want to wait until you are ready

  • Agree on the shore about who will take on what responsibilities. Since you are forced to work more, household duties should be divided in such a way that it is comfortable around the village. These agreements will help to avoid many conflicts of a domestic nature.
  • Discuss how you will spend your family money: who, what will be paid, how will the purchases take place,
  • If a man makes attempts to develop and strives to achieve something, encourage him in every possible way, support him, be there and believe in him. And if he succeeds, thank, praise and admire him. He may enjoy going forward so much that he will try his best to reach new heights.
  • Speak perspectives. If the difficulties are temporary and the man has a goal to achieve greater prosperity, let him outline a plan of his actions, what exactly he wants and how he will achieve this.
  • Don’t worry about it. If you don’t know what to do with the washing machine models. You may face condemnation. However, this is only a subjective opinion and you need to learn not to react to people’s value judgments.

Relationships in which a man earns less than a woman are quite specific, and not suitable for everyone. However, they can exist and sometimes quite successfully. Any relationship should suit both partners, they should be comfortable and convenient together. If the model of relationships, the woman is the main breadwinner, does not deliver the discoction the There is no true model, because life is very multifaceted.

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