Is it possible to move to another place after breakup?

Is it possible to move to another place after the breakup? You broke up with your man, but he wants you to renew the relationship, and you think it’s worth it to do “Is it possible to enter the same river twice?”. The question is not simple and everyone can answer it differently. In the article, you will get the answer from the point of view of psychology.

Why did you break up?

Before you think about whether to renew a relationship or not, you need to understand why you broke up:

  • One of you was not ready for a serious relationship
  • Past relationships were not forgotten
  • There was a quarrel
  • There was treason
  • A new lover/sweetheart has appeared
  • Gone are the feelings
  • Addictions

To the extent that the price is up to you, you should give it a try. If you are in this pricing, you should say “Is it worth it to renew the relationship?”.

When to hook up with an ex?

If the reason for your separation is resolved.

  • For example, you broke up because one of you was not ready for a long-term relationship. No, after parting, you could go to a psychologist and solve these problems by growing your adult personality. Or they realized that it was comfortable to build relationships with this person.
  • The cause of the conflict has been settled. Maybe it was some kind of misunderstanding, after which you decided to end your union. It could involve third parties. You were on EMOs and abruptly stopped communicating, but later, having calmed down, you discussed everything and came to a mutual agreement.
  • If your separation was associated with the addictions of a young man, and he coped with them, and you still have feelings and trust for him, then your reunion will be logical and happy.
  • In addition, the processing of the project by the owner is not allowed. No, where you want it. It is important to understand why the betrayal occurred and whether there is a chance that it could happen again. Most often, betrayals are repeated and there are a number of reasons for this.

It won’t be like before

It’s important to understand that if you decide to get back together with your boyfriend after a breakup, it won’t be a “start over”. It will be again, but from the moment you broke up. It is a big delusion to think that you can forget everything and erase your parting and memory.

Why do we want to return to the former?

What you have been through will also be your past. And how you feel about him will affect your relationship in the future.

It is better to work out the breakup with a meeting with a psychologist. You can go to counseling alone or you can go together. And on it to make out the reasons for your separation.

Sometimes this can be due to deep internal problems and lack of understanding. Then a specialist using different techniques will help you hear each other. And look at your relationship through each other’s eyes.

If you understand that you have been in such relationships more than once and try to get out of them, but you still come back, this also needs to be worked out with a specialist. The reasons may be hidden in deep childhood. And then at the consultations it will be necessary to work out the child-parent experience.

We create all relationships from our “traumas” (psychological). And if you have worked them out, then you will look at your partner and see him in their entirety. No production of German translations and translations. Relationships will be built on an adult-to-adult basis.

Don’t fool yourself

As soon as possible in other countries, not in the Kadikoy-to the moment in which the results are distributed, to the extent that it is possible. There is a fear of being alone. That you can no longer build good harmonious relationships.

Following this thought, there is a certainty that “you won’t find better”. Memory begins to erase over time the true reasons for your separation. And you may have a feeling that you can return everything.

Therefore, it is important after breaking up to write down “why did you break up.” This is done in minutes when the actual prices and where the word is.

If you are together again

Is it possible to move to another place after the breakup?

If you have any-taki, you should plan to do so in the future:

  • What has changed since you were not together?
  • What experience did you gain separately?
  • What do you want from a new stage in a relationship?
  • How do you see the development of your union?
  • Do you want to have drugs on drugs?
  • What will you do if the situation repeats itself?
  • Do you still have feelings and mutual respect? (or maybe it’s just a habit?)

It is possible to do so in the real world. And think ahead. And most importantly, you must both be ready to fix what has been destroyed. Any parting leaves an imprint on each partner.

A breakup is a loss. It’s like coping with the death of a loved one, only less intensely. And if you have already passed the stages of mourning and decided to resurrect your relationship again, there should be good reasons for this. Because it’s hard on the psyche.

EMOTIONAL KEYS WAVE ITS states of reality. And leave an imprint on subsequent relationships.

When You Shouldn’t Get Together With Your Ex?

Bye-bye, by the way, it’s not like that. Nothing will change, and being with a person only out of fear of being alone forever is not worth it.

If you are sure that:

  • Gone are the feelings
  • You have different views on life (on marriage, children, development, finances)
  • He will not get rid of his habits (alcoholism, gambling, loose connections)
  • You see your life with another person
  • You did not forgive betrayal
  • Your boundaries have been violated (abuse)

In these cases, it is not worth renewing the relationship. Especially if this is not the first breakup. Nothing will change if you suddenly get back together. It’s just a waste of time that you take from each other. And sometimes it’s better to remain close friends than to hate each other and sort through the accumulated tensions in your head.

In any case, it all depends on you and your decision. No one, even a psychologist, can accurately answer the question “Is it worth being together again?” It is always the story of two people.

What you are ready to reinvest in your relationship, how much you have changed during the period of your separation, can become the foundation for a new stage in your relationship. And if feelings and respect are preserved, then you can try again to become partners for each other.

The most important thing in a relationship is intimacy and trust. If it was possible to save it, then there is always a chance to be together.

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