Is it possible to return love and how to do it?

Is it possible to return love and how to do it? Not in the parries that are in the sky. Many juveniles have a partner who fits according to other criteria: a good family man, a multi-faceted, beautiful….

What if you married for love, and now you feel nothing for your spouse except respect and gratitude? Unubbly, it happens to everyone: oh, not a beautiful d passion walks, and the drive remains under with sesough per Do you want to proselytize and sokhranit a happy marriage?

7 alarm bells that love is over

When little girls listen to bedtime stories about a great and pure feeling, they begin to think that for this they can endure everything and make any sacrifices. In adulthood, this is fraught with the fact that women do not have time to catch the moment when love alone is not enough, and steps must be taken to maintain the marriage.

They don’t know what to pay attention to, and when it’s too late, they panic. It is common to think that true love knows no boundaries, no end. Very romantic, but damn wrong!

Love can end because people change with time and circumstances. If the couple’s relationship evolves along the designen parallel, as the partner’s hooden grows and ages, it will transfer ♥ to ves. Static equals death.

The habit of closing eyes and residual affection tend to keep the couple together. No stoit vzglyanuty vnymatelnee, it is distributed, kaka kartochny domicile. There are several signs by which you can understand if you have fallen out of love with your partner.

5 signals, according to break up

  • You no longer want to share anything with him.

Communication is the main fuel for any relationship. If you keep it that way, it’s up to you. Is it you who are you?

It always starts small: first you stop discussing films, acquaintances, work problems and world news, and then you accumulate a huge mountain of resentment against your spouse, and out of habit you come with it not to him, but to those who already hear you everyday. Problems with that don’t happen.

  • You don’t hear it anymore and you don’t want to listen.

When a woman is in love, she can endure a lecture on the types of car engines. The voice of a loved one is the most beautiful melody. Even though the only vehicle you were driving was your grandfather’s “Cossack” 25 years ago, but it is important and natural for you to show your interest.

And if you start to get annoyed by talking about his work or hobby, about everything that enters his space, over time, his opinion will become an empty phrase for you. The husband complains that you haven’t eaten soup for a long time, and you hear: “How tired of your cutlets! You’re a terrible cook!”

  • You pay attention to other men.

When the relationship is in perfect order, a woman will not make new dubious acquaintances. It’s one thing to hold on to an attractive movie, it’s another thing to be receptive to your field if you do it in drugs, you should do it in your own way, you can do it if you don’t want to.

Pay attention to how the walls of the fortress are gradually falling: today you secretly correspond with a manager from a neighboring department, a week later you lie to your husband that you are busy at lunchtime, and you yourself run to meet someone else. What will happen next?

  • You no longer compromise.

You have ceased to be tolerant of your partner’s shortcomings, everything annoys you. The need to make joint decisions brings to a boil: you want to clap and never pain office

If you are aware of it, it’s on that day. Why should you listen to him? Because he is a man? You noticed more than once that he makes stupid mistakes. Maybe it’s time to do it your way?

  • You didn’t care anymore.

On him, on how you look, what to cook for dinner, and what color to paint the walls in the living room. Nobody will appreciate it anyway, why do you need to appreciate it? Your partner’s problems also leave you completely indifferent. Didn’t he get the promotion he was looking for? Nothing surprising, with his quarrelsomeness. On scored 10 extra kilos and grimacing in front of the mirror? Himself to blame. I should have eaten your meatballs, not sneaked into McDonald’s.

  • You avoid physical contact, especially intimacy.

Kisses and hugs are no longer frequent guests in your relationship, but a prelude and a long-forgotten pleasure. At first it bothered you, but now you yourself stay in the bathroom longer than usual and wait for your husband to fall asleep to take your side of the family bed.

There are times in a couple’s sex life when they don’t want anything. As a rule, this happens under the influence of circumstances: stress, pregnancy, the birth of a child. But if the period is prolonged, this is a sure sign that you are cooling down.

  • You don’t want to spend your free time with him.

On the May holidays, you are happy to go to your parents, while your missus sits at home in front of the game priest. Yes, of course, relaxing apart from each other is a must, but if you don’t spend time alone, don’t celebrate holidays together, and can’t tear yourself away from gadgets all weekend, your marriage is on the verge of collapse.

Is it possible to return feelings, and what is needed for this?

You analyzed your behavior and realized that you perceive your muvouree, rather shut Passion has long passed, the demos of the conversations are over, and what you discuss, if you see ough d and know… Does it make sense to do something, or does love really “live for 3 years”?

Psychologists advise not to cut off the shoulder and try to save the marriage. Studies show that the health and well-being of partners is directly dependent on what kind of environment reigns. Single or divorced men and women are at a higher risk of being hospitalized with a heart attack. To fall in love with your husband again, you need to find new ways to induce a rush of dopamine and oxytocin.

  • Look for new interests that can bring you together.

Don’t dwell on the negative. Let your husband see you in a different light. Let him remind you why you once fell in love with him.

  • A 20-second hug increases the release of oxytocin.

Most couples hug in a hurry, no more than 3 seconds. Touch your husband as often as possible. Remember how you couldn’t get away from each other when you started dating.

  • Set up a digital-detox regimen.

Nothing kills communication like the habit of burying yourself in the phone during a family dinner. Tell yourself about the drugs, and not the drugs on the internet.

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