Is it possible to stop loving the person you love in a month

When something traumatic happens, the natural desire of any person is to minimize the pain as soon as possible, and ideally, get rid of it altogether. in this article “How to endure a breakup with a loved one” has already talked about what happens in the body as a result of the “work” of hormones when people break up.

Therefore, it is not surprising that you want to fall out of love with a person as quickly as possible, erase him from memory and cross out. If you say to yourself: “I want to stop loving as soon as possible,” then we hasten to upset you – with such wishes, emotionally, you only aggravate the situation.

Is it possible to quickly fall out of love with a person

This is connected with your internal program – by saying what you want, and even setting yourself the shortest possible time, you continue to “cook” in this event.

I do not think that we need to explain – with such an approach, you will not stop loving, but on the contrary, you can idealize your partner, thereby firmly, with invisible chains, chaining yourself to him.

That is why, we decided to change the question, excluding the speed of the desired result from it.

What prevents falling out of love quickly?

  • Perhaps, “Samka” will start with the main thing: what prevents a person from falling out of love.

Love is such a bright, euphoric feeling. Ego can be compared with a power engineer. “I drank”, and now I want to create, live and just enjoy life. Then imagine that this energy drink is taken away from you. What do you think will happen to you? Maybe you guessed it yourself – you get the impression that you won’t be able to be happy anymore.

Further, there is an immersion in the past, and with it comes self-pity. It’s as if you’ve been surrounded by negativity on all sides. And so I want to return my “euphoric energy drink” in order to get rid of all this as soon as possible.

And so, our dear reader – it does not happen. We mean that nothing happens by magic: you can’t quickly forget, and even more so fall out of love with someone who is still dear and close.

You and I are not robots, but living people. Let’s open the veil for you, but there is often an opinion that psychologists do not have psychological problems. Of course, they are, but the essence is different – having the necessary knowledge, we do not plunge into the Pool of problems, but step by step we simply get out of it.

That is why the steps below will help you get on the path that you will be able to fall in love with. This road will not be fast, so be patient.

TOP 7 psychological techniques

  • TECHNICAL “General Uborka”

You need to start with her. It implies that you need to remove all obvious “irritants”, like: “Out of sight, out of mind!” Eliminate all gifts, “reminders” about your loved one: shared photos, some souvenirs, and so on.

How to fall out of love: 3 ways to remove feelings

At first, try not to visit the places that you have been together. As you understand, a wave of memories will come flooding in and hit your feelings hard.

It is strictly forbidden to track his activity in social networks.

And even more so, you should not seek communication with him, whether it be simple messages or telephone conversations. Don’t set up random encounters. Imagine that you are removing everything superfluous from your personal space: visualize it in your mind.

  • Technique “Perestanovka”

A loved one means something to us. You can even say that in the soul he always occupies a special place. And when people disperse, this “niche” is released and emptiness appears. “Permutation” will help you fill it. Organically it is done and the prostranstvo to the subject, it is not possible to make it, it is not possible to do it.

Let’s say you used to walk with your loved one in the evenings. Think about what you can replace these walks with. Make yourself a castling. Alternatively, get a dog. Of course, the comparison is not commensurate: Soaka and a person, but, if you look, Pets bring a special emotional component into people’s lives.

  • Technique “Monologue”

If it is only by the name of the day, and there is no contact with the puss, it is possible to do it in the technical field. Choose a time when you will be alone. Sit back and close your eyes. Imagine that, with you in the room there is a loved one. Tell him about your feelings, but in the past tense.

The essence of the technique is that you throw out all those feelings that “accumulated” inside. And as you tell your story, mentally move away from the image of your beloved: he remains motionless, but you are already farther away.

  • Technology “Zamezhenie”

Beloved people give us truly expensive gifts. And we are not talking about something material. We are talking about:

  • love
  • care
  • support
  • happy moments
  • positive emotions

In each person certain Personal Qualities are valued, and it turns out, – When there is a parting with a loved one, what was dear to us also leaves.

This technique, in terms of its semantic component, has something in common with the “rearrangement” technique, but with one small caveat – if the first one concerns the physical space, then the considered one provides for filling the inner world with something new.

To begin with, write down everything that impressed you in your loved one, and what exactly you lost after your breakup. For example, with your loved one you felt protected – safe. Substitution suggests that you need to find a foothold in yourself, or in someone very close – relatives, relatives.

To that end, it is very difficult to understand. If there are no such people, remember that you have you. Study the necessary material on the topic of how you can work through insecurity yourself.

  • Technique “Gratitude”

You have already come a long way before reaching this technique. On without a loved one, she did not stop. Close your eyes, return to the image of your beloved, from whom you are already quite far away.

You no longer see his image clearly – just a barely perceptible silhouette. Thank him for all the good things you had.


After you expressed your gratitude, you can safely say goodbye to your once dear and beloved person. You can say something like: “Once upon a time we were good together, and you were a part of my life! No now you are nothing more than a story, and I let you go. It is necessary to provoke the slaves, to prepare, to listen to the people, and to avoid it.

Next, visualize love as a red thread. Imagine that it is in your palm. Take a good look at her one last time. Then imagine that a sudden gust of wind carried this thread somewhere far away.

After that, say: “Goodbye! I don’t love anymore. Now I am free of this feeling and ready for a new life, in which there will be a new person, My person, and with him I will definitely become happy! “.

  • Technical “Dnevnik Radosti and Zelaniye”

When you say goodbye to the feeling of love, fill your space with bright, positive emotions – fall in love not with a specific person, but with life. Make a list of wishes and start making them come true. This is something like what the heroine of the series “257 Reasons to Live” did.

Bring something joyful and new into your life. If you are a dynamic person, you can sign up for pair dances. If you are an introvert, start enriching your inner world with interesting literature.

Living the life of your Favorite Heroes Together with them, you become, as if involved in what happens in a work of art. Remember that the spectator that you will be is just as active a participant as the acting heroes.

Keep in mind that the presented techniques are stepwise. No, having “worked out” one completely, you cannot move on to the next. Also don’t forget that:

  • do not mask as long as you want;
  • one should not rush the process of liberation from love;
  • Do not set yourself a deadline for exactly when you should stop loving.

If you can’t stop loving a person on your own – life without him seems boring and uninteresting, and you are on the verge of dysphoria, then you should seek professional help from a specialist. Surely there is something that continues to keep you in the old relationship. Spetsesse work gradually step by step will remove the “love chag”.

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