Is it possible to trust a man and is it worth it if he is drunk?

Is it possible to trust a man and is it worth it if he is drunk? Past relationships leave an imprint on the life of any person. There is an experience, remember which, you experience pleasant feelings from the events of the past. However, not every experience is a positive one.

Relationships in which betrayal, infidelity, lies, drunkenness, and many resentments were present can forever leave evangelism. Not only do you remember with pain everything that happened between you, but this situation also prevents you from building full-fledged harmonious relationships with another person in the future.

Why past experience makes it difficult to trust men?

The fact is that negative attitudes so eat into our subconscious that it begins to seem: all the people we meet on the way will now act with us exactly as in the past experience. To the extent that this is done on the street. Due to Negative Events, a person, as a rule, experiences a shock, which is extremely difficult for him to survive and recover from.

Against this background, Fear, a phobia is generated: a person understands that he no longer wants to experience what he had to overcome. It is this fear that gives rise to distrust and the shifting of bitter experiences onto new partners.

What bitter experience can teach?

Negatively, it’s a question of a third party. First of all, it is wisdom. Indeed, any experience can lead a person to the fact that he will begin to look at life with a wiser pio.

Another important point is that thanks to failed relationships, we learn to understand people and determine the presence of negative sides in a partner right away. It is possible to do this in the future in other parts of the world.

Bitter experience also helps shift the focus to yourself. This is a very important point. Often, women literally lose themselves and their individuality next to a man, completely immersed in. One might even say begin to live his life. Negative experience can show a woman that this is not necessary, that there is nothing more important than herself.

Start reboot

If you have two words that are not included:

  • Proved and worked.

Reflect on what has prevented you from being happy in the past. Perhaps you initially approached the choice of a partner incorrectly. Or perhaps some childhood traumas left an imprint on building those relationships. This is necessary so that when entering into a new union, you do not get the same result at the end.

If this is new to you in the first place, then you can drive to the room, so the screens are in the same place. For example, a girl brought up in a family where her father did not respect her mother, and also physically and psychologically suppressed her, subconsciously chooses partners who behave like her father. Therefore, family patterns of behavior should be worked out and changed.

  • Forgive yourself for failed relationships.

Very often, after a negative experience, a woman eats herself up with guilt. It seems to her that she did not do enough to maintain a strong connection, even if she was not to blame for the break. Guilt is a destructive feeling and needs to be dealt with.

How to learn to trust men?

Understand, you’re not to blame! Yes, you both made mistakes. But looking for your guilt, for example, that your partner betrayed you, is wrong. It was solely his choice. One thing is important, this is an experience, bitter, painful, but useful. Conclusions need to be drawn, and it is also worth thanking and letting go of your past.

  • Stop being a victim.

Sometimes, being a victim is also a choice. There is a concept of secondary benefit. This is when a situation is unpleasant for a person, but instead of solving it and getting rid of it, he begins to find some bonuses and privileges, and as a result, he plunges into this situation even more.

Figure out if you are looking for a secondary benefit from the situation of fear. To do this, think about what it gives you, what positive aspects. Having figured it out, get rid of the victim syndrome: stop feeling sorry for yourself. About the same thing, you should try to move the skies in the Chelovak, which is not known to be the case.

  • Understand that all men are different.

Each person has a different set of qualities, character traits, principles and ways of life. Therefore, there is no point in making a conclusion about one man about all at once. One treats relationships with ease, for another they are of value, for some family principles are extremely important, and for others his personal interests and comfort are more important.

Therefore, if you met a worthy man, he is a caring and wonderful family man, you should not expose him to kayas. Perhaps he is the one who will make you happy.

  • Remember, if you don’t try, you won’t know.

Sometimes, under the influence of fear to experience pain, as in the past, a woman closes herself and does not want to try to pull. It seems that men are courting, but she sets up an internal barrier and does not let anyone near her soul. Yes, of course, fear binds you and it is difficult to open up, but understand that if you do not dare to take risks, you will never know whether you would be happy with a new partner or not.

  • Devote more time to yourself and your interests.

Negative experiences have a devastating effect on a woman’s self-esteem. There are complexes, dissatisfaction with oneself. All these moments are imposed on you in past relationships, but in fact they do not apply to you. Remember what you were before.

More than that. These actions will help to revive the value of your “I”, which will be a good help for new relationships.

Learn to trust the world. In fact, all the fear of not succeeding again is just blocks in the head. Remember that exactly what is happening in your life is what should happen: whether it is bad or something good. Your story is unique. Experience teaches us something new, opens doors for development. It is from this point of view and learn to perceive reality.

  • Believe and be positive.

As is often said, our thoughts are material. There is definitely some truth in this. What you constantly think about, what you program yourself for, will happen in your life. Therefore, believe in the sincerity of the people around you and in a happy future in general.

General conclusions

Life is not a constant positive, it is diverse and contradictory. So are relationships. If you don’t want to be statically prepared in one and the same way, you can post video. Based on this, understand that in a relationship with a man you are both working, including and on yourself.

There are many men who love their woman and treat her with respect. You just need to open up to a new chosen one. Locked in and fixated on the past, you forbid yourself to move forward.

No matter what turns your life takes, your task is to preserve yourself, your faith in love, in harmonious relationships and in the predominance of adequate people on the way. Indeed, it really is! There are so many different, positive and worthy things around. You just have to learn to pay attention to it.

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