Is it true that all men cheat and why this happens?

Is it true that all men cheat and why does this happen? “Before it’s worth it, it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it.” She deprives you of the opportunity to trust your husband, and makes you look for excuses for flirting and your own infidelities. Such confidence arises from the sad experience of girlfriends, comments on the Internet, and tearful stories from SERIALs. But stop, look around – do all men cheat? Perhaps it is your husband or boyfriend who is very faithful and reliable.

What is considered a change?

It is impossible to determine if a man is cheating without understanding what cheating is. Perhaps for you, cheating is sex between a man who has a wife, a regular partner or girlfriend, and friends. But how many people, so many opinions, so everyone has their own understanding of whether a partner has cheated on him or not. If we collect the most frequent answers, then the concept of treason looks like this:

  • Love affair of a married man with another.

The connection can be one-time – they slept together, parted. Or continue for a long time, up to the fact that a man has a second family, illegitimate children.

  • Emotional interest, intimacy without sexual connection.

Many will exclaim that this is not treason. No, try asking a woman who has experienced this about it. For her, this is grief, a powerful source of stress, experiences. Just imagine that you live with a person who seems to be with you, but in fact is absolutely not interested in your life, does not remember his birthday, holidays. You are like an empty space for him.

  • Casual or legitimate interest in other women.

For some women, the manifestation of even the minimal interest of their husband, a young man in another is ism. They make a fuss when a spouse looks at a beauty in a store, invites a colleague to dance at a party, or changes the tone of his voice when talking on the phone. Sometimes it seems that such women would be happy to be in his brain and would even forbid him to think x.

All of the above answers usually refer to already established relationships – they got married, young people began to live together, or at least confirmed for themselves that they are a couple. But there are situations when women consider themselves victims of infidelity, when relationships are still in their infancy (for example, dating) or after their completion.

Is it true that all men cheat and why does this happen? Do all men cheat?

If you believe that even the thought of another is a sign of betrayal, then we can safely say that all men cheat. A person lives in an open world, constantly communicates with other people, reads, watches videos, goes to shops and rest. It is impossible to imagine that your young man will never think about another girl or imagine having sex with her.

Namely, there are fewer of those who decide or purposefully commit adultery with an intimate relationship. According to some reports, about 70% of men have cheated on their wives or girlfriends at least once in their lives. It turns out that only 30% during a relationship or marriage do not have sexual relations with other women. There are many reasons for their fidelity – from impotence, fear of losing a wife, destroying a career to real deep love and fidelity.

No time is spent thin moment. Not that you want it. Most men are not ready to admit that sex with a prostitute or a one-time relationship with a casual acquaintance is.

5 key reasons for cheating in marriage

They give the following explanation – they contacted a prostitute, because it was necessary to satisfy a normal physiological desire that suddenly arose in the absence of a wife, or to check whether there really are problems in sexual terms.

Often do not consider treason and a one-time relationship. The reasons are ridiculously simple – once it does not count, or the lover is to blame for what happened. She seduced, forced, and the man himself was just a victim who actually loves his wife deeply.

Isn’t it incomprehensible that there are no Wellutions in front of the fatal seductressvern Similar innocent, infantile explanations take the brain, the fact is that many girls are born and s s s s et.

What percentage of men cheat on their wives on a regular basis, whether with the same woman or with different ones. And if in previous cases, someone could doubt the existence of the fact of treason, then in this situation we are definitely talking about deceit, for which it is impossible to come up with an excuse.

Causes of betrayal

What makes men change, forget about the vows of fidelity and love? Perhaps you have your own versions of the reasons, and you want to share them. In the meantime, here are some of the most popular explanations for male infidelity:

Many men, regardless of age, are hunters. They are excited by new acquaintances, connections. Life consists of seeking new sensations. If you don’t want to be there in most of the company, some of them are in the house. Even the most beautiful and sexy wife turns into a boring, faded woman for them.

The most popular – men are polygamous, which means that they must fertilize (without conceiving a child) as conceiving a child). The second well-known stereotype is that if a man does not cheat, then he is not a man. A normal man at least once in his life should go to the left.

Fear of women, self-doubt, desire to punish all women. Negative emotions experienced for years, the desire to deeply hide the feeling of one’s own inferiority makes one look for opportunities to defeat others. More often than not, these others are weaker women.

  • Many insults, misunderstandings.

Here the reason is more mutual. Tensions build up in the couple that neither STORon can or wants to resolve. Husband and wife would like to sit down and talk, but because the discomfort in the relationship has gone too far, or there is no love at all, they prefer not to do this. And then at least one person in a couple begins to look for relationships outside the family. Most often it is a man.

  • Absence or lack of tenderness, attention.

Another mutual reason. She appears with the birth of a child, or when the wife begins to pay too much attention to work or her mother. No word, so you don’t have too much trouble in unfamiliar and dushy warmth. Even those who look like a real superman or are used to playing tanks have a small cut hidden inside.

With prolonged abstinence due to his wife’s constant business trips, her refusal to have sex, the inability to maintain active sexual intercourse for health reasons, the man begins to look for a new, albeit temporary, partner. He is not guided by the concepts of fidelity, love, and simply plunges into in onnecaesar.

  • level of personal culture.

Each person has his own understanding of moral and spiritual standards. For some, family, respect for a woman is sacred. For others, they are just words; they do not know how to trust their loved ones, they do not want to build relationships based on respect and trust. They are the ones who are prone to cheating.

Don’t stop on the floor and move it to the wall, then to it in the room. Perhaps you met exactly that prince who, giving a promise of fidelity, will never break it and will not cheat on you.

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