Is it True that many Girls go on Dates for Free Food?

Is it True that many Girls go on Dates for Free Food?
Is it True that many Girls go on Dates for Free Food?

Is it True that many Girls go on Dates for Free Food?

Is it True that many Girls go on Dates for Free Food? Why do people go on dates? First of all, to meet an interesting person, perhaps to find a life partner. Someone dreams of finding true love in this way, others are attracted by romance or the opportunity to communicate.

However, will you be surprised to learn that for a large number of women, free food is the main, and sometimes the only, reason to go on a date? At least, this is indicated by the results of a recent study, confirming that a third of the ladies who go to a rendezvous has nothing to do with romance, the desire for communication, or the search for their soul mate, but only a selfish desire to enjoy a free treat.

Gourmet Appeal Concept

The results of the study were published in the American journals of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, which described the observations of specialists over two groups of women.

Researchers from the private Pacific University Azusa Pacific tried to understand the concept of “gourmet appeal”, which is that a person deliberately goes on a date to enjoy free food, and is not at all interested in the romantic side of the meeting or his interlocutor. Most often this happens when a lady does not have enough funds or she just wants to try dishes in a new restaurant.

First Group

The first part of the study involved 820 women who were asked several questions related to their beliefs, personality traits, gender roles, and relationship status. Statistics showed that 85% of the participants were heterosexual, and the researchers focused on them.

The women were asked if they had ever acted according to a “gourmet appeal” scenario and was it socially acceptable for them? About 23% of the participants admitted that they went on a date just to enjoy a meal that didn’t have to be paid for, and they also found this trend to be completely permissible. But, nevertheless, the majority of women in the entire group considered this behavior “extremely” or “moderately” unacceptable.

Second Group

In the second phase, the researchers asked the same set of questions to 357 heterosexual women, who were then asked to participate in a “gourmet call,” to which 33% of the participants agreed.

Psychologists have suggested that women who go to meetings just to get free food are more likely to have personality traits of the so-called “dark triad”, namely “psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism.” That is, such ladies are dominated by a tendency towards adventurism, unprincipledness, cynicism, selfishness, self-interest, and a considerable amount of heartlessness. They are characterized by antisocial behavior and manipulative actions, expressed in the fact that at every opportunity they use others as a means for their own benefit.

Simply put, these women are more likely to display deceptive and exploitative behaviors in romantic relationships, which may include one-night stands, feigning org@sm, or sending unwanted sexually explicit photographs.

Expert Commentary

The researchers explained that “gourmet appeals” can occur in many types of relationships, regardless of their age or gender. In fact, all of the participants in this study were women, but psychologists are interested in the question, if they interviewed men in the same way, what would the results be? After all, there are “manipulators” who skillfully pretend to be on the first date, and, of course, the only thing that has lost or forgotten money.

But more often it can be observed already in the course of a relationship, how many representatives of the male sex skillfully force women to treat them or prepare delicious food especially for them. Such men can maintain relationships solely because of the opportunity to eat for free and appetizing at the expense of the lady.


Is it true that many girls go on dates for free food? The statistics of this study apply to the American community, but a similar trend is widespread among Europeans, especially among the male population. As for our own “gourmets”, it is difficult to answer even such a question as to how much our men are inclined to treat ladies on the first date? This most likely depends on the age of the potential partners and their affiliation with social groups.

Is it true that many girls go on dates for free food? In our vocabulary, there is not even a definite concept that describes this unseemly social phenomenon, called by the Americans foodie calls. But it is possible that the percentage of those who are fond of the “gourmet appeal” in their native land will be no less than in the United States.

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