Is she in Love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes

Is she in Love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes
Is she in love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes

Is she in love with me Let’s get to the bottom of the question! 

Women, women, women … Why do they always have to be so complicated? At first, the poor man doesn’t know how to approach his dream woman and when he has made it, the question arises “Is she in love with me?”.

It’s not so rare that the man’s world asks such a question, but when it comes to that, you can be sure that you already have a crush on the lady.

I know this seems ridiculous to you now, you are supposed to have a crush on a real guy, this is only for toddlers, but dear, I have to disappoint you, you got hit completely.

And of course, you now want to know how you can tell whether she also shares your feelings or whether falling in love will cause you many sleepless nights.

In no case should this unsettle you, because most men feel that way? The flirtation signals indicate a woman most men wrong, and often they fall flat on its face.

For this reason, every man is a little cautious when he goes looking for a partner, he wants to explore everything first, and only when he is 100% sure will he dare to take the first step.

But a woman in love is not so easy to look behind the facade, because women are also afraid of being turned away and only the bravest of women dare to take the first step, most leave it to the man.

You mustn’t believe that you will recognize at first glance whether your dream woman is in love with you. Every woman is unique and it is not so easy to interpret every behavior of a woman in the infatuation phase.

Nevertheless, there are certain similarities that the majority of women have in common, and how you can tell that luckily you did not end up in the friend zone.

Now, let’s take a look at the most important signals a woman will send you when she is really in love with you. Let’s hope you will recognize her behavior in this blog article.

Is she in love with me? 15 signs that will open your eyes

Is she in Love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes
Is she in love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes

As already mentioned, women are different from each other and you would never compare your dream woman to other women, but they still have certain behavioral patterns that come to light when a woman is in love.

If you recognize these behavior patterns in your lady of the heart, it is a good sign, because it means that she is in love with you and that you can now take the next step with a clear conscience.

Well, or if you don’t dare to take the first step, you can wait forever for her first step (just kidding). 😀

You can also give her a few signs that you like her and then it’s safe, or almost certain. But first, we will check whether the most important signs apply to your dream woman.

In any case, we keep our fingers crossed for you!

1. You are their focus

Now don’t expect her to cling to you like crazy, but when a woman is in love, the man who captured her heart becomes her focus.

No matter if you are with friends or at a party, she always focuses on you. When other people talk to her, she still looks for topics of conversation that might lead you to start talking to her.

When you tell something, she always listens to you carefully and tries very hard to keep the conversation going. Because of you, she even lets her good friend sit in the corner because she gives you all her attention.

Not only does this relate to conversations, but she’s always trying to be around you, even switching places with other people just so she can be around you.

You can tell from her that she is happy when she talks to you or is just around you.

2. Oh god, am I nervous

Is she in Love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes
Is she in love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes

When women fall in love, it is very common that they get nervous easily when their dream man is around. No matter if you are in the group or somewhere alone, you will notice that she is easily nervous.

When she talks to you, she wriggles on the spot, repeatedly during the conversation she looks to the ground, tugs at her hair or her clothes.

Such behavior signals that she is insecure, she wants to please you but doesn’t know how to achieve it, so she tries, by all means, to be perfect for you.

You shouldn’t be surprised if she often disappears into the ladies room, because she’ll definitely powder her nose or put on a few more drops of her perfume.

If you find her nervous, you should give her a nice compliment, a simple ” You look beautiful .” or ” You always smell so wonderful .” will be enough for her to loosen up and become a little more self-confident.

You have to know that she does it all for you and if she continues like this, you won’t be asking yourself for much longer “Is she in love with me?”

3. She laughs a lot

When the woman falls in love, she is always laughing, especially when her dream man is around. You always knew you were funny, but only now do you notice that she laughs at everything you say.

When she’s with you, she can’t get out of the beam, every joke you tell makes her laugh so much that she starts to cry. Even when you tell stories from your past, she often smiles and you can see the glow in her eyes.

She has even admitted that she hasn’t laughed so heartily in a long time and that very few people manage to make her laugh.

This is because she is head over heels in love with you and everything you say or say she thinks only cute and that’s why she is so happy and exuberant in your company.

4. Your cell phone no longer stands silent

Your cell phone has not stood still since you got closer. She keeps contacting you. It doesn’t matter if it is early in the morning you will get a good morning message, if it is late in the evening you will get a good night message from her.

You notice that she thinks of you all the time, and so it is during the day. Whatever happens to her in everyday life, she’ll write you a WhatsApp message because she wants to keep you up to date.

When she can’t type, she’ll call you spontaneously because something reminded you of you in town and at the same time she wanted to hear your voice.

She shares every good news with you immediately and every bad news she seeks comfort in you. And the best thing about it is the fact that you don’t mind. You are always happy when you hear your cell phone ring and you subconsciously hope that it is her.

Well, no matter how old you are, being in love always feels the same and you should enjoy this feeling.

5. She seeks physical contact

A woman’s body language can tell you a lot about her and that way you can easily tell if she is attracted to you or if you have landed more in the friend zone.

But the body language of your dream woman shows you that you are well on the way to having a happy relationship.

Although you are still not in a relationship, she seeks your physical closeness. These are small signals that indicate that she wants more. It can be a quick touch of your hands during a conversation, or it can teasingly nudge you when you are kidding.

Almost every time you walk through the city, she leans against you for a moment. She is always looking for a way to have physical contact with you and you will notice that she feels comfortable with it and that she likes your company.

Even when you hug her, you notice that she lets herself fall completely, she feels comfortable with you.

6. Eye contact

Is she in love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes
Is she in love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes

Crackle, crackle … Glances can sometimes be very dangerous, especially when you’re in love. When you ask yourself “is she in love with me?” you should just look her in the eye because eyes in love cannot lie.

When a woman is in love, her eyes sparkle like a thousand stars in the sky and although she tries to hide it, she fails.

The most interesting thing about it is the fact that she is constantly making eye contact with you. If you are in a room with many people, you quickly notice that she is looking for you. Her eyes wander around the room until she finds you.

Sometimes she shyly averts her gaze from you and in certain situations, she enjoys your looks. That’s because she feels safe with you, especially in a room full of strangers, you’re someone she trusts.

7. There are no taboo subjects

You find that she can talk to you openly about anything, whether it’s her work, finances, family, or friends, she talks to you about anything.

Even when she has certain problems, she will first turn to you for advice. It is not difficult for her to talk about her family and certain secrets because she trusts you.

Slowly you realize that she has integrated you into her private life and whether you want it or not, you are now part of her life.

It’s like an open book because she told you everything about her past and it wasn’t even uncomfortable for her, because you make her feel good. Women only do this when they can imagine plans with a man.

She wants to leave the past behind and look to the future with you. But in such a situation, it is also important that you are honest with her and show her that you have no secrets from her.

8. She wants to spend time with you

When women are in love, they want to spend as much time with one man as possible. But the most important thing is that she wants to spend time with you alone and she shows that to you openly.

In fact, it often happens that she transfers her good friend or girlfriend just so she can be with you. More and more often she makes suggestions about what you could do together.

She’ll buy tickets for your favorite band, or she’ll invite you over to dinner just so you can spend time alone. You notice that the dates are fun just because you are alone, when other people join in, their good mood goes by in a flash.

9. She cares about you

Is she in love with me The easiest way to tell if she’s worried about you? When a woman is in love, she always worries about her dream man.

These can be little things, whether you have eaten enough, whether you have dressed warmly or whether you have come home safely. If she knows you have exams coming up, she’ll encourage you to study, and right after the exam, she’ll want to know how it went.

If you complain about pain around her, she’ll worry and want to make you want to see a doctor.

Even if you have the flu or catch a cold, she will take the time to cook you something warm and healthy so you can get up as quickly as possible.

Such attentions will show you straight away whether a woman is in love with you. Believe me, she doesn’t do this for everyone, only for the man who makes her heart beat faster.

10. She looks for common interests

Is she in love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes
Is she in love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes

You have to be prepared for the fact that when women fall in love they want to spend a lot of time with that one man, and in just such a situation, alarm bells should start ringing for you when she starts asking about your interests.

Your dream woman doesn’t just do it that way, because she wants to find your common interests, any hobbies or activities that you can do as a couple and, if possible, only as a couple.

So don’t be surprised if she spontaneously decides to go jogging or hiking with you on the weekend. She will also make various suggestions for you to try something new with her.

You shouldn’t turn down something like that, because the more you spend time together, the faster she’ll fall for your charm.

11. She wants to impress you

Until now everyone thought that only men want to impress the opposite sex when they fall in love, but now the surprise comes, women do that too.

When a woman falls in love, she wants to convince her potential partner of what a good catch she is, so more and more often she will talk about her successes at work.

If things aren’t going so smoothly at work right now, she’ll find a way to let you know how great she is.

If you like good food, she will tell you about her culinary skills in the hopes that she will get the opportunity to cook for you too. You know that love goes through the stomach, as is well known.

12. She wants to introduce you to friends and family

Although your relationship is still undefined, she still wants to introduce you to her friends and family. Maybe she will invite you to a party that her best friend is organizing, or you will be her companion to a family reunion.

She’ll introduce you to everyone as a good friend, but everyone already knows there’s more to it than that, because who brings a good friend to a family get-together with?

13. She is jealous

I know men don’t like women to be jealous, but that’s the easiest way to tell if she’s in love with you. If you find that she automatically gets nervous and bitchy when you talk to other women or laugh, you should know that she is in love.

Every woman who is in love can’t stand to see her dream man flirt with other women. It doesn’t even have to be a flirt, but it’ll still piss her off.

Now it’s up to the woman, either she will do everything she can to get your attention back or she will get angry. If she is in the second group, see how you will spoon out the soup again.

If you know that she is inherently jealous, don’t intentionally provoke her, as this can easily turn into a backward shot.

14. She asks you about your future plans

Is she in love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes
Is she in love with me? 15 Signs that will open your eyes

All of your doubts should go away when you find her asking about your future plans. Women want security, they want to know what man hopes for in the future, whether he has made certain plans.

If they ask you questions like “Do you want to get married? Do you want kids Would you move because of a relationship? Would you have a problem having a long-distance relationship? What does a woman have to have in order to cast a spell over you? ” you need to know that she is in love with you.

She just wants to see if you have the same ideas about the future if you are the right man for her. Of course, you should answer the questions honestly, because sooner or later she will notice whether you meant it seriously.

15. She can no longer keep it to herself

That doesn’t happen that often, but who knows, maybe you’re lucky and your dream woman will tell you that she is in love with you.

Some women cannot keep their feelings to themselves and say exactly what is on the tip of the tongue. So it may well be that she will seek a conversation in which she will openly and honestly confess that she is in love with you.

Maybe she’ll do it in a humorous way and she asks you, when did you want to invite me on a first date, I’ve been waiting a long time?

When she does something like this, she’s not sure if you will reciprocate her feelings, and now she’s waiting for your move. You shouldn’t miss the chance, you want it too.

I want to hope that you now have an answer to the question “Is she in love with me?” has. Women are not as complicated as most men think, you just have to be able to interpret their behavior.

If your dream woman behaves as mentioned above in most cases, then I can congratulate you, she has a crush on you.

Now you shouldn’t let them fidget for long, because women don’t like being played games with them. You should also be open to your feelings and approach them.

You can ask her out on an official first date so she can see that you mean business. Do not hesitate, because women in love do not like to wait, they want to live out their feelings and have a happy relationship with their chosen husband.

Have fun during the phase of being in love, we keep our fingers crossed that it will last a long time!

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