Is There Such Thing As Fate In True Love?

Is There Such Thing As Fate In True Love?
Is There Such Thing As Fate In True Love?

A message from fate: love comes, but not by itself! or Is there such a thing as fate, as in true love? Is there such a thing as love at first sight?

Fate is when two find each other who never looked for each other.

This saying sounds so nice. And when you hear it like that, everything looks very simple.

Why is everyone talking about how difficult it is to find a partner when you can just leave everything to fate and the dream partner will appear in front of you, you will experience great love and be happy until the end of your life. But is it really like that?

Is it enough just to believe that if it is predetermined, it will happen? Or do we have the sole responsibility to find our love?

Is there a combination of these options, or does everything just have to be black or white? Today I am dealing with the subject of fate and love.

To find out if everything is predetermined, all you have to do is read on.

Is a soul partnership a fateful love?

Is There Such Thing As Fate In True Love? Is a soul partnership a fateful love?
Is There Such Thing As Fate In True Love? Is a soul partnership a fateful love?

For the majority of people, love in fate means the same thing as love at first sight. This is love that makes us feel like lightning strikes.

It is love, with which you immediately know, This is the person I would like to be with for a lifetime, even though you have only got to know him or her.

Some compare it to a soul partnership or a dual soul love. Do you know what kind of love that is?

Dual souls arise when an old soul divides into two parts. These two souls then carry on as independent souls, but a very special bond remains between them forever.

These souls then live on, continue to reincarnate, and sometimes, if they are lucky, they reincarnate at the same time. In the right place at the right time, so to speak, and find each other again.

People whose souls are related feel a great attraction to one another. You have no problem finding common interests and topics of conversation.

On the contrary, they can talk to each other for hours and they never run out of things to talk about. Although they have only just met, they feel like they have known each other for years.

In fact, their souls remember how they met in a previous life. These people also often share a similar path in life and have much in common.

So meeting your dual soul love doesn’t necessarily mean a happy ending … at least not always.

Is there such a thing as fate, as in true love?

Is there such a thing as fate, as in true love?
Is there such a thing as fate, as in true love?

I’ll tell you a love story about a couple whose story I know as well as if it were my own …

Maria and Alexander lived about a kilometer apart as children and had no idea about it.

They both went to the same school, they had many friends in common, but they never met.

They first met when Maria hadn’t lived in Alexander’s neighborhood for 10 years. Maria’s boss introduced her to Alexander as her new colleague.

Her first thought was that he is actually pretty cute and nice-looking, but as the conversation developed between the three of them, she concluded that he is actually very boring.

For the next few years they would exchange a few words every now and then, but nothing special and profound. She noticed that he is very good at his job and that he is very kind.

Maria also found out that they have some friends in common. Once she just had a date with their mutual friend and they met Alexander with his partner and she even met his partner.

About a year later, her company had a party where all colleagues had the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

Maria was completely surprised and couldn’t believe what she had found that evening – Alexander wasn’t boring at all!

He was probably the most interesting man she had ever met. They had so many things to talk about and he was so easy to communicate with.

At one point one of the colleagues asked Alexander about his relationship status and he said he was single. Maria could hardly hold back her smile.

For the next few weeks, the colleagues would meet every now and then and do something together. Maria and Alexander were somehow always close to each other.

On such an evening they had their first kiss and the next day they had their first official date.

Maria was a little nervous, although it was actually pretty silly since she’s actually met him so many times, but that was the first time they were alone.

Their fear was in vain. Spending time with him was the most natural feeling in the world. She knew she had never met a man before she got along so well.

After about ten days that they spent together, again and again, Alexander said that he had never before had such feelings for someone so quickly. Maria was a bit surprised, but actually, she felt the same way.

At that moment, however, she felt a fear of commitment. She was ready to give it all up.

Is there such a thing as fate, as in true love?
Is there such a thing as fate, as in true love?

But suddenly she realized how strange it is that she is scared because everything is going too well. She has seen a lot of bad things in her previous relationships.

She had a morbidly jealous partner, she was betrayed by her first great love and for a while, she was also in a long-distance relationship. She just couldn’t believe that everything was so beautiful this time.

But she has pooled her courage to overcome her fears and decided that she wants to get involved. Two weeks later – the shock!

Alexander ended the relationship without a good explanation. Nothing was clear to her. The only thing she thought at that moment was that she would never allow anything like this again.

She had a friendship plus afterward, but she almost gave up believing in love.

Alexander would see her at work from time to time. They greeted each other and that was it.

But everything changed on a New Year’s Eve. Maria celebrated with her friends in her apartment and actually had no plans to go to any bar.

But some of her friends really wanted to and she didn’t want to be a spoilsport, so she went along with it. And who does she see there in her favorite bar?

Of course, it was Alexander she had never seen in this bar before. They wished each other a happy new year and she thought that was it.

But she had this feeling that someone was watching her and she knew exactly who it was. Every time she looked in Alexander’s direction, he gave her a smile.

Maybe it was the wine she had at the party, but she couldn’t take it any longer. She spoke to him and asked if he might want something from her.

He then said the stupidest sentence she’d heard from him – We never talked about our breakup.

– Yes, I know, she replied. But you’re the reason we didn’t do this.

– Yeah, you know what? I think we should talk about it: what are you doing tomorrow night? Can we see each other?

Actually, she was angry with him that he wanted to talk about their breakup now, after all this time, and she didn’t think he would really get in touch either.

She thought he had a few glasses too many. She was also mad at herself for having avoided this whole situation if she had just stayed home.

To show her how honest he is, he answered an hour later with a message. And suddenly that feeling came back – it was so easy to communicate with him again.

So easy that they exchanged messages until dawn. In the end, he even called her and they talked for more than an hour.

The next evening they met. He apologized for everything and said he was also fearful of attachment himself, but was not strong enough to fight his fears.

After a few weeks, he knew he had made a mistake and he couldn’t forget her. He suffered all this time. 

He didn’t really want to go to this bar on New Year’s Eve either, but some of his friends dragged him there.

When he saw her he couldn’t believe it, but he was afraid to speak to Maria because he was pretty sure she hates him.

Not even in his wildest fantasies could he imagine that she would speak to him. But luckily, she had no problem taking the first step.

That night was 6 years ago. Maria and Alexander are married today and have two children.

I can’t say that everything is perfect in their relationship and that they have no problems, but they always found a way together to solve their problems.

But, from time to time, when they sit together and talk about what happened, one of them says:

Where do you think we’d be now if we’d stayed home for New Year’s Eve?

Was it fate or a higher power that brought us together?

Fate or love to strive for?

Fate or love to strive for? Is there such a thing as love at first sight?
Fate or love to strive for? Is there such a thing as love at first sight?

I will tell you in a moment that Maria and Alexander do not believe in fate in the sense of fatalism, that is, that everything is predetermined.

However, they are aware that many little things have led to their finding themselves in the right place at the right time on this evening.

If only they had made one choice differently, maybe they wouldn’t be married today.

But they also know how much each of them worked on themselves and the two of you worked together on the relationship to be here today.

Both had bad experiences in previous relationships and found it difficult to trust anyone again.

They believe that just the right mix of fate and willingness to be open and work on the relationship is the recipe for true love.

Doing nothing and believing that your dream partner will simply find their way to you is unlikely to be successful.

Also, don’t expect lightning to happen when you meet the right person.

Love at second sight is no less true love than love at first sight. And even if fate brought you together, that doesn’t mean that everything will go smoothly.

Sometimes you have to give fate a little help 😉

Finally, I have some nice sayings about fate and love for you:

Fate or love to strive for? some nice sayings about fate and love for you
Some nice sayings about fate and love for you

1. Found in fate, connected by love.

2. Fate is when two find each other who never looked for each other.

3. Sometimes there is a connection between two people that simply cannot be explained, not a word, just a smile.

3. I believe that you and I are destiny.

4. Sometimes two souls meet and tacitly agree to meet later in order to give their people the time they need.

5. The best love story is when you fall in love with someone you never expected, at a time when you never expected.

6. You meet the best people when you are not looking for them.

7. It makes no sense to believe that life can be preprogrammed in every detail. Fate will always have the last word.

8. You were the most beautiful coincidence in my life.

9. In the next life I will find you sooner.

10. Everything comes to you at the right moment. Be patient.

11. There are people who feel good. From the beginning.

12. I believe that two people who belong together find their way to each other. Maybe in a roundabout way and it may take time, but they find each other.

13. You were special to me from the start, I immediately felt comfortable around you, even though we hardly knew each other. It just felt like we’d known each other forever.

14. A soul mate does not have to be looked for, he will find us exactly when both souls are mature enough.

15. And suddenly every love song was about you.

16. I fell in love with you without knowing who you are or what makes you tick. My heart just told me softly that you are the person I want to grow old with.

17. And then there are these people who, completely unexpectedly, touch you in a place in the heart that you have almost forgotten.

18. There are people to whom you have a very special, inexplicable bond from the very first second.

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