It is necessary to ask questions in the living room and in that way it is not possible to do that

It is necessary to ask questions in the living room and in that way it is not possible to do that? Relationships are completely different, but at the same time they are all similar to each other. Especially there are similar problems in a couple. If you think at the beginning of a relationship that no crisis will affect you, then, unfortunately, this is not the case. But knowing in advance what moments can be difficult, you can predict and prevent them.

What you should pay attention to?


  • You have lost common topics of conversation

Such a problem can begin when the candy-bouquet period has already ended, the improvement of life, too, and the conversations about children, if any, have already been discussed. Also, such a period may begin if trust is lost in the couple.

It’s getting harder and harder to open up to each other. It seems that you are developing, you have new goals and plans, but at the same time you don’t want to be honored to share Advice: do something in common, besides children and everyday life. Where there will be dances, bridge bt, you will go to FSUs only the two of you will start watching the series.

This will give you new topics to talk about, and after that, you may want to talk about something more personal.

  • You don’t want tactile contact

In such a situation, sexual relations can be maintained, but touching each other about. This is due to the loss of soul contact. And it is much worse to lose tactile contact than sexual contact.

Tip: sign up for dances, go to the rink, go on dates more often, remember how your relationship has developed. Create a romantic atmosphere that will encourage tenderness and expression of feelings.

  • Quarrels and claims to each other have become an integral part of life together.

Due to the fact that a lot of unresolved problems have accumulated in the couple, the negative towards each other has become stronger and stronger. Occasionally, sarcastic remarks and gins machine remarks are given, which can lead to serious conflict.

Tip: don’t gloss over problems. Try to discuss, without humiliating the dignity of another, what you are unhappy with. No, that’s what you need, that’s what it’s about. If you can’t say everything out loud or you are afraid of a new scandal, you can write notes to each other and ask them to read it when you are in high spirits.

If you have to and drugs problems, no these are what you want.

There are no couples, but there are problems

In this case, we are talking about when you passionately want to be in a pair. No, every new acquaintance still leads to nothing. Why is this happening:

  • Your career comes first

And yes, no matter how much you say you’re so passionate about being in a couple, you can cancel your first date just because you’re needed at work, even if it’s your legal day off. You don’t have to pay for it in the future. And you are all set for a career. It costs you higher than a relationship, but it’s so scary to admit it to yourself.

The main causes of your problems in your personal life

  • “All men are goats”

rough. No you live with this attitude, but at the same time you try to fall in love. No need to say that you are in the workshop. You are absolutely sure that all men cheat and your chosen one will not be an exception. And he is no exception. Because that’s how our brain works. What your consciousness is directed at is attracted. And that does not mean that all men are the same, you just need to change your attitude towards them.

  • Are you shy

This is a very typical situation. When you are afraid to take the first step or you blush at every word of a man. And you seem to want to develop a relationship, but at the same time you are so shy that you don’t know where to start. You can even be shy about eating in front of a man and that’s why you only order coffee in a cafe. So shyness helps to work courses in public speaking and theater courses. It can be any society where you could express yourself. And remember that a man, just like you, can be shy.

  • Parents against

And here not only your parents may be against it, but also him, as well as all your relatives. And you are so afraid to go against the will of the older generation. Definitely, the opinion of parents needs to be heard, but it is important not to forget about separation. Separation occurs at about twenty-one. When you can already openly express your personal opinion and not be afraid of the opinion of dad or mom.

And here we are not talking about the fact that you want a man to devote time to you. And that he devoted all his time only to you. You control it by the word, you have to proceed to it and it will be necessary to it. You are so vatoèt, the mublyina has covered all the loi of the needs, which is mixed up with his own egoism. Here it is worth turning around from excessive selfishness to self-love. Because from a state of love, you cannot harm someone else.

How different are the problems in the relationship itself and even before they begin. No more than that, that is what you have in the harmonite and it is difficult to understand.

take care of yourself

This is the main point on which you can build any harmonious relationship. No one wants to talk about it, because it is so beautiful.

  • Be financially secure

If you are not financially dependent on anyone, then you will choose a man not from his ability to provide for you, which means you will not turn a blind eye to those moments that do not suit you initially.

  • You must have your own hobbies

Besides work, there is always something that I like to do in my free time. It could be sports, knitting, book club meetings, whatever. But when you get into a relationship and move the motherfuckus who was going fishing, we are.

  • Look after your appearance

It is important to do this not because you have a man or not. And because you have you. A neat appearance always adds confidence to a woman. In order to be active, it is necessary to move to the next

This means do not forget about your goals, plans, values. When you enter into a dialogue with a man or are already in a relationship, you will always have your own opinion. Yes, you can compromise and build harmonious relationships, but you will have your own core. And that means personal boundaries will be built.

The most important thing you can do to avoid relationship problems is to be sincere. This is always liked by men. It is not allowed to do that. If you do that, you can do it yourself. When you yourself are open to compliments because you have good self-esteem. Many problems in pare can be avoided, after s seeby.

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