Keep It Up: 10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Keep It Up: 10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship. What do you think a healthy relationship should be like? Calm or passionate? Should partners be similar or different? What else should be in a harmonious relationship? There seems to be no answer to these questions. We talked to family psychologists who formulated the 10 commandments for healthy relationships.

What should a healthy relationship look like?

Here are the key signs that your relationship is perfect:

  • They have love and care. These are the two basic pillars on which any union is built. And these feelings must necessarily be mutual. Light love, sincere care is a great value and a goal to strive for.
  • Honesty. You do not deceive your partner and you know that your loved one does not lie to you. There is no place for lies in a healthy relationship.
  • You are not trying to change your partner, just like he is trying to change you. It is necessary to accept each other as you are, and not constantly “get on the nerves” of your loved one in an attempt to eliminate some features in him that you do not like.
  • You respect each other. There is no place for insults in a relationship. Respect allows you to exclude situations when it seems to one partner that the second one puts pressure on him or tries to manipulate, and vice versa.
  • You are moving in one direction. You do not compete and do not compete, but set common goals for yourself and achieve them together.
  • You feel safe. Both emotionally and physically. There is no violence in relationships. You don’t have to be afraid that your partner will hurt you or force you to do something that you don’t want to do at all.
  • You can share anything with your loved one. Just like he is with you. There are no secrets between you. Your partner is the closest person to you.
  • You support each other’s individuality. You realize that you should not dissolve in a relationship. Each of you has your own interests and hobbies.
  • You have joint plans for the future, identical views on basic things. There are no serious quarrels between you. And if disagreements arise, you quickly resolve them.
  • You are happy with each other. Sincerely, like children. You enjoy every minute spent in a relationship with your loved one.

Such relationships are not manna from heaven. To bring the union to the ideal, you need to work hard on it. And both should do it!

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