Keep passion in a long-term relationship: how realistic is it?

Keep the passion in a long-term relationship: how realistic is it? It is likely that a long life in a couple can become boring and annoying. There is no fault in this. Partners get used to each other, know the behavior of the second half by heart. This makes the relationship predictable. Do you find yourself only having sex because it’s Saturday night and not because you genuinely want it? It’s time to change your life and save your relationship.

Serious intentions to change your life must be backed up by action. So, start by buying some interesting toys from the sex shop. It can be a vibrator, handcuffs or a dild0 – whatever you want. Have you noticed that in marriage you began to dress a little more restrained, without a twist, or what?

Then, on your way back from the sex shop, go to a clothing store and choose something flashy, tight and red. Your man will appreciate this reincarnation. And of course, don’t forget to go to the lingerie section. I bet you have already forgotten about the time when you picked up a bra to match your panties. It’s time to please yourself and your man with some seductive set of underwear. But the main thing at the same time is to start treating marriage differently, not as a given, but as a jackpot.

If you have children, it would be ideal to take them to spend the night with grandparents so that the apartment is at your complete disposal. Decorate the bedroom in a special way: rose petals, candles, new linens. Organize a small romantic dinner in the kitchen.

Organize everything so that during the preparation of the husband was not at home, so that it would be a pleasant surprise for him. When he comes home, do not behave as usual, do not think about everyday things – disconnect from the outside world for a couple of hours. Remember how you behaved before, when you were just starting to meet, when you had not yet ignored pleasant little things.

Then, after you’ve had dinner and chatted about everything and nothing, take the first step. Say, “I have some toys, would you like to see?” You can try them while taking a bath together.

Become more relaxed and affectionate towards your spouse, and in return he will inevitably become the same. Your eyes will light up again with those sparks that have long been extinguished if you try to become more gentle and courteous. Do you want to change something in a relationship? Start with yourself.

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