Letter to recover your partner with words of love

In case you have had a fight with the man of your dreams, are going through a bad time or have ended the relationship, recently, and you want to express your feelings to him, I have the solution for you, a letter to get your partner back!

Words endure over time, even more so when they are of love or forgiveness and come from our loved one.

Actually, you will have several options of letters so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and ask for forgiveness or express your love with the sweetest words and with love messages for my boyfriend.

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Letter to get your partner back and ask for forgiveness

Letter to get your partner back

Forgive me, love!

Today, having you far away and not being able to hold you in my arms, I realize how much I love you and the pain that your absence causes me.

Every second, all the happy moments we shared pass through my mind and I feel they are the best memories of my life.

I don’t want to live without you, the truth is, I can’t. Each one of my sighs belongs to you and I only dream of having you close again, melting into you, kissing you, caressing you and never letting you go again.

Do not stay in my past, with you I want a forever.

I still love you like the first day and that will not change no matter how strong the winds are; you are a wonderful man worth gold and you deserve nothing but happiness.

I am willing to make amends for all the damage I did to you and to learn from my mistakes.

In all the time we have been apart, I have had the opportunity not only to reflect but to change those aspects that hurt us so much.

I wish with all my strength that you manage to forgive me and that you give me a second chance.

I promise you that you will not regret it and you will feel the luckiest and proudest person in the world to have a unique woman by your side.

With infinite love.

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Letter to recover your partner and make him fall in love again

Letter to make your partner fall in love

My love.

You mean everything to me, every minute by your side is magical; however, in recent days I have noticed that we have distanced ourselves a lot, we are absent, even though we are present.

What happens to us, perhaps our love has evaporated and we don’t know about it?

I am certain that we still have much to live and share together, our story is not over yet, the moon has told me.

That is why today, I want to give a new twist to our relationship, I want to strengthen it in your company and remind you, one by one, of the reasons why you fell in love with me.

This Love Letter It is the result of many nights thinking of the precise words to express my most sincere feelings to you.

Each word was written with deep love, I whisper my wishes to you between the lines and I hope you receive them and keep them in your heart.

Let’s surprise ourselves again, to please ourselves and let’s not forget the small details; let’s put aside the routine and let’s not allow monotony to take over our days. Let’s revive the intense love that unites us and fight to build our future.

Let’s enjoy every second as if it were the last and let’s love each other without measuring consequences.

Yours forever.

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Letter to recover your partner with beautiful words

Letter to the love of my life

Love of my loves:

I have always loved you freely, without fear, without ties, without dates or times. I want to have hundreds of adventures with you; I chose you once and I would choose you a thousand times more if necessary.

Coinciding has been the best way life has had to tell me that love is worth it.

Although we are not at our best, I want you to know that sooner or later the sun will rise again and illuminate us as usual.

By then, our relationship will be unbreakable and we will feel it stronger than ever.

I want to continue walking with you, that you give me your hand and feel that there is someone in this world who will not let you go. I love you, but it’s not that bad, it’s forever.

I look forward to growing old with you and holding your hand while we remember all the adventures we’ve had.

You are the most beautiful story that destiny wrote in my life; you are my daily inspiration and my biggest reason to smile and be happy.

I’m not going to lose you, so I’m going to give you two options: do you kiss me or do I kiss you? Although, thinking about it, we should give ourselves some time, you give me your present and I give you my future.

How about? Think about it my life!

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Letter to recover your partner strategically

Love letter to win him back

My dear:

I don’t need you, I want you in my life to continue giving you not only happiness but unforgettable moments.

Do you remember our first kiss and our first date? It was very fascinating to share so much love with you.

You are a 10 man, a good conversationalist, handsome, loving, tender, understanding, talented, intelligent, an excellent friend and a good lover.

I am very grateful to life for having met you and, even more so, for allowing me to be someone important to you!

You and I were meant to love and enjoy each other as we did and we should continue to do so.

You already know that perfect relationships do not exist, there are couples who face difficulties together without letting themselves be defeated and move forward sharing both joys and sorrows.

Let’s try to recover everything that has faded over time and distance, let’s rediscover ourselves and bet on love, that feeling that sweetens life.

I long for you with all my soul.

Letter to get your partner back and awaken their desire

Letter to get back with your ex

I miss everything about you.

Your sweet kisses, your strong hugs and your passionate caresses. My body and my soul cry out for you, I can’t spend another minute without you, I want you with burning passion.

My goal is to recover you, leave the past behind and live this present intensely.

Thinking of you is simply delirious; Just imagining you makes my heart beat faster and my breath hitches.

The nights are longer since distance and indifference separate us. How many shared sighs and now I can’t even hold your breath!

Tell me what I must do to recover every lost moment; For you, I turn my shyness into coquetry and make my sensuality flourish day by day.

I will be the best version of me, exclusively for the best man on the planet: you

Come back to my heart and you will know what true love is. You will never be short of smiles, joys and, of course, inexhaustible pleasure.

Give me your hand, let’s have fun and delight while the hours pass and we lull each other with our looks. Take a risk with me one more time and you will never regret it!

Always wishing for you.

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With this letter to get your partner backyou will have all his love and it will increase the degree of attraction he feels for you.

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