Libra man ignores me, no longer replies: what to do?

Libra man ignores me, no longer replies: what to do? It’s childish to ignore someone instead of making things right, isn’t it? You wouldn’t expect the Libra man to behave like this. People born under the Libra zodiac sign are known for their forgiving and loving nature. They are too mature to resort to overnight remedies such as ignoring, being cold, or distancing themselves. So if he’s ignoring you, he must have a reason. Don’t panic, it’s not an emergency yet.

Here’s What To Do When A Libra Man Is Ignoring You! Libra man ignores me, no longer replies: what to do?


Why does the Libra man become cold and suddenly distant?

If you’re wondering why your Libra man is suddenly ignoring you and what that means, you’re about to find the answers. How he behaves largely depends on the stage of the relationship you are in.

If you’re not in a romantic relationship yet, he may be ignoring you because he’s not sure what he wants. He probably hasn’t decided yet whether he wants a relationship or not. Or whether he loves you that way or not. And the Libra man takes a lot of time to make up his mind.

Another reason could be that he is not interested in you. And he doesn’t want to go any further. That’s why he prefers to ignore you so that you don’t have any illusions. Either way, it’s best to give him his space. If you can’t, try talking to him about it. But in a very non-confrontational way. If you are in an official relationship, his reasons will be different.

Perhaps you have done him a great injustice. Never forget that Libras are very righteous people. Anything that is even a little bit unfair makes them angry and upset. But they will give you clues and chances to redeem yourself before you ignore them. Wouldn’t you have understood his hints?

Maybe he’s just stressed. When Libra men are stressed, they tend to internalize a large part of their stress. In their minds, this is the best way to keep their frustrations out of the equation. Try to find out if there is something on his mind that is bothering him.

Worst case, yours could Libra man be done with you. In his eyes, it’s an injustice he’s doing to you. That’s why he chose to ignore you instead of breaking up with you outright.


How do you deal with a Libra man who is withdrawing?

What to do if a Libra man moves away When a Libra man distances himself, here is the best thing to do:

Give him his space. If you want him back, you need to know that the best thing to do when a Libra man ignores you is not to chase him. Patience is the key to any strategy.

No matter how you feel, don’t be confrontational or dramatic. He doesn’t respond well to excessive emotional outbursts. That means you don’t have to act like an idiot. Show your emotions, but not in a way that makes him feel guilty.

Try talking to him about your concerns. He’s a mature man, he knows how to handle things. So it helps to talk about his strange behavior. Be sure, to be honest, respectful, clear, and polite with him. Throwing accusations doesn’t help, on the contrary.

Show him you still love him. He needs to know that your feelings remain the same. And that your love for him is greater than any disagreement. So don’t settle down on him just because he’s temporarily ignoring you.

Let him know how much it affects you. He may not even know how painful this experience is for you. Then talk to him about it too. Tell him how much his actions hurt you. And that you just want to sit down and make things right. He will not ignore a reasonable request.


The Libra man doesn’t answer my messages or call me back

Here’s another complaint I often hear from women who date Libra men: “My Libra man is ignoring my texts! If he’s ignoring you, then it’s perfectly normal not to respond to your texts. But here it is is what you can do to get him to react. Start with the most peaceful option.

Ask him why he hasn’t responded to your messages lately. The best way to address a tense situation with him is to talk to him about it. He is a man of justice and peace. He will never turn down an honest offer to settle things. Or to make your concerns heard.

Send him messages you know will be answered. It can be work-related news. Or messages about something urgent. And you can be 99% sure they’ll get back to you. It’s just bait to get him to come back.

Libra man ignores me, no longer replies: what to do?

How do you know if a Libra man has lost interest and is no longer in love?

So if you think he is ignoring you because he no longer cares or doesn’t love you anymore, be safe before you act. Here are the signs that will tell you if a Libra man is emotionally through with you and wants to break up.

He won’t tell you why he’s ignoring you. One of the reasons he ignores you is because he doesn’t have the courage to break up the relationship and end it gracefully. If he avoids the conversation, the chances of getting him back are minimal.

He no longer compliments you like he used to. He still knows what to say to the woman he loves. But when love is lost, his appreciation for you is also lost. Sometimes you feel like you don’t even exist in their eyes. Libra people can forget about the people around them. But never the people they care about. Do you have the feeling that he no longer notices you?

He avoids spending time with you. Why would he want to be around you when he doesn’t even notice you anymore? It will show up in his actions and behavior, over and over again. He will go out with his friends, but he will not invite you. Or he will always have an excuse to get out of it. Libra man ignores me, no longer replies: what to do?

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