Life situations that await you in a relationship

Life situations that await you in a relationship. Relationships are not only a candy-bouquet period and everything connected with it. There will be many things and situations that you literally have to “experience”. Some people have more of them, some less, but everyone will have to face them without exception. We have collected for you the toughest life truths that should not become a “cross” in a relationship – you just need to go through it.

You won’t know about it beforehand.

  • Sometimes your partner will annoy you. Perhaps it has to do with him, perhaps with your mood. However, this will not always be the case. But you need to be ready for these moments – this will soften the blow and control yourself.
  • At some point, you will be bored next to each other. This is an indirect explanation why everyone needs their own hobbies – there is nothing shameful in this.
  • You will repeatedly meet people who will seem to you better than your current partner in all respects. However, this is a delusion – the temptation is great, but you should not succumb to it.
  • You can’t make your partner “comfortable”. As much as you would like, each person is an individual. And you need to either accept it, or look for another.
  • At some point, you will feel absolutely nothing for your partner. But that doesn’t mean you’ve fallen out of love.
  • Sometimes not the most honest thoughts will creep into your head. You will evaluate and reason, think about the fact that it might be worth leaving and not wasting time. There is nothing to be ashamed of – everyone has such thoughts.
  • Sometimes you will not be able to find a compromise and one of you will have to give in. Yes, putting down your pride. Yes, stepping on the throat. This is important and cannot be avoided.
  • You will swear – there is no escape from this. Even if you are both diplomats by nature, conflicts cannot be avoided.
  • Periodically, you will say things that you will be ashamed of. The word is not a sparrow – try to always keep yourself in control and not get personal.
  • You will often walk literally on the edge of human trust. In any doubtful situation, put yourself in the place of a partner – it will be easier to assess what is happening.

And remember: relationships are an emotional swing. Everything cannot be smooth. But therein lies their complexity, and at the same time their beauty. Life situations that await you in a relationship

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