Love addiction: what is it and how to get rid of it


Love addiction causes suffering in a person. He cannot live a day without the object of his love, he literally goes crazy. The condition is akin to drug addiction, it has its negative consequences associated not only with mental pain, but also with physical manifestations. For example, a person may complain of headaches, heartaches, depression, etc. How to get rid of love addiction, which brings only suffering and breakdown?

What is love addiction and how does it manifest itself?

Love addiction is well represented in Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. There, the main character suffers, experiences emotional discomfort and, as a result, sacrifices herself in unhappy love. But most likely this is not a manifestation of a wonderful feeling, but a psychological pathology.

Love addiction is a painful submission to another person, when the addict strives to completely possess the object of passion. And the negative emotions in which he resides become a kind of drug.

The signs of an unhealthy love relationship are varied, but their basis is the idealization of a loved one and complete immersion in him. With the onset of separation, even for a short period, the addict experiences discomfort.

How to get rid of love addiction?

After analyzing the situation, we can come to the conclusion that dependence on love may not be such. For example, a man may need sex from a woman and nothing else. Here instincts come first, but not love. A woman can depend on a partner financially. It is also common for the weaker sex to idealize the object of their love. And depending on the situation, you will have to solve the problem.

Asking questions about how to get out of love addiction, how to end an unhealthy relationship, you should heed the advice of psychologists:

  • Expand your horizons, do not put your partner first. There are other interests in life, not only the object of your adoration. Expand your acquaintances, the scope of your activities, be interested in extraneous things.
  • Love yourself. It would seem that everything is so simple, but in fact, until a person loves himself, he will not be able to experience the same feeling for another. To love yourself means to take care of yourself, to do well for yourself, including with the help of love for your partner.
  • The ability to analyze the situation. In particular, you need to develop thinking, then the right approach to your own feelings will be chosen.
  • Downgrade a person. This is especially important when the dependence is strong or the object of love does not reciprocate. When you destroy the built ideal in your head, your attitude towards your beloved will change.

Self-respect is the way to get out of any addiction

In the absence of self-respect, a person becomes vulnerable. When this feeling is present, it is easier to get rid of discomfort in the event of parting with a loved one and survive this time as painlessly as possible. Especially if there was no respect in the relationship.

Love addiction is observed in people who do not respect themselves, who do not have a strong-willed center to resist addiction. As a result, a person can coexist for a long time with cheaters or abusers, daily being humiliated by them, both direct and indirect.

Unhealthy love relationships, associated with dependence on the object of passion, lead to destructive behavior of a person, as well as to problems of a physiological and psychological plan. Learn to shift your attention to other activities – work, sports, hobbies, your own image. Then you will become better, steadier and stronger. And life will not seem as gloomy as before.


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