Love has passed: how to understand it?

Love has passed: how to understand it? It is unusually sad when feelings end between two people who once literally went crazy with love for each other. At this moment, it seems to them that the world is collapsing, and nothing can be done. But is this really what happens? Does love really pass, or is it just entering another stage? It is very important to distinguish these points. It is important to distinguish the transition of relations to another level, from their complete completion. It will be useful to know that there are certain crises in a life together. Each pair passes through them and you should not hope that they will safely pass you.

Love has gone.

Crisis one.

It is also called the one-year crisis. The period of courtship ended, and a life together began. This is where frustration often sets in. You see in front of you another person who is different from the one with whom you went to cafes, had fun at parties, walked in the park. You see his or her faults and think. Do you want to live with such a person for the rest of your life? Have you made the right choice? But every person has flaws. It seems that love has passed, but you just get to know each other better. If the feelings are immature, at this stage the young couple often breaks up.

another moment. Often, at the initial stage of a life together, people take a fading passion as a sign of outgoing love. Here you need to understand that a high level of passion cannot last forever. Over time, she just becomes calmer. If two people remain attracted to each other, there is no cause for concern. Love hasn’t gone. She just moved to another, more peaceful level.

Love has passed: how to understand it?

Crisis two.

But the first crisis cannot be compared with the second crisis, which occurs after about seven years of marriage. The thing is that it is in seven years that a person completely changes. This fact has been scientifically proven. Even the ancient Greek philosophers measured human life in seven years. Modern science says that during this period of time the composition of the human body changes. And psychology claims that the worldview also changes. A person sees the world in a completely different way than seven years ago. And it seems to the partner that in front of him is a completely different person. Not the one with whom they started, once a life together. It should be noted that this is a rather serious crisis in family relations, and at this stage, a large number of quite successful couples break up.

In addition to these two major crises, life together goes through many smaller ones. Which also tests the strength of the feelings of two people.

Does love pass?

This question cannot be answered unambiguously. Sometimes feelings last forever. You just need to know that love is not the same. Stormy, with a burning feeling of jealousy in her younger years, she becomes calmer in adulthood and develops into a deep sense of mutual concern – in old age. Love doesn’t pass. She just transforms. Happy are the people who understood this and carried this multifaceted feeling of love through their whole lives.

Test of love.

Life tests our love for strength. Tests are serious and not so. A loved one can suddenly become seriously ill. Usually, people drive away these thoughts from themselves, but it is worth considering whether you are ready to care for a sick loved one. Ask. And honestly answer the question. This will allow you to understand the depth of your feelings.

A serious test is the betrayal of one of the partners. Are you ready to forgive cheating on him or her? And, in general, are your mutual feelings really so strong if it became necessary to establish other relationships.

Love has passed: how to understand it?

What if love is gone?

Unfortunately, it happens that love comes to an end. Burning feelings fade away and people understand this. Sometimes, they get incredibly upset. It seems to them that life is over and only emptiness and loneliness will continue. Or maybe it’s all for the best?

I must say, if you meet such people suffering today in a few years, you will see that they live quite normally. There is no trace of past emotional experiences. And many of them have already met a new love and are quite happy in their new life.

It happens that a man suddenly meets a woman, or a woman meets the man she broke up with. And nothing even reminds of past feelings. It’s just that two people meet by chance who once knew each other, but now there is absolutely nothing connecting them. This feeling is familiar to many. Now, remember your state at the very moment of parting. It was hardly that indifferent and calm. Most likely, it was a storm of indignation, bitterness, and resentment. It seemed that there was no point in living further if a person was not there.

But, as you know, time heals. And the treatment is very effective.

Brighten up the bitterness of parting.

So if love has passed, you should treat it as calmly as possible. You need to understand that perhaps fate has prepared another party for you. More suitable. But you need to leave so that there are no resentments and claims. It’s hard to get over a breakup. Sometimes, it is very difficult, but it is worth striving for. You need to remember how you once felt good together, and forgive each other.

After all, it is known that resentment that has settled in the depths of the subconscious can cause many diseases. Including very serious ones. Why do you need such a load?

Try to reconcile with the object of your former love. You will feel much better.

How to understand that love passes?

You will understand it right away. It will no longer be necessary to see this person every day, to talk to him on the phone. You will no longer anxiously choose a gift for your birthday or for some other holiday. You will no longer be indescribably delighted if you were able to please your loved one.

But here life is preparing another surprise. Sometimes, a temporary cooling of relations is taken as a sign that love has passed irrevocably. This also happens. Then you can try to fall in love again.

Understanding all this is far from easy. Not without reason, the theme of love is the most difficult of the topics. It’s hard to recommend anything here. The only advice that can be given is to listen to yourself, analyze your inner state. It is safe to say that an inner voice will tell you when love has really gone.

We must always remember that life brings us a huge variety of surprises. Including in the field of love.

Love has passed: how to understand it?

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