Male betrayal is normal, but what about female…?

Male betrayal is normal, but what about female…? For many, cheating is always cheating, regardless of who is cheating – a man or a woman. But there are people who concentrate only on female infidelity, considering male infidelity to be a common thing, in which there is nothing naked. Why is male infidelity considered the norm?

Some statistics

The issue of change has been dealt with by psychologists and sociologists for many years. The problem is important because the well-being of society, family, individuals depends on it. No where in the game – because it is not formalized, it is possible to understand it.

In addition, it is possible to choose not to practice, which is related to the statistics:

  • American Institute of Yiwu Family based on analysis of collected q touches. The proportion of women who decide to cheat on their husband is 13%.
  • Russian researchers, without reference to the source, say that the number of cheating men is 25%.
  • A study conducted in the UK and including 635 thousand people (3% of married Britons) showed that at least once in their lives 25.4% of married men and 18.3% of zishchu zihin zihu zihu zihin went for a lie.
  • The Los Angeles Detective Agency testifies that the percentage of infidelity in the family can reach 60%. At the same time, if thick had a guarantee that no one had deceived, they decided on it

Two conclusions can be drawn from these data. First, men do cheat more often. Secondly, the information received may not be entirely true, since the proportion of spouses who are ready for treason is much higher than those who actually went for treason.

Question from a layman’s point of view

Until recently, adultery on the part of a man was considered the norm. In conversations between young people, one could often hear one making fun of the other, it is worth saying that he is faithful and not looking for new connections.

This kind of boasting is considered by many to be a manifestation of the male character. Every man wants to present himself in the best light, to demonstrate the masculinity and potential of the alpha leader.

Now you know, it’s because of the moles and the crazy things that you can do in the kitchen, you know, you need it.

According to a doctoral student at Cornell University (USA), Christine Munsch, nothing makes a man feel like a man like conquest in the intimate sphere.

Why male infidelity is good?

However, the husband’s infidelity can be explained from other points of view. These explanations are actively used by men to justify their actions. Women also actively use them.

The representatives of the weaker sex are trying to show that they are not offended by traitors, and they are chasing everything that happened. With the help of these arguments, they prove their belonging to the modern world of free relations, where there is no place for hypocrisy and jealousy.

Below are some of these reasons:

  • A man earns, gets tired, which means he can afford to indulge. By the way, studies have revealed an interesting fact – if a husband receives less than his wife, then he cheats less.
  • The stronger sex needs more variety. They are tired of the eternal female whining, fatigue, disappointment, everyday life. They are fed up with the same woman. They are looking for new experiences, inspiration.
  • It’s not his fault that his wife isn’t cheating. If she does not do this, this does not mean that he cannot do this either. Just try to change him, he will raise such a scandal!
  • Men are sure that sleeping once or twice with a mistress is not treason. After all, he also loves his wife, is ready to help her in everything and is not going to get divorced. As they say, he lies to his mistress, loves his wife and strokes her back so that she purrs.
  • Men’s infidelity is based on physiology.

However, in recent times more and more voices, including male ones, are rising against adultery. Opponents of lying in relationships refer to the fact that a man is not an animal to change right and left. Don’t worry about it with the dogs, pets, bulls.

They oppose the fact that the effect of K. Kulidja is applied to them every time.

Another objection – why should a man cheat on his wife if he himself chose her? Cheating in this case is seen as a deception of oneself, an insult to one’s own decision and choice.

scientific point of view

The thesis that male adultery is considered the norm has been reinforced in scientific circles for many years. Describing the behavior of modding, examples were given of the behavior of hundreds of different from creeping m^.

Scientific literature is difficult to read on your own, but why don’t you turn to the book Why Men Need It, written by Polish writer Janusz Wisniewski. He masterfully provides scientific justification for well-known cheating myths.

According to the American anthropologist J. Murdoch, of the 238 civilizations he studied, only 43 were monogamous. Among them are the Median and Jewish cultures.

Muslim refers to monogamous civilizations conditionally, since a man can have up to 4 wives. And among the Shiites today, a temporary marriage is allowed (sometimes it is called a trial). A man wanted to have fun with a woman – he signed the contract, then terminated it.

Most of the peoples of Africa, South America had polygamy, and a man could bestow his attention on Luzhinists.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) studied the level of testosterone (sex hormone) in men on different floors on different floors.

High levels of this hormone are observed during puberty and in women, before marriage and before marriage. These are precisely the periods when man finds himself in a situation where m mooratione you# inn Her.

On the contrary, testosterone levels drop if a man has only one partner and lives with her long enough. In this regard, the 1st and 7th years of marriage are critical. This is the time when most divorces and betrayals occur. The cycle may then be repeated.

Now let’s look at the problem from a genetic point of view. As you know, if the embryo receives an X and Y chromosome at conception, a boy will be born, if 2 X, there will be a girl. So, most mutations, including harmful ones, are associated with the Y chromosome.

This can lead to male degeneration. To prevent this from happening, a man needs to manifest himself in the intimate area much more actively.

Psychiatry to use when there are words in the problems. In the event that you have not chosen one another:

  • Men can feel attracted to several women at the same time.
  • They are more attracted to the opportunity to be in bed with a girl than to go somewhere with her.
  • For men, the number of sexual contacts is important.
  • Some men use infidelity as a tool to manipulate and achieve their goals.
  • To change for the representatives of the stronger sex means to solve deep personal problems that are turds approved.

Male adultery is often considered the norm, explaining their position with scientific data. Whether this is right from a moral point of view is up to everyone to decide.

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