Male Body Langyage: When He Is Comfortable With You

Understanding male body language will always keep you on the right path to conquer the man you want.

The male mind can seem very confusing when it comes to conquering a man. and we forget The importance of body language.

How do you know if you’re doing it the right way? How to notice when he is losing interest before he stops calling you?

Luckily for you, knowing the male body language will have the answers to those and all the questions you have.

Words always pass through an internal filter before being spoken.

Body language is always direct and never lies.

You can conquer wherever you are, even in the unusual places to meet your partner.

Continue reading to learn all the secrets that the body of men expresses.

Use this advantage to become a master of conquest!


male body language

Surely the first thing you want to know is if a man is interested in you.

A man may tell you his intentions with you, talk about how much he is interested in you repeatedly.

By learning about male body language you will be able to compare if what he says agrees with what his body expresses.

Similarly, if you notice that a man is not very interested in you, you will be able to notice what actions on your part generate a change in your favor.

Being able to distinguish this gives you a great advantage when conquering someone.

Doubts about whether you are on the right path, for example using phrases to captivate a manor you are making missteps, they start to fade easily.

When someone pays you real attention, these are the details you can notice:

  • Sitting, their feet/knees point towards you.
  • When in a circle of people talking, his torso points slightly towards you.
  • Listening to you slightly tilt your body forward. This is a clear position of attention.

When seeing something that has our full attention, the pupils dilate.

you can try it yourself

Stand in front of a mirror, pay attention to your eyes and think of something you want:

Your favorite cake, that puppy that melts your heart or imagine the person you like without a shirt. You will notice your pupils dilate immediately.

So pay attention to his eyes. The look doesn’t lie. When a man stares you in the eye It’s because there’s something he wants to tell you.

These points will help you know if the techniques you use are working or not.

Since male body language is something that women don’t know much about, it would be good to know a little more about it.

For example, you can read the article from, whose content will help you.

In this, you will be able to learn a little more about masculine stereotypes, especially in relationships.

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When a man is interested in you, many things in his behavior can change.

One of the most notorious is the behavior of “peacock” and you must know it to know how to flirt with a man So.

Trying to stand out from the rest so you notice. Subconsciously wanting to highlight features that you might find attractive like security, strength, and dominance.

Some other things like attention to detail or chivalry are important; they cannot be shown directly with body language, but rather in a set of actions.

But by recognizing male body language you will be able to see if, when displaying these characteristics, he is sincere or not.

now pay attention

If you notice that when he sees you he has an instantaneous change in posture and body language in general, pay close attention to these details:

  • Take a straighter posture, to have the greatest possible height.
  • Highlights the chest. If he usually has hunched shoulders, you’ll see how he fixes that instantly.
  • He stands with his hands behind his back and his feet shoulder-width apart, showing confidence and authority.
  • Does not lower the head: keeps the chin at a natural horizontal level.
  • Try to stay as close to you as possible.

Getting him to the point where he actively seeks to win you over is an indication that you are on the right track.

Even if you’re inadvertently mentoring him, let him think his impressing techniques are somewhat working.

If he is the one looking to win you over, you are doing a very good job with him! the psychology of attraction!

Keep it up!


Male body language of comfort

Well! You have managed to arouse his interest, not only his words have told you, his body language confirms it.

But staying on that good path also means that he is comfortable with you.

That he feels in the best of places when he is by your side is one of the keys to influence the male mind.

Crossed arms or intentionally speaking while holding something in front of you is creating a barrier. It shows to be closed to the conversation.

An open body language is free of all barriers. The person actively seeks to be in front of you, with nothing in between. Arms and legs naturally, without crossing.

He is more confident in approaching, whether it is for you to take his arm when crossing the street, go to hold your hand or hug you.

The typical male body language where he tries to conquer is somewhat conscious when that is the intention.

Once he’s comfortable with you, you’ll see that stiffness from being all man go down.

A more relaxed attitude that allows him to enjoy the moment with you will take its place.

Details that show that maybe you should change your methods, is when you notice that…

  • Constantly check your watch or cell phone. He has a hard time staying in the present with you.
  • Move one hand or foot constantly. He may fiddle with a nearby object (turn a pen around in his fingers, keep turning the glass on the table, etc.). This is a sign of nervousness or impatience: neither is good news for you.

Seeing that he feels comfortable with you is necessary so that he can have that feeling that there is no better place than by your side.


Protective male body language

This is a behavior that every woman loves to notice. Best of all, most people have a sixth sense to feel it.

Even when they don’t know specifically what the man does.

  • Sensing danger in a situation, it moves closer to you to serve as a shield.
  • Take the side of the street when walking next to you on the sidewalk.
  • It intuitively targets something that feels like a threat to you, before you do.
  • If, for example, you accidentally hit something, you will see that he leans towards you and his hands are shown forward and open: ready to help.

A protective body language is one of the best signs to notice in the man you are conquering.

They not only indicate that you chose well, but that you are having very good results in your conquest.

So if you want to know how to like a guy protective, simple, the best thing is to let yourself be protected, to feel that you are safe with him.


Reading body language is something that takes extensive and detailed study.

There are so many small details to notice that you have to join them with the big ones; the context in which they occur, the culture of the person, etc…

In this regard, there is an article on in which you can read much more clearly about gender identity so that you can better understand male body language.

But all that is worth it because the body is very honest.

All the points that you have seen here are precisely the ones you need to see those important details in a man, especially when conquering him.

So you already have many cards up your sleeve and you know how to attract a man. You know well what to notice.

With this, you will surely have greater confidence when taking that first step and daring to go for the man of your dreams.

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