Marriage Proposal: 9 Biggest Mistakes!

Marriage Proposal: 9 Biggest Mistakes! Having met your only one, I want to make her an offer to marry as perfect as possible. But even such a desire sometimes fails, a man makes mistakes that spoil all the good impressions of a joyful event. What are the oversights? What exactly is better not to do, deciding to link your fate with your beloved woman? How critical are these misses? 9 answers to these questions will help you avoid dangerous risks.

1. Ring in food or drink.

Many love melodramas often show how the protagonist persuades the waiter or cook to toss the wedding ring of the future bride into dessert or champagne. On the screen, everything looks very romantic, but in life it causes more difficulties than delight. When problems arise:

  • the girl does not eat sweets or does not drink alcohol at all;
  • such a technique is perceived as a banality, worn to holes;
  • there is a risk of choking on the ring, accidentally swallowing it, biting it unsuccessfully;
  • a young lady may not finish her dessert before the place where the gift is hidden;
  • the ring will be sticky, dirty due to food/drink.

If you really want to make a surprise proposal at dinner, you can put the wedding decoration in the recess between the tea/coffee cup and saucer. So everything will pass with great success, and the lady will definitely notice the ring.

2. Another holiday.

Proposing in the middle of someone else’s wedding, birthday, or other holiday where other people are in the spotlight is bad form. This is an attempt to draw the general interest to yourself, and not to the heroes of the occasion. Then it will be possible not to be surprised why acquaintances suddenly stopped inviting somewhere. For the bride herself, this will be an awkward situation.

Combining a declaration of love to a girl and a birthday, New Year, Valentine’s Day is also not the best idea. At first, the young lady may even be delighted with such a “coincidence”, but then she will begin to wonder if this proposal was made out of selfish motives. For example, in order not to forget the date of the anniversary later, or in a fit of stinginess, specifically, reduce everything to one gift for two events at once.

Marriage Proposal: 9 Biggest Mistakes!

3. Gratitude for sǝx.

The phrase “Will you marry me?” after intimacy sounds insincere. It seems like the guy is joking, is under the influence of hormones/emotions, and then changes his mind. Perhaps this is a compliment to a woman’s skills in bed, but it’s strange to call her in marriage just because of this. Even if a man didn’t have anything like that in his thoughts, but only a sincere desire to be together, it’s not a fact that he will be understood correctly.

The same applies to the proposal during the sǝx itself, as well as right before it instead of foreplay. The latter generally begins to look like blackmail, manipulation. Let better “night adventures” happen after the answer of the young lady, some kind of communication with her, or the continuation of dinner, for example.

4. Mandatory publicity.

Getting down on one knee in front of relatives, friends, or even more so random strangers is not always a good idea. Even if a man is ready to scream to the whole world about his feelings, perhaps this is still not suitable for his girlfriend. Not all ladies like publicity in such personal things. Many, on the contrary, want the proposal to be made in an intimate setting, without prying ears and eyes.

If you take such a step in public, the bride may have the feeling that she is being pressured on purpose, since she almost loses the right to choose. If she refuses a guy, no one will understand why she did it. Everyone will immediately begin to feel sorry for the failed groom, to condemn her. Therefore, it is better to confess your love, left alone with each other. So emotions will be more vivid, you won’t have to restrain your reaction, as in a public place.

5. Banners and stands.

Post the phrase “N, marry me!” on city billboards or similar advertising structures – it’s expensive. The second reason why it is better not to do this is the violation of personal boundaries. The girl will be recognized on the street, looked at her, asked her questions. Not the fact that such sudden attention will appeal to her.

In addition, this is another type of publicity, which was discussed in the previous paragraph. Perhaps, for the first time, a loved one wants to keep everything a secret from friends and relatives, in order to surprise them later, to celebrate together. And with such a revelation to the whole city, this is unlikely to succeed.

6. Reconciliation after a quarrel.

Handing over the treasured box after a scandal is a way to pay off. Here are a few reasons why it’s best not to propose to be together right after a fight:

  • emotions have not subsided yet, there is resentment that can easily turn into a “no”;
  • the ring, the stamp in the passport will not solve the problem, because of which the couple quarreled;
  • the girl will begin to perceive the guy as frivolous, frivolous.

Even if the reconciliation is carried out, it will be only temporary, and then the squabbles will resume again. Only this time there will be nothing to pay off, since the offer has already been made, and the girl herself will stop responding to such steps.

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7. Cruel prank.

Playing a heart attack, tearing your T-shirt so that your beloved sees the inscription “Marry me” on your chest is rude. The same applies to some attractions that are terrible for her personally, false abductions, police detentions. If even after such tricks love will not go anywhere, you will definitely have to say goodbye to a bunch of nerve cells.

After a lot of stress, which eventually turns out to be rigged, the girl obviously does not want to get married. To break off relations, to slap a slap in the face, to run away home to my mother – yes, but not married. And what if she becomes ill from such passions? Is the guy ready for this turn? There will be enough excitement even without panic attacks.

8. Alcohol for courage.

Yes, the proposal is a nervous, exciting, even for someone terrible task. However, it is undesirable to seek solace at the bottom of the bottle or even in a couple of sips. There are many cons:

  • bad breath;
  • confused speech;
  • forgetfulness, confusion;
  • increased hand trembling, unsteady gait;
  • rapid evaporation of the sedative effect.

Adequate women normally respond to the manifestation of nervousness in men. To some extent, the lady will even be pleased that her chosen one is so worried about her answer. Therefore, it is better to abandon such a dubious “antidepressant”. You can replace it with breathing exercises, a warm-up, a walk, pleasant thoughts, ideas of a joint future.

9. Ordinary business.

Romance has not been cancelled. Saying such important words in an absolutely everyday situation, without a ring, a declaration of love, especially in a condescending tone, is clearly a bad idea. The girl wants to be in a fairy tale, an atmosphere of delight, intimacy. She will definitely not like it if she is offered to marry while she washes the dishes, rushes to work, or paints her nails with varnish.

An offer to marry is an event that is equally important, exciting for both partners. Therefore, careful preparation for it, the exclusion of the described errors are essential for success. A loving girl will be happy even with a simple, laconic, but romantic, sincere marriage proposal. And for it to be so, it is enough to take into account the desires of your woman, get rid of the listed failed ideas, ways of discovering your feelings and intentions.

Marriage Proposal: 9 Biggest Mistakes!

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