Men and women: How do they react to difficulties in relationships?

Men and women: How do they react to difficulties in relationships? Difficulties in relationships happen in all couples. But, as it turned out, both sexes react to them differently. Numerous scientific studies confirm this. It is believed that at the time of interpersonal skirmishes, men produce more cortisol (stress hormone) than women.

Men and women: How do they react to difficulties in relationships?

The psychology of relations between a man and a woman The inner world of a man and a woman is significantly different. As a rule, the stronger sex hides his feelings from the public and sometimes even from the girl herself.

At first, the guy keeps a certain distance from his beloved, not letting her into his inner world. He is guided by fear and selfishness, unwillingness to experience mental pain. Most men strive to win over a woman as soon as possible, but at the same time, if the relationship develops rapidly, they are seized by the fear of losing independence, and they may cut off contact. In the event of conflict situations, the stronger sex seeks to solve the problem, and the weak wants to be listened to their point of view. That is, when solving certain problems, a man is guided by reason, even if it concerns love, and a woman by feelings and emotions.

Men and women: How do they react to difficulties in relationships?

The main differences in the reaction to the difficulties in relationships in women and men The main problem during the construction of relationships between a man and a woman is the lack of understanding. But if you understand the psychology of the sexes, you can find answers to many riddles. It is worth analyzing the main points of how men and women react to difficulties in relationships and why this happens. For the stronger sex, words do not matter much, as for the weak.

Therefore, the girls are wondering why, at the beginning of the relationship, he spoke and wrote so much about love, and after a while, he became cold and no longer utters tender words? This is because men are extremely pragmatic, they use such a move during the period of conquest of a woman, and after that, they consider it a waste of time. The woman begins to think that love has passed, in fact, there are feelings, just the partner has returned to his previous state.

For men, actions are important, not words. For women, it’s the other way around. It is very important for a lady to talk, and discuss how the day went. But her lover does not make contact, he either keeps silent, or does it reluctantly. This is because in this case, the different psychology of the sexes again works. The same goes for words of love. It is extremely difficult for the stronger sex to confess their feelings. But looking at his actions, there is no doubt that you are important to him.

Women approach this issue easier, saying a couple of affectionate words, even without special feelings, is not a problem for them. A man wants to give everything to his beloved woman, but does not always know how to do it. The task of a woman is to guide him in the right direction, and not be indignant if he did not guess her desire.

Otherwise, the desire to please your beloved will disappear altogether. Different attitudes of the sexes towards freedom. A man always has a fear of losing freedom. At the same time, he can love his woman and strive to create a family with her. The task of the chosen one is to try to overpower yourself and give your partner freedom outside of your relationship.

Men and women: How do they react to difficulties in relationships?

Who recovers from stress faster? Stressful situations between a man and a woman in family relationships, as mentioned above, affect both sexes in different ways. Cortisol is produced to a greater extent in the stronger sex. And who is the fastest to get out of tension? Again, the championship goes to men, as they recover longer than women. So, it turns out, despite all the female emotionality, ladies are able to more easily survive family troubles. And men in this regard showed their weakness… Men and women: How do they react to difficulties in relationships?

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