Men do not want a serious relationship with such girls – TOP 7 types

Men do not want a serious relationship with such girls – TOP 7 types. You and I have repeatedly raised this topic in different contexts and now we decided to focus on such a version as an answer to the question: why does a man not want a family with this particular woman, in particular, for a weighty reason for him – with you. The list of explanations for a boyfriend’s stubborn commitment to the status of “hardened bachelor” may include such proofs, proofs, proofs:

  • unwillingness to take responsibility for a life friend and common children;
  • already exists in the love “history” bitter experience;
  • complete financial insolvency;
  • the excuse “didn’t walk up”, my mother and I are comfortable;
  • which come to the family flock only in the most extreme cases.

We will not break down these options into understandable components, let’s talk about how you personally can repel the current gentleman, and after him all the other contenders for your hand and heart.

Unbearable persons spoiling the karma of the bride with ridiculous behavior

It seems that in all your outfits, my dear, you are beautiful, moreover, delightfully charming, but the grooms first take care of the tug, the tug, and then again past the registry office. They don’t even offer to live together in a civil marriage to test feelings, what can we say about a dream, to appear in front of friends in a beautiful wedding dress.

We have collected for you a “bouquet” of female characters who will always, voluntarily or involuntarily, repel male representatives not only from the sweet moment of handing you an engagement ring, but also from a long, serious romance with prospects for a marriage future.

  • The young lady “Susi-Pusi”

All representatives of the strong half of humanity organically do not digest the appeal: Pusechka, you are so cool, go quickly to your Dolly. And Why do girls still stupidly strive to communicate with a friend in an unimaginable language “and they are waiting for tenderness” and at the same time, they are waiting for love and approval.

In intimate moments of dates, affectionate nicknames are never superfluous. Bringing these signs of intimacy to people, and helping to make the partner look like a laughingstock is a bad practice.

  • Lady “Absolutely indifference, even though the grass does not grow”

In this company, we want to combine the grief of brides-applicants who either do not care how their companion behaves in society, or they like it when he makes himself out to be a complete idiot. So that he doesn’t create – the reaction is zero, maybe he is not at all interested in his beloved?

A normal, adequate union of 2 people of the opposite sex involves trust, attempts to become better for a loved one, and a fight against some kind of internal cockroaches. Your friend broke, drank too much, played too much, help out, covered, take away from sight.

  • Princess “empty vase, though openwork crystal”

For some reason, some women naively believe that their lot in life is to be a dim shadow of a loved one. His knowledge, interests, career, studies, friends, hobbies, hobbies, and dreams and ideas, in the end – in the end. Only what he wants, and he will get tired of such worthlessness very quickly.

A beautiful package of your appearance, the male sex is physiologically attractive – this is an axiom. But at the same time, remember the old anecdote with a beard: lovers wake up in the morning after a hot night, and it’s not enough for him: and he asks to talk, and in response, silence is nothing.

  • Koroleva’s pessimism and melancholia

No, we are not against ladies with such types of temperament, but to the point of absurdity, our habits of whining, urging, crying, claiming that everything is over, and that it’s not over, it’s bad – it’s not worth it. While a man is a bit in love, he will still endure suffering, and then everything, he will observe, but he will run away.

Why does a man not want a serious relationship?

This is melodramatic sentimentality in the theater and on the movie screen, and scenes that make their way to tearfulness from feelings are good for rare sentimental emotions. In life, a man is more and more drawn not to far-fetched tragedies, but too delicious borscht, an ironed shirt, steadily.

  • Women judge, on the same eternal critic

Dear friend, can you believe us that a quote from Griboedov’s comedy “Woe from Wit”: “And who are the judges?” — is still relevant today. Putting on the mantle of justice, if you see that your chosen one is acting dishonestly, is sometimes possible.

But at the same time, it is worth adding that in order to judge others, one must have the moral right to do so and be the most impeccable. In the pot where the drugs are called, the Jesus Christ: “Let him who is himself without sin cast a stone at her.” After all, they were never found.

  • Sexually horny, either a geisha or a courtesan

The desire to please a beloved man at any time of the day or night and in any format is a Good Trend, but somehow suspicious. Questions will certainly appear in the head of a gentleman: where does such an experience come from and such readiness to be physically satisfied.

A hot fire in the epicenter of skillful carnal love is an important component of family life, but again the notorious “but” appears that you should not show all your erotic talents to a potential applicant for a hand and heart at once, you still have time.

  • A girl with a lack of principles and prohibitions

This sexy treasure, which belongs to everyone at the first call, will always be a “sweetie” in the company of male gourmets who love thrills, but only for 1 evening or 1 night.

Today he will look after you beautifully, he will be generous, gentle, and affectionate, and tomorrow he will not remember your name. Therefore, it may not be worth it to waste yourself on 1000 gentlemen for an hour. Even if you are not a woman of easy virtue, but what is the difference between you?

  • Her Highness Indifference, to the point of boundless trust

Immediately ask: what are we? Because that is what it is, it is not on that side that it is in the same way that it is ignored. You are not jealous by nature, you don’t care what kind of girl sat on his lap, and who just sent an SMS?

A man will not start a serious long-term relationship with someone who is not interested in his life, the environment and the ladies in him, ex-girlfriends, and potential seductresses. No need to blink next to him with the eyes of a trusting cow, show that you are, if not the mistress, then a full partner of an adult in essence the union.

After reading all our instructions, You will surely want to identify if you belong to any of the above types of women. And it is right. At the same time, remember that similar traits of character, nature, and temperament can also occur together, to this one, as an environment, upbringing and genes, it is released.

If you are sure that the reason for your omissions with your loved one on the question: when is the wedding lies in a different field, write to us in the comments about your reasonable suspicions and we will discuss them in one of the following materials.

“On the track” you left us with only one dilemma: how to reverse the circumstances. If he has already left your relationship – do not humiliate yourself and do not beg to return, there is little chance. If you just started dating, and he persistently avoids marriage topics – take your time, take a closer look, and take into account our story about other people’s mistakes.

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