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Everyone believes that the most terrible betrayal is to go to bed with another person. Such behavior of a husband or wife causes resentment, resentment and a desire to leave. But it happens that it is much worse than real sexual intimacy on the side. Why this happens is worth looking into.

Physical betrayal

It is manifested by sexual relations with another person, which are regular or episodic. It happens that an easy affair develops into a sexual-emotional craving. A similar condition is more often experienced by women, so it is they who regard this behavior of a man as a more serious “crime”.

You should not look for reasons in the betrayal of a partner in yourself, sexual dissatisfaction is not the main indicator of a trip to the left.

Sometimes it is a psychological dissatisfaction, which gradually turns into a sexual one.

For some, flirting on the side is a confirmation of the masculinity or femininity of a person, the search for support on the side, the one that he does not receive in the family.

Others seek to get vivid impressions.

For some couples who can’t handle their relationship any other way, cheating acts as a kind of stabilizer. After it comes a stormy reconciliation, which can even strengthen the marriage. And so on until the next trip to the left.

Moral treason

But when a husband and wife experience a moral betrayal, they realize that it is much worse than a physical one. At this time, the person is emotionally attached outside of the relationship. The behavior of the partner changes, most of the time he is busy with some business, communication is reduced to a minimum. There is an emotional deficit between husband and wife. Therefore, this behavior is also called emotional treason.

Emotional Cheating: Forgive or Break Up

How does it manifest

What does this concept mean, found out, it is more important to know how moral treason manifests itself.

  • Based on real feelings.

With physical treason, they are not so important. And when you realize that a completely different person is more important for a partner, it hurts much more than an affair on the side.

  • You have a feeling of a third extra.

If everything is clear with physical betrayal, here the question arises of forgiving or parting, then moral will be exhausting for a long time. You become the heroine of the second plan in his love story, necessary for the completeness of the picture in the best traditions of the genre.

  • It’s harder to find out about her.

In this case, there are no facts, the spouse may not even leave the house for a long time. He can communicate with friends, correspond through social networks. And guessing about his love can be difficult.

In addition, emotional betrayal involves not only attraction to a real person, it can manifest itself in other areas. Examples:

  • Excessive workaholism, where work acts as a second wife
  • Codependent relationship with close relatives, such as a husband with his mother.
  • The presence of an exciting hobby that can “take away” a partner from the family.
  • Friends to whom the husband devotes much more time.

How to behave in this case

In such cases, the question arises, how to forgive emotional betrayal and is it worth it?

It should be understood that any life on the side indicates a crisis in a couple. And here it is worth understanding together, and not looking for a third person to blame.

Well, you need to consider this behavior only as a strictly negative phenomenon. Sometimes going to the left can even improve the relationship between husband and wife, or bring to the surface problems that have been carefully masked by imaginary well-being.

In order to return the spouse to the family, or to prevent moral betrayal, his soulmate must first work on himself by taking the following steps:

  • Learn to negotiate and find a compromise.
  • Be more attentive to the mood of each other.
  • Become more caring.
  • Support your partner in any endeavors.

Committing moral treason, as a rule, does not know about it. He is looking for support on the side, but you just need to pay a little more attention to the family and the person will find the missing emotional closeness from the one who has always been there.


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