Need spirit? These 30 Life Motivational Words May Help You

Need spirit? These 30 Life Motivational Words May Help You. Life is not always filled with sweet things. Sometimes you will also face problems that come and go. These problems can just make you lose enthusiasm. In this condition, you need life motivation words to restore the enthusiasm in yourself.

Are you currently facing a problem that makes you feel less enthusiastic about life? So, what will you do if that spirit doesn’t come back? Self-enthusiasm can certainly be obtained in various ways, one example is by reading the life motivation words in this article.

Everyone really cannot escape the so-called life test or trial. However, every problem that occurs in your life must have useful lessons. If you can be patient and be calm, you will definitely find a way out of every trial that is in your way.

If you can’t find a solution, you may feel disappointed, tired, and sad. However, that doesn’t mean you can just give up. Because the problem will not be solved just because you give up on the situation.

Even if you’re discouraged, it’s better to do positive things that can motivate you. Like reading, pondering, and practicing the life motivation words in this article. Who knows, your spirits may flare up again. Immediately read, let’s!

Need spirit? These 30 Life Motivational Words May Help You | Words of Spirit and Life Motivation about Love
30 Life Motivational Words | Words of Spirit and Life Motivation about Love

Words of Spirit and Life Motivation about Love

1. The true warrior

For those of you who are still waiting for the assurance of your heart, you are actually a true warrior.

You must have felt in love, right? The taste may be mixed, there is happiness, longing, anxiety, and so on. In fact, when the eyes met, the heartfelt like it was going to fall out because it was beating too fast.

From love, then comes the desire to express your feelings. But what happens, if what you love does not give you certainty about his feelings? Do not be discouraged! Always remember the quote above, that you are a true warrior.

2. Loving a Woman

When you love a woman, she becomes a drink. He became the moon. He became a song. Then he turned into your world. Flower Boy Ramen Shop

For the guys out there, before you fall in love with a woman, you might think that he is just an ordinary person. But, when love starts to grow, it can just be the most important part of your life.

The more you love him, the more you realize how meaningless your life would be without him. Have you ever felt such great love? If so, this quote from the Korean drama entitled  Flower Boy Ramen Shop  (2011) will represent your feelings.

3. True Love

Patience is a sign of true love. If you really love someone, you will become more patient with that person. Thich Nhat Hanh

For those who have a lover and love him very much, you may easily forgive his mistakes. Even though sometimes the mistakes that are made are often repeated, you may prefer to be patient with them. Until other people may say that you shouldn’t keep your lover who often makes mistakes.

But alas, when true love has stopped in your heart, then you will prefer to forgive it. That is right? Actually, it doesn’t matter if you always forgive your boyfriend and be patient with him. But, it would be better if you also asked him to improve himself. For that, tell him, if it is appropriate that he learns of the mistakes he has made and promises to change his attitude.

4. It’s not about how long

Love is not how long it lasts. But how clear and in what direction. Emha Ainun Nadjib

How long have you been in a relationship with your current lover? Is it one year? Five years? Or maybe it’s been 10 years? So, where is the direction and goal of your relationship with him? If it is still a “gray” alias it is not clear where it is going, it would be better if the clarity of the relationship is re-ascertained.

Always remember the life motivational words of Emha Ainun Nadjib. That love is not based on quantity or the amount of time you have spent with him. It’s a matter of how the quality of your current relationship with him. Therefore, do not hesitate to discuss the direction and goals of your relationship and your partner.

5. Looking in the Same Direction

Love is not in the form of gazing at each other, but looking outward together in the same direction. BJ Habibie

He is the third President of the Republic of Indonesia to replace Suharto. The husband of Hasri Ainun Besari is known as the Father of Technology and the Father of Indonesian Democracy.

Not only that, but he is also known as one of the former presidents who were romantic and loyal to his wife. The romantic words of wisdom about love above are one of the quotes he has written. Hopefully, this quote from him can be used as a guide in establishing a relationship with your loved one.

Words of Spirit and Motivation for a Short Life of Meaning

Need spirit? These 30 Life Motivational Words May Help You | Words of Spirit and Motivation for a Short Life of Meaning
30 Life Motivational Words | Words of Spirit and Motivation for a Short Life of Meaning

1. Dare to Try

Failure is a matter of later, the most important thing is we dare to try.

In this world, there are many people who are afraid of failure, even though they have not yet tried to start a business. In their minds, there is only a feeling of fear and worry that the efforts that have been put into it will be in vain. Have you felt it too?

Instill in your heart the words of life motivation above to nurture your enthusiasm for achieving your dreams. Tell yourself that failure is nothing to be afraid of. The most important thing is that you have to start trying first.

2. Start to Try

The biggest failure is when we never try.

Still related to the previous quote, failure has various forms. Some have failed from the start because they never tried and didn’t try at all to achieve their dreams.

There are also people who have tried their best to achieve their dreams, but because something doesn’t go well, they may experience failure. When that happens, at least there are lessons and experiences to be learned. Therefore, don’t hesitate to start and try things in order to achieve your dreams.

3. No need to be jealous

Look up to be motivated, not to be jealous.

Sometimes life is not always what you want. Not always the things you hope for can come true. This situation may make you think that other people are luckier and happier than yourself.

This dissatisfaction will make you often complain and be ungrateful for the blessings God has given. In order not to keep feeling that way, always remember these words of the spirit of life. That it doesn’t matter to see people who are more successful than us, as long as the goal is to motivate yourself.

4. Slowly but Sure

One day a piece of thread, after a while it becomes a piece of cloth.

There is no success that can be achieved easily and instantly. It takes effort and hard work to achieve it. The slightest effort if you intend and are serious in doing it, then you might get success.

That is what is illustrated in the words of the spirit of life above. So,  keep in mind, everything requires a process, patience, and effort. If you just can’t be patient and can’t be serious in trying, you won’t be able to get success.

5. Prove it

It seemed that all of that was impossible until they were proven. Nelson Mandela

You may have often heard or read one of Nelson Mandela’s words of encouragement and life motivation. But, have you understood the meaning? If you look into it more deeply, this quote relates to the dream that you have always dreamed of.

Sometimes, you may feel unsure about your own ability to achieve your dreams. As if that hope is too impossible for you to achieve. Until one day, when you have realized that dream, you just realize that everything can be passed. Therefore, don’t stop trying, OK!

Motivational Words to Live Funny Tickle

Need spirit? These 30 Life Motivational Words May Help You | Motivational Words to Live Funny Tickle
30 Life Motivational Words | Motivational Words to Live Funny Tickle

1. Meaning of Bitter

One day when there is a bitter taste present in your life, it’s okay. Medicine is also bitter, but many are healthy because of it.

You probably already know that eating sweet foods too often is not good for your health. For example, sugar, if you continue to eat it, diabetes can attack the body. If you already have the disease, then one way to cure it is to take a bitter-tasting medicine

So is life. Life is not always filled with sweet things, you will sometimes feel the bitterness of a problem that occurs in life. But with these problems, you will grow to be much stronger.

2. Don’t compare

Don’t compare your process with others, because not all flowers grow together.

Many people, perhaps including you, compare the achievements that have been made so far with those of others. Yet if you keep comparing, you will never be satisfied. Because, comparing yourself to other people is tantamount to not appreciating the efforts you have put in so far.

Therefore, start loving yourself by appreciating everything you have accomplished. If you are really confused because the desire to succeed is not immediately achieved, you better read aloud the words of life motivation above. Perhaps, the spirit that has faded can return to the fire.

3. Don’t Believe Easily

Don’t trust people who smile a lot. They may be selling something. Laurell K. Hamilton

Have you ever been trapped by someone’s kindness? Where he is always helpful and kind to you. But in fact, he did everything with a specific purpose and purpose. It is not something that is surprising, because in this world there are indeed many people who do not sincerely help others.

As Laurell K. Hamilton expressed in these motivational words of life. That, behind a person’s smile, may contain a certain purpose. Therefore, if someone smiles at you, don’t just think they’re nice. Research first the meaning and purpose of the smile.

4. Don’t Fall

If you are too open-minded, your brain will crash. Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Open-minded, aka open-minded, is often seen as a characteristic of people who are wise or have mature thoughts. Self-open-mindedness is an attitude where you can accept or hear other people’s opinions that are different from your own.

However, being too open-minded is also not good for you. Because, anything that is excessive is not good, right? If you are too open-minded, you may lose your freedom of expression.

5. Be kind

Be nice to nerds. You might end up working for them. Charles J. Sykes

While still in school, you may have met some friends who were bullied. Usually, people who are bullied tend to be quiet, not easy to get along with, are nerdy, and so on. In fact, these people may have a better life than bullies in the future. 

One of the evidences is Jack Ma, who used to be teased by his friends at school. After he successfully founded Alibaba, don’t ask how many people adore him, huh!

Wise Life Motivational Words

1. A Journey

Success is a journey, not a destination. Effort is more important than results. Arthur Ashe

Most people, perhaps including you, are too focused on a single goal point called success. You try so hard to achieve success, until you don’t realize that success is actually in your hands.

As Arthur Ashe expressed in these words of motivation and enthusiasm for life. That is, success is not a goal but a journey. If now you have started trying to achieve what is expected, it means that you have actually been successful.

2. Useful for Others

One can take shelter today, because someone planted trees in the past. Warren Buffet

In living this short life, who doesn’t want to be of benefit to others? You want it too, right? Small positive things and simple things, whatever they are, can be very useful for others.

Like the tree parable like the Warren Buffet quote above. You can take shelter and breathe fresh breath at this time because someone planted a tree. You too can apply the parable to your life, so that it can be of benefit to others.

3. Choose a Good Environment

Surround yourself with people who talk about the future and ideas. Not about other people. Bill Gates

Have you ever been or are you still hanging out with people who like to talk about other people? The hot topics discussed are usually about someone’s ugliness, it can be about colleagues, artists, bosses, next door neighbors, and so on.

There are discussions about other people that are fun to discuss. If you are enjoying it, always remember these words of the spirit of life from Bill Gates. In fact, no problems with anybody, but it would be much more useful if you make friends with those who are not just huddle but also discuss the future.

4. Take Action Immediately

Knowledge is not enough, we have to apply it. Desire is not enough, we have to act. Bruce Lee

One of the words of the spirit of life that is depicted from this Bruce Lee quote seems appropriate to be applied in your life. Because, you can be diligent in studying to get enough knowledge and insight for a bright future. It’s just that, the knowledge you get is not enough to achieve your goals and dreams.

So, what are the things needed to be successful? Apart from knowledge and desire, the most important thing is application. Everyone may have the desire and knowledge that is sufficient to achieve a dream, unfortunately not a few are lazy to apply or practice the knowledge that has been obtained. Therefore, from now on, start acting and don’t get tired of continuing to practice the knowledge that you have acquired.

5. Nothing is Immortal

Nothing is eternal in this world, not even the problems we face. Charlie Chaplin

The way a person deals with the problem or trial varies. There may be some people who can deal with trials or problems patiently and calmly. However, not a few people feel stressed, confused, and unsettled in solving their problems.

If you are alone, when you are hit by a problem, what do you usually do to solve it? No matter how big your problem is, it would be better to face it with patience. Because every problem has a solution, as long as you are patient in looking for it.

Life Motivational Words about Achieving Success

1. Don’t Give Up

You can surrender, but you can’t give up. Isn’t the problem even more difficult, if we give up?

Are you currently faced with a problem? How big a trial are you facing right now? So, what steps will you take to solve it?

No matter how big the problem is, don’t give up. Remember these words of the spirit of life, that giving up on that problem will make your life even more difficult.

2. Keys to Success

Stay enthusiastic and don’t give up easily, because we don’t know, maybe the next step is the key to our success.

In doing everything, it should be based on strong efforts and intentions. Also accompany it with determination and persistence, so that you do not give up easily.

Even if you experience a failure, don’t make it an excuse for despair. Keep up the spirit because we don’t know when success will come. It could be that, after going through a rocky road that ends in failure, you will step on the road to success.

3. Think More Mature

The problem you face is not to bring you down, but so that you can think more mature than today, yesterday, and before.

Everyone must have problems in his life. Whether it’s a minor or a serious problem, no one can avoid it. You also must have had or faced a problem, right?

So, have you ever wondered why there must be problems on this earth? Though life might be much better without problems. Trust me, God creates problems to strengthen his people in living life. When you are able to solve problems gracefully and patiently, undoubtedly incomparable happiness will come your way.

4. Keep Moving

He said life is like riding a bicycle. We have to keep moving to keep our balance so we don’t fall. Looks like that’s how life is. Everything will be fine as long as we never stop moving, trying, learning, hoping, and being grateful.

Cycling is a sport that is simple, healthy, and fun. We just need to pedal and keep balance in order to run the bike. If you stop pedaling, it is very difficult to automatically keep the bike balanced, which can cause you to fall and fall over.

As with bicycles, life also needs a stable movement in order to stay balanced. If you stop trying, studying, working, or anything else, then life will not go well. It doesn’t matter if you move slowly, as long as you never stop. Because time will not continue even if you stop trying.

5. Don’t Just Dream

Some people dream of success, while others wake up every morning to make it happen. Wayne Huizenga

Do you have a dream that won’t come true? So, what is the cause? In this world, there are many people who can’t reach their dreams because they don’t try to make them come true. Could it be that you are also among those who have dreams but have no intention of achieving them?

So, what are you dreaming of? The dream will still be asleep flower if you don’t hurry up and get up to make it happen. Therefore, make the words of the spirit of life that are reflected in this Wayne Huizenga quote. That you need to act something to make expectations come true.

Islamic Life Motivational Words

Need spirit? These 30 Life Motivational Words May Help You | Islamic Life Motivational Words
\30 Life Motivational Words | Islamic Life Motivational Words

1. Need Process

Why do all need a process? Because in every process there is learning, if it is accelerated, Allah wants us to be grateful. If we slow down, God wants us to be patient.

There are many people who want to achieve success quickly and instantly. Even though in this world nothing can be completed without going through a process. In fact, instant noodles also need a process to make them a delicious dish.

As with success, you also need to go through several stages and processes to achieve it. How long it takes, cannot be separated from the will of Allah and how much effort you put in to achieve success. If you have tried but never got what you want, it means that Allah is testing your patience.

2. Stay Enthusiastic

Don’t give up, because no test is forever. Don’t get tired of complaining, only Allah can calm you down.

Every human being will never escape the name of a test, problem, or trial. Every day, there must be a bit of a test that interferes with life. It’s as simple as having trouble with traffic, internet connection, getting up late, or anything else.

You will also sometimes be faced with very complicated problems, ranging from financial problems, family, spouse, work, and others. However, remain patient and calm in facing the trials that come and go. Believe the words of the spirit of life above, that Allah will not give you a test that is forever.

3. Allah Will Show You the Way

Don’t think about giving up. As long as that desire exists, Allah will definitely show you the way.

Are you currently feeling frustrated because you can’t make a dream come true? Have you ever thought about stopping and just giving up on your dreams? Before giving up, try to think again about what caused your difficulty in achieving your dreams.

Don’t decide to stop trying just because you have a hard time. Remember that as long as there is a strong desire and intention, you can definitely achieve your dreams. Don’t forget to pray and ask Allah for help, so that your efforts to achieve your dreams will be made easier.

4. Stay Patient

Be patient with all the provisions of Allah, because He has many ways to make sincere servants happy.

In life, no one can know what will happen. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, everything happens because of Allah’s will. Because he is the best possible director and writer of the destiny of human life.

You can hope and plan, but sometimes life goes in unexpected directions. However, these are the best-case scenarios God has written in your life record. Therefore, be sincere in living all the lives that He has outlined.

5. Don’t Get Tired of Praying

Praying is worship, being granted is a gift. Not yet granted means that the reward is abundant. So, never give up praying to Allah.

Prayer is a medium of communication between mankind and Allah SWT. Through prayer, you can convey a request to be granted by Allah SWT. There are times when a wish that is spoken through prayer can quickly come true. However, you also have to wait for a long time.

If prayer has not been answered, it does not mean you have to be disappointed and angry with Him. Always remember the advice that is reflected in these words of the spirit of life. That is, you need to try harder and pray more diligently, so that your wishes can come true.

Time to Motivate Yourself to Continue to Live Enthusiastically in Life

That’s a collection of life motivational words that you can ponder in your heart. From the 30 sample quotes above, hopefully, there are a few words that can help you to revive your enthusiasm for life.

If indeed you get enlightened after reading this article, don’t hesitate to share with your colleagues who are facing problems. Perhaps, they also need the intake of life motivational words that can increase their enthusiasm.

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