New relationships after divorce for women – how to start a if you are afraid?

New relationships after divorce for women – how to start a relationship if you are afraid? When entering into marriage, both partners solemnly swear together at all times and under any circumstances. However, in reality, everything is far from being so rosy and positive. Unfortunately, now the percentage of divorces in the country is very high. It is rare that couples live together for 10 or more years. Most break up pretty quickly. And even the presence of children does not stop them.

New relationships after divorce for women – how to start a relationship if you are afraid?

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Reasons for divorce vary. But most often, people simply understand that together they are not on the way. And in principle, breaking up is the only right decision in such a situation, no matter how painful it may seem. After all, with a person in the conditions of neighbors in an apartment

After a divorce, a woman’s personal life should not end. No matter how much you want to close yourself off from the whole world and “go to a monastery”, nothing terrible, in fact, happened. This is a typical experience – the son of difficult mistakes.

Starting a new relationship is not always easy. Below you will learn how to become happy again when one man has already broken his heart.

How to forget the past?

Something new and bright can enter life only when there is free space in it. Therefore, one should start with healing the received EMO-rational and psychological traumas. It is not always easy to forget an ex-spouse, especially if the divorce took place due to his betrayal or misfortune. To make your soul feel light, and your heart to open the door for love again, listen to the following recommendations:

  • Do a general cleaning.

Perhaps this is the first thing to start with if you want to become free. Throw away or give away everything that can remind you of the past. The soft toys and souvenirs donated by the ex-spouse go to the trash or to a well-known site for free ads. Give away everything for free, as you need to get rid of negative memories as quickly as possible. As long as you have traces of the previous man at home, it will not be easy to bring a new one.

Another positive point is the rearrangement of the room or new furniture. If desired, you can even start repairs. First, it will distract you from unpleasant thoughts. Secondly, there will be a feeling of a new start in life.

  • Stop blaming yourself and endlessly look for reasons.

It doesn’t matter why you got divorced. This has already happened, so you should not drive the same thought in your head in a circle: “But if I …”. Self-flagellation is a poor ally in the fight against negative memories. Take everything for granted and remember one very useful phrase: everything that is done is for the best.

  • Block your ex on all social networks and forget about his page.

It’s time to start taking care of your own life. This man is definitely no longer worth someone to be jealous of. If you are in Pokoe, you will have to wait for the streets in the Internet and the location of the place. This way you will be able to enter into a new relationship much faster.

  • Walk more and chat with friends.

Reclusion – put to depression. So don’t miss out on having fun. Sitting at home and being sad is clearly not a way out of this situation. You can laugh and cry with your friends. And emotional unloading is a great way to get over your ex.

When can you start a relationship after a divorce?

Start with a hairstyle or a new hair color. From the point of view of psychology, this has a positive effect on the subconscious. You start to write a new one as if by hand. Shopping is also a good option to take your mind off a broken marriage. Buy yourself beautiful things to look in the mirror with enthusiasm, not pity.

  • Find an interesting hobby.

A non-trivial hobby well unloads the psyche and relieves EMO-rational stress. To let new relationships into your life, you need to free yourself. So don’t be afraid to spend money on embroidery and paint if your heart desires.

  • Do something that the ex-husband did not allow.

Put not just a dot on the past, but a bold exclamation mark. If the previous spouse forbade wearing skirts above the knee, buy just that. He didn’t like your girlfriends? Start meeting with them as often as possible. Did you think that a woman should have exceptionally long hair? Get a model haircut that will transform you. Feel free from all inhibitions.

Typical mistakes of a divorced woman

Often the end of a marriage is accompanied by a strong EMOtional surge. Some girls can start doing things that they will definitely regret later. This also applies to new relationships. Don’t worry about it in the case of the children, you should see the following:

  • No breaks in the hard ones. The reputation of a walking lady who does not know how to control herself will not attract a worthy candidate for the role of a hairless nogolon.
  • Be careful with alcohol. Sometimes after a divorce, you want to forget about everything and just get drunk. No longer that this is on a battle with the new cavalry. Few men like this.
  • Don’t compare your boyfriends with your ex. Imagine yourself in his place. You are by the name of the dog, it is pared to the sky, and you are still there.
  • Not that it’s talk to the past relationship. Men will immediately understand that your psyche is traumatized, and the image of your ex-spouse has firmly settled in your head. It is simply dangerous to start a relationship with such a girl, since everything can end in scandals and a sea of ​​​​tears. Your goal is to demonstrate complete freedom.
  • Let go of value thinking. Do not hang negative labels, even if you broke up with your ex-husband on a not too pleasant note. Believe me, not all guys are the same.
  • No hurry to run again in the registry office. Relationships are to be enjoyed. If that is the case, it is in the next port.

Building new relationships after divorce

When you start dating guys after breaking up with your ex, you need to understand what kind of cast they are. To produce floor wears

  • If you have a child from your first marriage, you should not hide it. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Yes, and children clearly do not need to be shy. Many men do not react negatively to this. After all, you are both adults and have a right to your past.
  • Be natural. If you like jeans and sneakers, you don’t have to change the habit and dress with a super-skinny dress with a decollete, paired with crazy stilettos. At a meeting with a man should be comfortable. If you do not feel at ease, the person will think that he is the cause of the distomas.
  • Flirting is not going to happen in a moment. Even if over the years of your previous marriage you have long forgotten how to flirt with members of the opposite sex, at least you should not express your readiness to go to the bed scene here and now. A slight smile, laughing eyes, a direct look – this will be enough.
  • Learn to listen to the interlocutor. Sometimes in marriage, a woman weans from normal social interaction with strangers. If you go on a date with a new man, try to ask questions too and listen carefully to his answers.
  • Be honest with yourself. Did the guy not like you? No one wants to see it, so it’s really worth it. This is not the last chance to be happy. You don’t have to agree to date everyone you like. It’s time to return the self-esteem that fell after the divorce to its place.
  • Don’t expect anything from a date and just relax. Don’t stop fantastic IDEs. There are no princes on a white horse, and that’s a fact. That is what you have in the next cup, a pot you have tried by the park – that is what you are doing. The main thing is that you yourself by easily and comfortably in the company of a new gentleman.

Divorce is always a serious test for both partners. If you want to release your failed relationship and a new relationship, accept this event.

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