Normalized Toxic Habits In Couples

The toxic habits in sentimental relationships are more common than we think.

What happens is that we do not always realize that we have them and put them into practice.

It almost always turns out that we do it unconsciously, we do not give them due relevance or we normalize their presence.

Furthermore, not all people consider all of these behaviors to be toxic and justify them.

And it is not that they are bad people, rather, they are matters of how they were taught to love and to see loving bonds.

In any case, it is not too late to question these learnings and put healthy boundaries in your relationship .

For this reason, on this occasion, I have decided to write this article, so that you can recognize if you have these types of habits.

It could also help you to get to know them and thus not fall into them, avoiding the insecurity in the relationship .

So, as I was saying, these are some of the toxic habits that most couples consider normal:

  1. Take the rags out in the sun as a chat:

bad habits

This phrase may seem strange to you, but it is very simple to understand and it may be happening to you.

Bringing out the rags in the sun is understood as when you randomly bring out things that you have not overcome.

In this case, they are actions accompanied by talk to hide their emotional charge.

An example could be the following: a couple had difficulties months ago and the boy failed at something.

They decided to talk, fix things to continue their relationship and give themselves a new chance.

But, nowadays, the girl from time to time makes comments about what happened and says it in chat.

So, although it seems like a small thing, this could slowly affect the relationship again.

Perhaps at first it is not noticeable, but it is these types of negative details that deteriorate the word love .

Perhaps the boy does not care much about the comments, but it could also happen that, in an argument, this would be fatal.

So it is best not to fall for this toxic habit try to heal completely and turn the page.

This way you will avoid problems as a couple in the future.

  1. The sneaky manipulation:

harmful customs

In this case, manipulation is a toxic habit that hides bad intentions and interests.

For this reason, when it occurs in the couple, it is quite harmful due to its origins.

To this is added that manipulation is not always easy to detect because whoever uses it knows how to hide it.

Because of this, it is very important to identify it, so I will give you an example to better illustrate it.

Suppose a guy tells the girl he is dating that he wants to be intimate with her.

But faced with this desire to be intimate, the girl hesitates because she does not feel very sure of it or of the boy’s seriousness.

So, in order to convince her, he resorts to subtle manipulation, telling her that if she really feels something for him, she should show it to him like this.

As you can see, this is a clear example of what stealth manipulation can be.

Which can also occur in the relationship and if it happened to you, maybe you would know that he he just wants sex with you .

And that realizes what you learn by recognizing the toxic habits than most couples considered normal.

  1. Blaming the partner for things that happen to us:

harmful practices

Another quite toxic habit that often causes us problems as a couple is blaming the other for things that happen to us.

When you blame others and do not take responsibility for your things, this has consequences that are not very flattering for you.

In the case of the relationship, you could notice very simple things like being late for something or the like.

But it could also happen for very serious things like missing a semester of college or even a job.

The reasons themselves may vary, but the serious point is that you blame your partner for these things and remember it daily.

This just means you haven’t gotten over things or the healthy couple communication it is very little.

So do not be surprised if after this there is an argument or disagreement between the two.

Therefore, in order not to endanger the relationship, it is better to identify and banish those toxic habits .

  1. The so-called harmless jealousy, another toxic habit:

toxic practices

Another thing to consider between toxic habits in a couple is the supposed harmless jealousy.

Jealousy as a couple is an issue that, if we don’t know how to handle it, can bring us problems.

Although there is jealousy that is pathological, there are other more ‘normal’ treaties, but which can still harm your love life.

This ‘normal’ jealousy is more commonplace and many couples take it for harmless.

The point is that this jealousy over time and repetition can tire or generate arguments.

So in the end, even though they seem harmless, they end up being toxic in most relationships.

If in your case jealousy is bringing you problems, I recommend that you inquire about how to control jealousy .

You will see that everything begins to flow better and you will feel calmer.

Now, if you want to make that man love you unconditionally, I recommend the Magnetic Desire Method .

This has sophisticated techniques whose purpose is to make that boy only have eyes for you.

So don’t stay curious and try this wonderful method of conquest.

  1. Fix everything with material things:

toxic routines

Be very careful with this habit, which can be confused with materialism and superficiality.

It’s okay that you want to fix things with your partner, but get out of your head that everything is solved with gifts.

Make an effort to talk with your partner and go further, sometimes you can avoid conflicts and give the details for other reasons.

For example, gifts for valentine they are captivating and a good occasion to melt him with love.

But don’t confuse things, that is, provide details for reasons other than fixing conflicts.

Perhaps what I say seems strong to you, but it is for the good of the relationship, in the end you will see that what you earn is more.

  1. Disguised distrust is one of the toxic habits:

harmful habits

Another issue that falls between toxic habits it is the mistrust that occurs in the affective bond.

In general, this distrust is presented in a subtle way that the other cannot easily notice.

But this does not mean that it is not toxic, in fact it is also because it can end in trouble.

For example, if your partner does too many uncomfortable questions when you’re going out and it’s justified.

Perhaps this is distrust in disguise, it is not always like that, but it could happen and that brings problems to the couple.

This is why, if you want to take care of the harmony of the relationship, it is important to recognize this kind of toxic habits .

Also, you can learn how to improve trust in a relationship and thus strengthen the relationship every day.

On the other hand, I recommend you read the article of in which you can read about trust and trust loss.

This will inform you much more about this topic of great interest.

  1. Bring up the past of the other:

harmful habits

First of all, you must be clear that when you forgive, you are supposed to overcome the negative and move on.

Therefore, it would not be coherent to return again and continuously to the same topic that caused the upset or bad moment.

When you do that you only generate discord because you imply that you have not overcome that situation.

It really is one of the toxic habits in a couple that it is better to banish if we want to prosper in the relationship.

Also, if you start to analyze, it is better to leave those things behind and give yourself another chance.

Learn how to forgive your partner and thus regain confidence in love.

  1. The invasion of privacy of the other as a toxic habit:

harmful routines

Sometimes, without realizing it in our daily lives, we end up invading the personal space of our partner.

This is a fairly common practice, but sooner or later it harms the relationship because misunderstandings occur.

This is because we cross a fine line between sharing and invading each other’s privacy.

For example, imagine that your boyfriend checks your cell phone frequently, it really is an ugly practice.

Or imagine that whenever you want to go out with your friends, he also invites himself and ends up in the middle of all of them.

These examples and many more are part of the toxic habits that we consider normal, but that we must eliminate.

If you do, you save yourself a lot of bad times, which contributes to the stability of the relationship.

All because you get rid of things that hurt your relationship .

  1. Believing that the other must guess what you feel:

harmful habits

Finally, on this occasion, I include the toxic habit of believing that the other must guess what we feel.

This is because many times we take for granted that the other person must somehow know us so much that they know how we feel.

But there is nothing further from reality and basically it is because nobody has the gift of guessing what you feel.

Perhaps that person cares to question us and suspects our state of mind by seeing us act differently.

But this is more related to his interest and affection towards us than anything else.

So the best we can do in these cases is to nurture good communication and assertiveness.

Let’s put the pressure aside and activate empathy, always remembering that a good attitude will avoid many conflicts.

Also, when we are patient and use more love words the couple’s relationship is more harmonious.

As you can see, all this is part of the toxic habits that people have, but there is much more to the subject.

When we let things go from level to level, we find ourselves with more delicate aspects that can lead to abuse.

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